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An auto loan calculator by calculator-online helps you to estimate monthly payment, or even calculate a loan amount corresponding to car price, trade-in value and various factors.

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Price of the car

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An online car loan calculator helps you to calculate car payments over the course of your auto loan. All you need to add the information into this tool regarding auto loans to know how much your car loan payments could be. This car finance calculator helps you to adjust the length of loan, down payment, interest rate, amortization schedule, and different factors related auto loan finance.

Well, keep reading for bettering understanding about the auto loan payments, how to calculate car payment with free auto loan calculator or manually, different car loan related terms, and much more! Before exploring these all parameters, let’s we start with the basic definition of auto loans.

What Are Car/Auto Loans?

  • Whenever you are planning to purchase a new car then it for ease auto loans will be recommended.
  • Whenever you take out a loan from any financial institution, they will give you a handsome amount in a lump sum, then you have to pay it back with interest over time.
  • There are basic 3 major factors that have a deep impact on your monthly payment and on the total amount that you’ll pay back on your loan:

The loan amount: It can be considerably less than the actual value of the car that you are going to buy. It will depend on whether you have a trade-in vehicle or you are going for a down payment.

The annual percentage rate: it is normally known as APR. It is the rate or the amount that you are going to pay on your loan. You can identify it as an extra amount.

Payback time: It is the recommended or given time in which you have to pay all the money back to the financial institute. This time duration normally ranges from 36–72 months.

To calculate loan payment, you can use free car loan calculator that will assist you to adjust the numbers and will show you the differences in loan amount. How much will your car payment be along with APR and loan term can also be estimated with the support of auto finance calculator.

Dealership Financing vs. Direct Lending:

  • Whenever you finance any vehicle, you have to borrow required amount of money from any lender with an agreement to pay that money back, with some interest, in a defined period of time. There is a huge list of f lenders in the market, that normally includes different banks, credit unions and some finance companies.
  • There will be Many manufacturers who will offer you financing at very attractive rates and also the interest rates will vary from lender to lender. You can try an online car loan interest calculator through which you can easily calculate the car loan interest rate according to your auto-loan terms.
  • When you are dealing with directly with any lender it will be known as direct lending. In this form you will get the opportunity to sign the agreement with lender directly. On the other hand, when you involve a third person between you and your lending company and the third person signs the agreement on your behalf then it will be recognizing as dealer financing.
  • While dealing directly with the company a car loan payment calculator can be a complete help to calculate total amount with interest along with some other essential payments. In dealership financing your dealer will calculate payment on loan and all the other expenses.
  • In both case, the lender will be the official lien holder of the vehicle till you’ve made your complete monthly payments, all the interest, and the loan is paid in full. Once you paid back the full loanyour lender will issue you a release of lien and you will become the legal owner of your car.
  • Direct lending approach is usually preferred one because in it all the can find competitive interest rates at a bank, credit union or at any finance company by themselves and they can use a car payment estimator to calculate the total expense before buying.
  • At the same time a good dealer can offer some lower finance rates that are offered by the factory. furthermore, the dealer does all of the work for you so you won’t need to do calculations or involve in other legalities. You will simply need to sign few simple documents. Later on you can use car loan calculator to have the estimate of interest and other payments.
  • Another reason to prefer the dealers is that they have relationships with many lending institutions, so that they can offer you a huge range of financing options.
  • Sometimes dealerships also offer some specific incentive programs that normally includes a low-interest rate loans or cash back bonuses.
  • In the end, the final decision to borrow money via direct lending or dealership financing is up to you. However, a car loan calculator might be a complete help to decide about the car loans.

While dealing with car loans you usually come across different auto loans terms listed below:

Price of the car:

It is the actual price of the car that will be conveyed to you by the companies when you will apply for the auto loan. Calculating your total car payment might be a complex task but for accuracy you can use an auto loan payment calculator. you will be able to own your car legally after paying the estimated car payment to your finance company.

