Calculate the day you ovulate.

NOTE! (28 is an average, in case you're not sure of your cycle length and want to guess.)

A report tells the almost 70 to 80% of women in the world are suffering from diseases relating to ovulation or menstrual cycle. Most of the women are concerned about these issues and they want to keep an eye on their fertility. When asked a good number of women, they told that they wanted a calculator or some tool which may tell them when they are most fertile and when there are better chances of pregnancy. You can say they wanted an ovulation calculator so here it is.

Ovulation Calculator is designed not just for the women but for those men as well who want to follow the strict family plan. They can be sure when their girls or women are more fertile and ready for pregnancy and when there are fewer chances. This calculator is very simple and easy to use. You just need to enter some information which every girl knows about her and then it calculates the required information.

This simple ovulation calculator is very handy for women and girls. It's not less than a gift for them as now they don't need to mark on calendar. They can track their cycle whenever they want simply by entering the date. This tool is great even for your boyfriend so he may plan dates accordingly keeping in view the stage of your ovulation cycle. This calculator can keep you safe from accidental pregnancy is you make love in days when you are less fertile. Keep this amazing ovulation calculator in your favorite bookmarks so you may see what days are going whenever you are going on date or planning for some romance. Stop using calendar and start using this Ovulation Calculator without caring for any calculations.