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tdee Calculator

TDEE Calculator

Use this TDEE calculator to calculate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure and find out how many calories you burn per day. This calculator will also display your BMI Body Mass Index , IBW Ideal Body Weight , BMR Basel Metabolic Rate , Macros Macronutrients , & many more.




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Weight (lbs)


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  • Exercise: 15-30 minutes of elevated heart rate activity.
  • Intense exercise: 45-120 minutes of elevated heart rate activity.
  • Very intense exercise: 2+ hours of elevated heart rate activity.

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TDEE Calculator helps to estimate total daily energy expenditure that includes the number of calories that you burn each day during exercise. You can even find your BMI, BMR, and Macros with this free calculator.

What Is TDEE?

“TDEE means the total daily energy expenditure, an indicator through which you come to know how many calories you should burn a day.”

According to optimistic studies, 1 calorie is the amount of energy that takes to heat 1 kg of water 1 degree Celsius. Your total energy expenditure is dependent on your basal metabolic rate and also considers your daily activity and exercise.

Our Tdee calculator online tells how many calories your body needs corresponding to your current activity level and shows macronutrient details for your tdee.

Components of TDEE

Various factors are out there that constitute total daily energy expenditure. These factors affect your body weight differently that further helps you to maintain your weight.

Below are the basic TDEE components:

  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR):
  • Thermic Effect of Food (TEF):
  • Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT):
  • Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (EAT):

How To Calculate TDEE?

Eating your TDEE will help you to maintain weight. But if your goal comes up with losing weight, then you ought to eat less than your TDEE. Moreover, the most precise manual way to calculate TDEE is to multiply your body weight in pounds by either 14 or 16. Use lower range (14-15) if you are a smaller person or woman. In case you are an active woman or a man, use upper range (15-16).


This activity level is considered when you do any desk job, work from home, or little to no exercise. With this activity level, your TDEE is calculated by the following expression:

TDEE = BMR x 1.2

Light Active

This activity level is taken into consideration when you perform a very light exercise, say 1 to 3 days per week. Having this level, your TDEE will be figured out as follows:

TDEE = BMR x 1.375

Moderate Active

This activity level corresponds to an exercise done 3 to 5 days per week. Considering this activity will let you calculate TDEE as below:

TDEE = BMR x 1.55

Very Active

When you perform a continuous exercise for a whole week, then your activity level is very active. In this condition, you can estimate your total daily energy expenditure as:

TDEE = BMR x 1.725

Extremely Active

This level corresponds to the extreme exercise involved in your daily routine. This includes intense workouts in the gym, lifting heavy weights, working a hard labour job, or many more.

TDEE = BMR x 1.9

How TDEE Calculator Works?

Tdee calorie deficit calculator helps you to estimate how many calories your body requires (tdee) on each day according to your weight goal.


  • First of all, you ought to enter your age into the given field
  • Then, simply enter your height into the above-given box, it can either be in (ft/in) or (cm)
  • Very next, you have to enter your weight, you can be able to enter weight in lbs or kg as our calculator supports both metric and U.S units
  • Right after, you ought to select the goal why you need to calculate tdee, from the drop-down menu including (maintain weight, mild weight lose, weight lose, mild weight gain)
  • Then, you ought to select your activity level from the drop-down menu
  • Once you selected your activity level, then you have to select how much exercise do you do, from the drop-down menu
  • Then, you have to add your body fat percentage, but this field is (optional).


The health calc tdee shows:

  • Total Daily Exercise Expenditure (TDEE) (Calories/Day) or (Calories/Week)
  • Health Stats that includes (BMR, RMR, Weight Loss, BMI, IBW), also Obesity Class (whether you are on Normal, Obese or Overweight)
  • Macros Detail for tdee calories maintenance, also for gaining and losing weight
  • TDEE table according to Activity Level & Exercise


Does TDEE Include Exercise?

In short, yes it does! In fact, tdee is an indication of the total calories burned during a single day when exercise or physical activity level factored in.

Should I Eat My TDEE to Lose Weight?

Not at all! Basically, TDEE shows you a daily calorie maintenance level. If you start eating your total daily energy expenditure, your weight will neither increase nor fall.

How Accurate is TDEE Estimation?

Without going to the lab and having tests run by medical experts, TDEE is extremely accurate. In most cases, the calorie estimation should be within 10%, but if you are honest about activity levels.

What is My TDEE?

Your total daily energy expenditure is dependent on the daily calorie expenditure. So the more you exercise, the more your TDEE becomes and vice versa.

How Many Calories Over TDEE Should I Eat To Bulk Up?

As far as the estimates are concerned, the calorie consumption should be increased up to 3800 calories for men and 3200 calories for women.

How Often Do I Need To Calculate My TDEE?

You are only required to keep calculating your TDEE if you change your activity level or have a severe change in your body weight. But if it is not happening to you, stopping would be a better option indeed.

Does Your TDEE Change Daily?

Yes, every single day you burn a sufficient amount of calories by walking, running, doing some kind of job, or other like that. This changes the energy expenditure as well that could easily be monitored by the use of TDEE calculator online.

Does An Apple Watch Track TDEE?

Yes, an Apple watch can easily track the calories you burn along with the activity level involved. But it can not actually estimate your diet intake.


This calculator makes no warranty to the exact calculations of TDEE. Keep in mind that all calorie counts are estimates. Additionally, the calorie counts that are mentioned on food packages are also estimates.



From the source of NCBI – HHS Author Manuscripts PMC5388457 – PMCID: PMC5388457 – All about TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) – Study About the effect of exercise on non-exercise physical activity and sedentary behavior in adults – Percent of total daily energy expenditure – Methodological considerations

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