Loan Term:

Loan term represent the monetary loan that you have to pay in regular payments in certain decided period of time. Car loans calculator operates to calculate the total period of time for loan payment. In some cases, it usually last between one and ten years. It might last for 30 years as well. Any loan term also comprises some unfixed rate of interest that will cause some additional balance that you have to pay back along with your original amount. Vehicle payment calculator might help you in calculating this extra amount.

Car Loan Interest Rate:

Car loan interest rate may vary from state to state and from time to time. The national average interest rate on car loan for US is 5.27% on 60 month loans. Auto loan interest calculator is one of best available option to calculate the total interest rate on your car loan. It depends on various factors as well. some of them are elaborated below:

  • Total credit score might affect the total interest rates
  • Term length of the loan is another influencing factor.
  • Total age of the car being financed plays a major role in deciding the interest rate.
  • Normally, the annual percentage rate for any auto loans usually ranges from 3% to 10%.
  • Also the car loan interest rates always keep on changing frequently, so it’s vital to keep track of the new information about them to calculate auto payment according to the rules and regulations.

Down Payment:

Down payment refers to the amount of money that you are going to pay to the company before loan. Car down payment calculator will tell you all the left amount along with the interest rate after paying down payment. Amount of down payment will decide the interest rate and amount. Monthly payments also depend on the amount of down payments. However, a vehicle finance calculator can calculate the amount of monthly payments once you paid your down payment.

Trade-In Value:

Trade-In Value is the total amount of money that your dealer would offer for vehicle to apply for the purchase of another car in the same dealer’s inventory. Auto loan rate calculator can calculate the total trade in value when you are dealing with dealer financing.

Owed on Trade:

You can trade in a car for which you are indebted. After calculating payment on loan you can decide how to trade on your vehicle. There are some of the keys elements that are essential to know if you have negative equity or not, and what options you have. Also keep in mind that not all lenders will allow you to trade in a vehicle that’s worth less than your total loan balance. Therefore, there is a need to learn about what you can do ahead of time so that you will be able to choose the best option for your situation. A car interest calculator will be a great help in calculating car payment according to the loan term, interest rate, the trade on value, and several other factors. For better understanding, simply add the values to the simple auto loan calculator to obtain helpful outcomes.

Cash Rebate:

Cash Rebate is referred to that money which is refunded to customers who buy merchandise from vendors within a definite time. The rebate will allow dealers to clear the inventories without cutting any list price. For instance, any new car trader can make an announcement that everyone who will purchase a certain vehicle in the existing month at the regular price. To calculate cash rebates you can take assistance from vehicle loan calculator.

Car Sales-Tax:

  • It is the amount that you have to pay to your state when you buy any vehicle. It will be different for different vehicles. It will depend on the total worth of your car. Auto loan calculator with taxes is a specialized tool to calculate the total amount of tax that you have to pay for your depending on the worth of your vehicle.
  • In different state of USA sales tax is 4.225 percent. It also includes local sales tax that is documented on the total purchase price and less trade-in allowance. However, a car payment calculator can calculate sales tax by keeping in all the essential factors.

About Car Loan Calculator:

An online auto loan calculator helps to estimates the car payments over the life of your auto loan and provides you different other parameters to see how they impacts your monthly payments. This car payment calculator works best for both used and new car and shows calculation if taxes is include in it. So, account this auto loan estimator to adjust the car loan finance and related term lengths.

How to Calculate Car Loan Payment With This Auto Loan Calculator:

The auto payment calculator is packed with a simple and user-friendly interface; it is a fully free calculator that helps you in adjusting your auto loan payments. Just stick to these mentioned-below steps to get accurate and instant figures with this tool:

To Calculate Monthly Payment:


  • First of all, you have to enter the repayment start date into the designated field of this car loan calculator
  • Next, you have to enter the price of the car into the given box of this tool
  • Now, you have to enter the loan term, it can either be in year or months
  • Then, you have to enter the interest rate (%) into the designated box of this tool
  • Now, you can enter the down payment, this field is (optional)
  • Very next, you can add the Trade-In value into the designated field, (optional)
  • Then, you can add the amount of owed on trade into the given box, (optional)
  • Now, you can add the amount of cash rebate into the designated field, (optional)
  • Finally, you have to add the sale tax percentage on car into the given box of this calculator
  • Now, all you need to hit the calculate button


The car payments calculator will show:

  • Your Estimated Monthly Payment
  • Price of the car
  • Loan amount
  • Monthly payment
  • Total repayment
  • Total interest paid
  • Start date
  • Estimated payoff date
  • Amortization schedule for car loan

Also, this auto rate calculator helps you to calculate total loan amount, interest rate, and number of payment. If you want to figure out these parameters, then simply add the values into the given fields.

