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Blog / Finance / Are Credit Repair Services Worth The Cost? Find Out Here

Are Credit Repair Services Worth The Cost? Find Out Here

Are Credit Repair Services Worth The Cost? Find Out Here

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If you have a bad credit score due to some errors, the chances are you have considered repairing what was faulted. Even though it’s tempting to do it on your own, repairing your credit can be very time-consuming and ultimately complex, depending on your situation. This is why people usually opt for professional credit repair services. Let’s review what credit repair is, what are credit repair services, and ultimately are worth the cost. Simply find out all you need to know right here.

Credit Repair In Short:

Before we start the discussion of whether credit repair services are worth the cost, let’s first review what credit repair is by itself. When a third party which is called either a credit services organization or a credit repair organization attempts to get the information removed from your credit reports in exchange for payment that is called credit repair in short. These organizations are for-profit organizations and their services can help you achieve a good credit score. It’s important to note that credit repair is entirely legal at the federal level, but in some states like Georgia, credit repair is a misdemeanor. 
Furthermore, some credit companies note that their services are specially made to help consumers eliminate unverifiable or inaccurate information from their credit reports. Eliminating this kind of information from your credit reports can be very beneficial to your overall credit score. This is mainly why people opt for credit repair services, especially if they’ve had trouble managing their credit in the past. Ultimately, credit repair services are becoming a common thing, and most people opt for getting their credit score boosted, especially before a bigger purchase, or if they need a down payment for a house.

What Do Credit Repair Services Look Like:

Let’s review what do credit repair services look like firsthand. Most credit repair companies will start the process by requesting a copy of your credit report. These reports should come from each of the three consumer credit bureaus - Experian, TransUnion as well as Equifax. Once they receive these files, the company will then review all credit reports for derogatory marks. Derogatory marks include things like tax liens, bankruptcies, and charge-offs. These two steps are necessary for further action that credit repair companies take. Once this is completed, credit repair companies set a plan to negotiate and dispute errors with creditors so they can work towards removing the problematic items on your credit report. 
This plan often includes sending various requests to validate pieces of information regarding the disputes. Other common actions include sending letters to question erroneous negative marks, as well as something called cease-and-desist letters to potential debt collectors on your behalf. Credit repair companies may also recommend that you apply for new accounts to get more positive information in your reports. However, you need to be cautious here, especially if you had trouble managing your credit score in the past. Ultimately, it’s never a good idea to take on more credit if you don’t need it.
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When To Hire a Credit Repair Company?

Other situations when you might need to think about getting your credit professionally repaired are when you’re dealing with very complex problems when you need to use your credit, and when you simply don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself. There are some cases of credit repair processes that are more complex than others. These include things such as duplicate data collection or situations when you have a collection on your account because someone who has the same name as you and lives in the same place defaulter on a loan. Ultimately, if your credit situation has plenty of negative accounts and issues, you should probably get some help.
In situations when you need to use your credit or you don’t have the expertise or time to fix it on your own, picking a good credit repair company is vital. Luckily, there are many resources online that can help you find these companies. For example, you can compare the best credit repair companies at and find the one that suits your specific credit repair situation best. Fixing your credit is extremely time-consuming, especially if you have a full-time job. This is why it might be a good option to hire professionals to repair your credit for you.

Are Credit Repair Services Worth It?

Let’s review whether or not credit repair services are worth it. As we’ve previously mentioned, you can always try and repair your credit on your own, but this often turns into an even worse credit score. In addition to this, there are some specific situations where you should opt for professional credit repair services. A good example would be if you’ve experienced identity theft and want to deal with it on your own. Instead, the best course of action would be to hire a company to help you deal with the issues you may be having.
Remember that the process of getting your credit repaired takes time and patience to resolve all the issues. This is especially true if you have to deal with fraudulent accounts on your report. One thing you can control in this situation is what company you decide to hire. To get the best credit repair, you should do a little bit of research on your top choices of credit repair companies. See what all of them can offer, and if you need specific credit repair services, look if they have experience with them. Getting your credit professionally repaired is always worth it in the end.
Credit repair services can certainly help you get out of a bad credit score. These services are conducted by experienced professionals who have encountered many cases ranging from simple to very complex cases of bad credit scores. In situations where your credit score is unfairly bad due to errors, or some major criminal cases that you weren’t a part of, such as identity theft, hiring credit repair companies is the only option. In situations where the case is less severe, it’s still a very good idea to get your score improved by professionals, rather than running a risk of further ruining it on your own.



Jacquelin Smith

Last updated: November 8, 2022

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