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What is Mortgage?

Having a home to live in has been a fundamental necessity since old ages. People want to have their own home where they can live in comfortably according to the ways they want. Rental homes are also an option, but you’ll have to pay monthly rent to the owner, this is a kind of mental tension of arranging the rental amount every month, but as many of you cannot afford to own a house they have to use the rental home option. In all the cases having a place to live satisfactorily Is a basic need of people besides food and clothes.

What does mortgage mean?

For the people who are not able to buy their own home. Those who can’t afford to arrange a huge amount of money to purchase home mortgage is an option for them. A mortgage is a legal agreement between two parties in which one is the person who is taking the loan, and another party is the lender of the loan wherein the bank takes the property of buyer as security. It only means you take the loan giving your property in security that in case if you are unable to pay back the loan there is still an option to sell your property and pay them back.

A mortgage loan is the safest and affordable type of loan as compared to other loans because it offers lowest interest rates as they already have the security of your property. One more thing at the time of getting a mortgage you’ll have to pay down payment which will be 20-30% of the total cost of the house which you are going to buy and then keeping the same house as a security which will be given back to you wholly once you have paid all the debt.

You can take a mortgage loan from banks or nonbank lender/companies. You must have sufficient amount of money to make down payment for your house. As buying a home is one of the biggest and most life changing thing because it will cost you much than anything. So by taking down payment, the lender assures themselves that you can repay their money if you take a loan, you are financially stable enough to pay back installments with added interest rates.

You also have relaxation of adjusting the term for which the loan payment is to be returned depending on your feasibility. You have to decide whether you’ll manage to pay back the amount in 15 years or 30 years. It won’t put you in much financial burden as amortization offers you longer terms.

Types Of Mortgages

Fixed Rate Mortgage:

It is the type in which interest rate is fixed, and you have to pay the fixed amount of installments monthly. It is of benefit as the borrower knows how much he/she have to pay.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage:

It is the type in which interest rate per installment is not fixed. Usually, the starting is at a lower interest rate which will increase after a specific time has passed says after five years depending on market indexes. You might think it as good because of initially lower rate, but it is risky if indexes go to high than your interest rate will also rise higher.

Using Mortgage Calculator

Without calculation and estimation during the process of taking a loan, you can end up in the financial crisis. We are giving you the facility of mortgage calculator so you can have an idea of your monthly installments and you can plan your month ahead. Once you have taken a mortgage loan, you can have your monthly payments calculated by using mortgage loan calculator so that you can be on safe side as the lenders can have your home in their security if you are unable to pay back.

It doesn’t matter if you are not good in mathematics and calculations we have designed mortgage calculator most simply so that everyone who doesn't have much knowledge regarding interests, down payments can use it and save themselves from the financial crisis. As no one wants to put their property at risk by not paying the monthly mortgage installment, so it is important to know the payment before the month. In this way, you can manage to arrange monthly mortgage installment and also enjoy to live the same way as before mortgage.

There are no complicated or lengthy calculations you needed to put in our mortgage calculator. We have made it simple that even a layperson can benefit from it. You just need to enter your mortgage amount, down payment, interest rate and the entire term of which you are going to pay, and our mortgage calculator will give you the monthly due amount.

The mortgage calculator can also help you before taking a loan in that how much money you’ll make by giving you the monthly installments idea. You can predict that in future will you be able to pay back that amount with the added interest rate or not so you can easily quantify your mortgage amount. It can also help to protect you from going into financial crisis as you plan everything before doing.


You’ll find some mortgage calculator online, but most of them which are useful and accurate are not free, they are going to cost you something. We are giving you the opportunity to use best online free amortization calculator which is very simple to use and will give you quick results. It is a fantastic time-saving tool for you as you don’t need to go in long, complicated calculations to estimate your monthly installment. Just go to anytime anywhere and calculate the amount you have to pay this month or in future months. We are offering this amazingly powerful tool free of cost. We won’t allow you to get into financial crisis or to lose your only asset (home) which you bought by taking a mortgage loan. Hope you’ll also get benefit from our mortgage Loan calculator.