The Fifth Most Important Mathematical Operation: Percentage

We are used to execute and accomplish various arithmetic operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of figures in our daily life. The modern educational system and financial policies has made the percentage fifth most important mathematical operation. Let’s discuss its importance. Percentage is a standard tool for the measurement of student’s performance in their academics. So it is a base used to indicate student’s performance, his or her success and his or her future.

We also calculate percentage in our daily transactions being a consumer. Whenever we sell or buy, tax is included in the price of product in form of specific percentage of price. Being a businessman or an employee, we also have to calculate the income tax payable to the Government. Income tax is a specific percentage of our taxable income which varies as income level changes. If you are borrower or lender, again you will have to calculate percentage because funds are lent or borrowed on specific rate of interest. If you are going to purchase an insurance policy then you will have to calculate percentage to calculate the premium to be paid. If you are a sportsman then percentage plays an important role in your life because it determines how much fit you are. It indicates your winning ratio, strike rate and defense etc.

After discussing the importance of percentage, we can say that percentage calculator is the need of every person in the world. It does not matter that in which field he or she is dealing with. So keeping in view the importance of percentage, a percentage calculator is designed by calculator net blog. Now you don’t need to multiply and divide the figures for calculating percentage. You just need to insert the amount and percentage rate, you will get your result within seconds and free of cost.