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Bulid Custom Calculator

Bulid Custom Calculator

Excel to Web Calculator

Excel to Web Calculator

Research and Bulid Calculator

Research and Bulid Calculator

Calculator in App

Calculator in App

Why should you Hire Us?

Now, you can make your own custom calculator according to your requirements at this authorized platform! We are here to offer certain services in the development of Wordpress plug-in, converter or any other type of calculator.

We develop calculators corresponding to your business or any other-related requirements. So, if you would like to get a calculator of your choice, feel-free to contact us 24/7. Furthermore, our team does a well of research for your needs to provide you the precise outcomes. And, if any additional suitable queries are found during research, then the editorial team will contact you on the provided email. Simply, fill-up the given form below to make your custom calculator now!

Desktop and Mobile

Functions we provide in a Custom Calculator...

Responsive to all devices Responsive to all devices
Professional design Professional design
Setting page Setting page
Export result Export result
Send result to User via Email Send result to User via Email
Graph/Chart in result Graph/Chart in result
bmi custom calculator
Features Setting page

You can change, add and remove the values on this page


Currently, we have around 200 calculators to help you in math, finance, stat, health & others and still working on. We provide the free widgets of our all the calculators that you can add on your site. Also, if you would like to get the custom calculator according to your needs, then contact us now!

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Custom Design

The calculator-online provide you a custom design for your website. Every element of your website is custom designed to fit the needs of the users. The website is made as the strategy and content comes first, then design is build around.



We made a responsive interface for calculators that compatible to all the devices like Laptops, Desktop, Mobile phones, Tablet etc.



Our aim to provide the universal web designs for your websites so that to make your website accessible to everyone or to meet the needs of the many individuals as possible.


Simple to Install

We made the custom calculators by considering your standard requirements and provide the user-friendly interface for convenient installation.

Online Calculator



Get the ease of calculating anything from the source of calculator online

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