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Love Calculator

Enter your and your partner’s name along with selected genders. The calculator will let you know the love percentage between both of you.

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About Love Calculator

Compatibility means the state when two people can live with each other happily without any problem. Relationship compatibility is the base of every relation between two individuals whether it is the relationship of friends, lovers, couples or siblings. Nowadays being compatible in any relationship is becoming rare day by day because of staying in relation only for the fulfillment of personal needs and going away when their purpose fulfilled. For a long-term relationship compatibility between two people is the vital element.

When you met someone, and after dating for a couple of months you think to take your relationship to the next level of being together forever. But you don’t know whether you both are compatible with each other or not. Being compatible doesn’t mean that two of you don’t have opposite natures. It means that two of you should respect each other’s differences and live happily together. Many people make the mistake of thinking about people as their compatible better half who will lead the life with them but o in thinking about that one person they keep on rejecting the other compatible people. Being in love relationship does not guarantee you forever companionship, building a relationship involving friendship is more important for being compatible. Mutual differences are in every relationship; it depends on relationship strength and mutual respect to overcome these differences and promote compatibility with each other.

Using Love Calculator

To choose the right partner for yourself, you must know the compatibility level between two of you although no one can be compatible with you 100 percent still there are some ways to check compatibility including astrology and numerology. Both these are complicated things, and you need a professional astrologer to tell yours, and your partner’s compatibility and that too have a chance of being wrong. And if they are unable to show you and your partner compatibility wrong you’ll have relationship problems which finally end up in a breakup. Compatibility is the main element of the happy and satisfied relationship. Without compatibility, there will be a significant communication gap between partners, and they find it difficult to talk with each other about any issue. And then they keep on arguing and fighting on useless issues ending in a breakup.

Therefore, to be in a long-term relationship we recommend you that you must know compatibility between two of you and we are making this very simple for you. We have designed our love calculator which can tell you your compatibility with your chosen partner. You just have to provide our and your lover and then we through our calculator will tell you whether you and your partner can survive together in long term relationship or there are fewer chances of survival together. When you find a person, who has higher compatibility with you, you’ll enjoy his or her company you’ll like to spend more time with them, and you’ll also respect their minor differences which otherwise without compatibility is difficult.

To check the love compatibility before dating, you must use our true love calculator to know if you both are compatible or not. To stay in a happy relationship, both partners must share their joys and sorrows rather than leaving the partner in difficult time. For example, if a partner has a good job but suddenly his boss fired him instead of bringing him morally down and saying him that you’ll leave him if you bring his moral high he can easily find another good job with more enthusiasm. It all comes in love compatibility, to live with a partner happily in every situation is only possible when both are compatible with each other. Compatibility means to respect each other similar and dissimilar interests. It doesn’t mean that people with same nature are more compatible sometimes people with many differences are successful in maintaining a long-term relationship. Being different is also important for a relationship to be healthy as to argue and debate on a certain issue without losing the element of respect can only be done in compatible couples. Being consistent in the relationship is also important because the physical and superficial thing that makes you love a person may fade one day, the looks won’t last forever. The thing that lasts forever in only true love which is topped up b friendship. You can take the help of our love calculator to check if the compatibility level between you two is optimum or not. It can tell you if you both can go in a relationship on long term or not. It’ll inform you that you can be comfortable with your partner or not when he or she is around you. Their presence is a happy moment for you or not. Without compatibility, your relationship is a burden for you, and you’ll find ways to end the relationship. You’ll end up in a lot of misunderstandings and finally to the breakup point. We are not saying that you’ll find a partner who is compatible in every way. No person on this earth is 100 percent compatible, but you can find an individual who is ready to compliment you in every way and everything.

We know that everyone wonders if the partner they choose will be right for them in the long run or not. They want to know it even before dating someone. So, we designed a tool that will help you in finding the right person for you. You just need to have an internet access and a device on which you can check compatibility. Go to our site which is and enter into the love calculator, fill in the required fields with your and your lover’s name and hit the calculate button. Our tool will calculate and tell you the compatibility percentage. It is simple and easy to use as it doesn’t require birth dates or numbers as in knowing love compatibility by astrology or numerology. And good news for you is this tool is free of cost; you can use it anytime.

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