Sales Tax Calculation


In our daily life we buy hundreds of things and we rarely notice that we are paying not just to the shop keeper. When we pay for anything, we pay a part of it to the Government as well in the form of VAT or Sales Tax. The rate of Tax is different in different parts of the world. It is sometimes different on different types of goods like it may be higher on luxury goods and lesser on basic needs like food items etc. Whatever we buy we pay the tax. Have you ever tried to know how much you pay actually the price how much is the tax?

Calculation of Sales tax is not difficult but it's a bit tricky as the Price is often inclusive of Sales Tax or VAT. If you are good in calculating percentage then it may not be a problem for you but if you are not good and can't modify the formula then you must use some Sales Tax Calculator to calculate the sales tax on price of any good. You can use this Sales Tax Calculator as it is designed for a common man. It is kept simple so everyone may calculate the sales tax on any price given to it.

Now you can't be cheated by the sellers who write prices exclusive of sales tax in their catalogues. Using this simple Sales Tax Calculator you can get a clear idea about the real price i.e. price inclusive of tax. Now the asterisk mark will not be able to cheat you ever as you have bookmarked this Sales Tax Calculator. Just fill in the price and the percentage of sales tax and this calculator will calculate the amount of tax you are paying to the government.