Display PPI (Pixels Per Inch) Calculator

NOTE! Enter the number of pixels (e.g. horizontal 640, vertical 480) and the diagonal viewing area dimensions.

This calculator website brings you another rare calculator. This technical calculator can't be found on any other website as it's the only one of this type. Almost every person may need this calculator once but as no one had knowledge about this technical PPI calculator so that's why they never bothered about it. Whenever you go for buying an LCD, TV or some other Monitor Screen, you are told that this screen has that much Pixels per inch. You 'being ignorant' reply with simple "Okay".

what is PPI Calculator

PPI stands for Pixel per Inch. This term determines the quality of any screen or even printing. This term is used in printing as well. When you go for buying a printer, they tell that this printer can print at the rate of 600DPI or PPI. But mostly this is a term for the devices which displays images on screens. This quality measure tells what type of video is that you are watching whether it's HD, VCD or Blu-ray. You may use this PPI calculator to even impress the others. You can tell anyone the PPI of their LCD TV's or Screens. Simply logon to this PPI Calculator and put in the length and other required figures and you are done. This Tool can be a handy tool for the buyer and the seller as well. If you're a seller and selling LCD screens, you can offer your customers to check the quality of the Screen and you can also recommend them to get some good reviews about your service. Though this is a technical calculator for professionals but it is designed in a way that a layman can act professionally while using this calculator and can impress the seller with the knowledge about Pixels per inch. Hence the seller will not try to cheat and will give you something better. Use this PPI calculator and know about the quality of the screens you have.