What Are Auto Loan Strategies?

Whenever you apply for an auto loan there are some important strategies to keep in mind so that rules and regulations won’t be violated.


  • One of the most important strategy before you for a loan is to get well prepared for it. Keep in awareness all the following aspects:
  • First of all, determine that what is affordable dealership for you
  • You should be clear that what kind of vehicle you want to buy so that you can easily research and find the best deals that also suit your needs.
  • Once you have chosen your company and model, then you have to make a research about different interest rates for some effective negotiations with a car salesman.
  • You should not relay on one company just. You must talk with more than one lender and getting quotes from numerous different places.
  • Many Car dealers, want to make a huge amount of money as possible from a sale. But if you are prepared and have a skill of enough negotiation based on your research, then you can get a car for significantly less than the price that was offered by the dealers initially.
  • Auto payment calculator will assist you in calculating amount of the loan and car by considering all the essential factor so that you can negotiate properly with the dealers.


  • Credit, and to a lesser extent, you can say that the total income, usually regulates the approval for car loans, whether through dealership financing and direct lending.
  • Moreover, all the borrowers who have excellent credit will most likely to receive a lower interest rates, that will result in the payment of lesser amount for a car.
  • Also the Borrowers can increase the chances to negotiate the best deals by taking some essential steps for attaining the better credit scores before you take out a loan for purchasing your car.

Cash Back Vs Low Interest:

When you are purchasing a vehicle, auto manufacturers will offer you a cash vehicle rebate or a low-interest rate. A cash rebate will instantly decrease the actual purchasing price of the car, but the lower rates can also possibly result in savings in interest payment rates.

Early Payoff:

  • It is the amount of the loan that you pay before the due date. It will carry a lot of aids:
  • Paying off your auto loan before the usual will shortens the length of the loan.
  • It will lower the interest rate.
  • Though, there are some lenders who have restricted the early pay offs.So it is vital to analyze the details cautiously before you sign the contract for your auto loan.

Consider Other Options:

Even if the attraction of buying a new car is strong, purchasing a pre-owned car even if only a few years removed from new can typically result in noteworthy savings. So you should consider other possibilities other than buying a new car. In some circumstances, a new car might not even be required. Therefore, Ifthere is a possibility, then you should consider use of public transportation, carpool with other people, buying a motor bike, or give priority to walk as an alternative.

What is Auto Loan Amortization Schedule?

If you need to know how much of your monthly payment goes toward interest and principal, then all you need to create an amortization schedule. The schedule provides you with a road map of how your payments will be allocated between both interest & principal over the course of your auto loan.

You can find some monthly car payment calculators online that assists you to estimate your car loan amortization schedule. If you want to determine your schedule, then you need your total amount of loan, total interest rate, and the term of loan amount.

So, do you know what does a typical amortization schedule look like? If you made a $3,000 down payment on a $30,000 car in January 2020, so, to pay the amount, you ought to take out a $27,000 car loan with a 5-year loan course and 10% interest rate. And, your auto loan amortization schedule would be:


From the above schedule you can see that the amount paid in interest decreases each year. Remember that as the total interest paid gets smaller, a larger portion of the auto loan payments goes toward reducing the loan’s principal.

Car loan Amortization schedule comprises certain values that are the most vital in an auto loan procedure. Amortization car loan calculator is the best way to make an accurate estimate about all the categories. This amortization schedule usually includes:

Payment date:

It is the date on which you have to make payments. It can either be in months or in years. Payments on dates will save you from paying extra amounts. It will give you a completer record about dates of months until the last month. If you fail to make payment on the definite date, then it will disturb your interest rate.

