Age Calculator

Though it is very simple but sometimes a confusing question, "What is your age?" We all know our date of birth but when we are asked about our age, most of the times we have to calculate on our fingertip the exact amount of age. In such situations we wish that we would have some calculator that could tell us our age in years, months, weeks, minutes and seconds. While you browsed this webpage, your that wish has come true. Now you have an age calculation system which can tell you the age in every format whether you want to know you age in years, weeks, minutes, month, seconds or days.

This simple age estimator may not be very handy but it serves you especially when you are confused and not in state to calculate your age. It is built to push away the useless confusion that keeps pinching your mind when you are asked about your age. If you know about this Age Calculator then there won't be any more pinch in your small brain. Nothing much you need to do. Your fingers are now free to calculate something more important and productive.

In the past you had to make a special Work Sheet in MS Excel for this task. You had to put in the formulae to calculate your age. This could not be done by everyone as every layman in not good in such tricks. But now this online Age Calculator is a tool designed for a layman. No need of any formula or worksheet. What you all need is to bookmark this page and calculate your age in any format you want in just seconds. This Age Calculator can be a fun even for you. You can calculate not just age but the period of time you spent somewhere with someone. Explore more ways to use this simple calculator.