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Tax Band % Taxable sum Tax
less than $125k 0 $0 $0
$125k to $250k 2 $0$0
$250k to $925k 5 $0$0
$925k to $1.5m 10 $0$0
rest over $1.5m 12 $0$0

What is stamp duty?

It is a kind of government tax which is imposed on documents of legal importance. It can be any document in which there is acceptance of terms between two parties, such as transfer of property ownership. This stamp duty tax is fixed, or it can vary in different regions of the same country for same documents. The stamp duty tax also varies depending on the value of the property or products on which it is imposed. Such kind of documents having legal importance become effective only after stamp duty got paid. Therefore, stamp duty has to be placed on the paper as a physical stamp or can be embossed. The rate of stamp duty varies from country to country, and it is different for different properties. Stamp duty must be paid entirely on time otherwise penalty is imposed on the payee. The document with the stamp duty pasted on it is a legal document and can be used in the courts as evidence. If stamp duty is not paid, then the document has no evidentiary value in the court.

Types of Stamp Duties

There are two types of the stamp used to make legal documents effective.

  • Impressed Stamps
  • Adhesive Stamp

Adhesive stamps are further categorized into two categories which are POSTAL STAMPS and NON-POSTAL STAMPS. Postal stamps are destined to be used with the post office transactions only while the non-postal stamps can be insurance policy stamps, revenue stamps, notarial stamps, etc.

Calculating Stamp Duty

Stamp duty calculation is a bit tough thing to do as it involves many aspects to consider while calculating. Firstly, the category of stamp duty has to be identified whether the product on which it is imposed have fixed rate of stamp duty then it involves difficult formulas to come to the final result. For your easiness and comfort, we have designed a stamp duty calculator which will calculate the amount of stamp duty for you. You don’t have to put in the complex figure to calculate stamp duty. You just have to enter the amount of the product on which you are going to pay stamp duty tax, and the rest is calculated by our stamp duty calculator.

In this fast-paced era where no one has the time for doing long and complex mathematical calculations manual. There is a need to have a tool which will do such kind of calculations for you. Keeping in mind these facts we made a stamp duty calculator which will allow you to get the value of tax you have to pay.

As stamp duty is not fixed, so you have the different rates of various documents, so it’ll be a tough job if you have to calculate stamp duties of different documents, you can’t do it easily without a stamp duty calculator. As it is your legal responsibility to pay this stamp duty tax, you can’t run from it if you buy a home. It is also applicable to insurance documents which will be effective only after stamp duty is paid by the company. If your documents are not stamped, then there will be no legal acceptance of your paper.

Use of Stamp Duty Calculator

Everyone nowadays tries to find an easy way to work they have to do. As the technology has made life easier for us by providing the simplest and fastest ways to do any job. People have become a little lazier as they know that their work will be done in a matter of no time by using advanced technology. Therefore, keeping in view the aspects of today's generation which run away from doing complex, lengthy calculations we thought to give you a fantastic tool which is stamp duty calculator. You just have to enter the amount on which stamp duty is imposed and hit the calculate button. Our stamp duty calculator will determine the amount of stamp duty tax and gives you the tax value. What is better than the tool which will do your work in no time? And the amazing thing is that we are giving the opportunity to use this conveyancing calculator free of cost. It’ll make you the exact and accurate value of tax which many other online available calculators can’t give. We assure you that you’ll not regret using this tool. As nowadays nobody can take out the time for doing manual calculations, so they have to take help of a calculator in helping them out. And doing manual calculations is not an easy thing, you have to be good in mathematics than you have to remember complex formulas after this all on reaching the results you are still not sure if you get the right answer or not. So to stay away from all these doubtful calculations our site is providing you free tools including stamp duty calculator which will be helpful in doing a complex computation of tax.

Why Calculator-Online.Net

You’ll find some calculators available online to calculate stamp duty tax, but you’ll not find this kind of simplest stamp duty calculator which can calculate the tax amount that is to be paid by you in a blink of an eye. No matter if you are not good in mathematics or calculating, we made it by keeping in view that it has to be used by every person whether he/she had much knowledge about the tax system or calculating taxes as it involves complex formulas. Calculating manually also take your so much time. Therefore, using our stamp duty calculator is the quickest way to know the amount you have to pay to the government for making documents legally accepted and evidentiary. It is a time-saving tool which will save your so much time so that you can do other important tasks. On the other hand, if you don’t prefer to use it you’ll waste your precious time in doing the calculations which you can easily do by using a calculator. And while using this calculator, you can do other tasks side by side too.