Payment amount:

It is the total amount and in auto financing calculator it will remain same for every month. It won’t be effected by dealership financing or direct lending. It includes the extra amount as an interest.

Principal amount:

It is the actual an exact amount that is offered by the company. It does not include any interest percentage.

Interest amount:

It is the amount that will depend on your down payment and amount of the vehicle. You have to pay it on once-a-month base. It will vary each month depending on your payments.

Balanced owed:

It is the amount left that you have to pay to your company. Whenever you will clear your monthly payments the balance you owed will reduce automatically until you make all your payments.

Fees Rolled into the financing of the auto loan:

A car purchase comes with a lot of other fee categories. There is a list of some common fee categories that are associated with auto loan in the US.

Document Fees:

This is a fee that will be collected by the dealer for the processing of the documents like title type and registration of the car. Typically, it will be between $150 and $300.

Title and Registration Fees:

This is the amount that will be collected by the states for your vehicle title and registration. It will be less than $300.

Advertising Fees:

This is the amount that will be paid by the regional dealer for the promoting of the manufacturer’s automobile in the dealer’s area. Normally it is few hundred dollars.

Destination Fee:

This is a fee that will covers the shipment of your vehicle from the factory to the office of your dealer.Its range is in between $600 and $1,000.

Insurance Fee:

In the U.S., auto insurance is strictly recommended. When you purchase a car via loan and not cash, full coverage insurance is obligatory. It is usually for $1,000 per year.

How to Calculate Car Loan Payments?

Buying a car mean that you are making a big purchase. It will combine the amount of debt, emergency expenses and the loan payments. Via some formulas You can calculate your car loan payment so that the feeling of financial burden can be managed and your budget won’t get disturbed. Auto loan estimator is the best way to deal with the calculations of your loan payments. By calculating monthly car loan payments, you can make the estimate of your annual payments and manage your budget.

How to calculate monthly car payment?

Car loan payments can be calculated on monthly basis then estimate of the whole year can be formulated. The whole process is straightforward and contains the following stages:

Step 1: Know the type of your loan:

Before you apply for a loan and get it is important to know about its type. Your monthly car payment depends on the type of the loan.

  • There are two types of loan. The one is interest-only loan and the other is amortizing loan.
  • If you have interest-only loan, then you will only pay interest for the initial years, and you have to pay nothing on the principal.
  • On the other hand, Repayments on amortizing loans, will include interest as well as principal over a decided period of time.

Therefore, in both cases calculation of monthly car payment will be different.

Step 2: Recognize the monthly payment formula for your loan category:

The next step in calculating average monthly car payment is plugging the numbers into the loan payment formula that will based on the type of your loan.

Amortizing loans monthly payment formula:

  • Loan Payment (P) = Amount (A) / Discount Factor (D)

Whereas A represents the Total amount of the loan.

  • D = {[(1 + r) n] – 1} / [r (1 + r) n]
  • Periodic Interest Rate (r) = Annual rate divided by number of payment periods.
  • Number of Periodic Payments (n) = Payments per year multiplied by number of years

For example, if you have taken auto loan for $10,000 at 3% for the time period of 7 years then the calculation will be as follows:

  • If n = 84 (12 monthly payments per year (multiplied by) 7 years)
  • r = 0.0025 (a 3% rate will be converted to 0.03, and then divided by 12 payments per year)
  • D = 75.6813 {[(1+0.0025)84] – 1} / [0.0025(1+0.0025)84]
  • P = $132.13 (10,000 / 75.6813)

In the above example, your monthly car loan payment of your car will be $132.13.

Interest-only loan formula:

  • Loan Payment = Loan Balance x (annual interest rate/12)

In this scenario, your totally monthly interest-only payment for the loan above will be $25. However, it can be verified by car monthly payment calculator for accuracy and clarity.

To gain knowledge about these calculations will help you to decide which kind of loan you should prefer. If you are going for interest-only loan, then monthly payment will be lower. However, it will be better to talk to the lender about the monthly pros and cons of loan types so you can take a right decision.

Step 3: take help from an online calculator:

Sometimes manual calculations are tricky and have the risk of error so you can always use an online auto payment calculator. it will calculate your car loan amortization with ease. Therefore, you will be able to handle your monthly payments easily.

How to estimate new car prices?

You can use the vehicle’s sticker price (MSRP) as a starting point. MSRP acronym for the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price that is also said to be as “sticker” price, this is a recommended selling price that automakers give a new car. A car deal account the MSRP as a price to sell each vehicle, remember that it is different from invoice price on a car, which can simply stand thousands below the sale price. However, typically, in most cases, you will easily able to negotiate a discount from the MSRP/Sticker price. Also, manufacturer rebates may lower the price. Keep in mind, you have to include the cost of options and the “destination fee” that is charged for all brand new cars.

How to estimate used car prices?

If you’re going to buy a used car, then estimating the sale price is a bit trickier. You ought to begin with the seller’s asking price, but you can also be able to negotiate it lower. So, if you want to get an idea of a fair price, simply use online pricing guides or even check local online classified ads for comparable cars.

How to estimate trade-in values?

You can use online car loan calculator to get the appraisals and pricing assistance. When you’re going to use a pricing guide, make sure that you only check the trade-in value but not the retail cost (the amount at which the dealer sells the car).

How to choose loan terms?

Commonly, car loans range from 2 to 6 years, but the longer your term, the more you will pay in interest term overall. Calculator-online recommends loan of:

  • For new cars: No more than 60 months
  • For used cars: No more than 36 months


What is a good interest rate for a car loan?

Middletown Honda depicted that it’s depending on your credit score, good car loan interest rates can range between 3% to almost 14%. However, most 3-year car loans for some individual with an average to above-average credit score come with a roughly 3% to 4.5% interest rate.

What is the monthly payment on a $30000 car?

If we talk about the rough estimations, the monthly payment on a $30000 car is roughly $600 a month. Remember that it’s depends on average credit, no money down, and even financing 5-years. And, if you change any one of those variables your payment will change. So, for instance, if there’s a car with $20,000 car, the payments will be roughly $400 in a month. And, for $30,000 car, it’s roughly $600 a month. You can use auto loan monthly payment calculator that helps you to calculate quickly and accurately the monthly payment of your car loan.

How much of a car loan can I qualify for?

The situation is varying for everyone as it depends on income and credit history. We highly recommend you for getting approved for an auto loan before ahead for car shopping, this assists you to know exactly how much of a car loan you qualify for. So, you can try an online car loan calculator to calculate all terms related to auto loans and through which you easily know how much of a car loan is manageable.

What is the minimum down payment for a car loan?

No doubt, it is really possible to take out a car loan with zero down payments, but remember that it will make your monthly payment remarkably higher and even start you off with negative equity. Instead, experts depicted a down of at least 10 percent and even more if you can comfortably manage it.

What is a good interest rate on a car loan?

Experts depicted that the lower the interest rates the better on a car loan. In 2020, the average new-car interest rate is close to 6 percent and even anything lower than that would be ideal. Similarly, if the average used-car interest rate is about 9 percent, so you had to find out a rate lower than that. Simply, use an online auto loan calculator that lets you to compute the interest rates on a loan term and also show the complete auto amortization schedule.

Is it better to finance a car through a bank or dealership?

The main advantage of bank is that it doesn’t mark up its interest rates. As you are simply dealing directly with the lender, there’s no middleman – the dealer and the rates are likely to be better. But, also the bank does suffer from a few disadvantages. In certain cases, the quotes of dealer on interest rates are negotiable. You can use an online car financing calculator that allows you to calculate interest rates corresponding to your auto loan terms and different other factors.


You can use this car loan calculator to calculate car payments in different conditions according the life of your loan. You can easily make an estimate about your monthly payments so you will be able to adjust the life of your loan before you buy your new car. Estimation of down payment and total interest rate can also be managed with ease via this tool before you access the Auto industry. However, you cannot completely relay on this tool for legal calculation before signing the agreements. It is best option for learning purposes only.


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