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Age Difference Calculator

Write down the ages of the first and second person or anything in the respective boxes. The calculator will calculate the age difference among them.


Birthday of First Person

Birthday of Second Person

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An online age difference calculator helps you to calculate the age gap (difference) between the ages of two persons or anything. Try this age gap calculator to calculate the absolute difference (gap) in age chronologically and specifies which entity is older.

Remember that this year difference calculator finds year differences on the basis of birth dates of persons or anything.

By using this online age calculator you can exactly calculate your age in years, months, days, and even the remaining months & days in your upcoming birthday.

Now, give a brief read to this article to properly understand how to calculate age difference with this calculator and manually step by step), age difference rule, and different terms related age gap.

Read on!

Half Your Age Plus Seven Rule:

This age difference rule helps the couples in regards to acceptance socially of the big relationship gap. It simply states that one should never date an individual under half their age plus 7 years.

For example:

If you are 24 years then you can feel free to be with who is 19(12+7) not with 18.

You can also try this online love calculator that helps you to estimate the relationship compatibility between two people.

Remember that if both dates are the same then there is no difference in ages. Our age difference calculator taking the difference between the two dates, months, and years to calculate the actual difference between the given ages.

For example:

Elia bornin 1988 and John bornin1991, then Elia is 3 years older than John.

Maximum Age Rule:

The maximum age of a partner is minus seven times two of your age.

For example:

If you are 30 then your partner’s maximum age is 46(23*2).

Does The Rule Work For Women?

The age difference rule seems to work for men but the maximum age rule failed for age-related preferences.

How Effective is The Rule?

Typically, curious people are going fastly to decide when they see a big age gap between the two partners. Maybe that is the reason why the age difference rule is so demanding. Around the globe, there are certain social norms that often unspoken, here this rule for age gap exactly defines a boundary. But this rule does not map on what is socially acceptable. Sometimes it is hard and generally, it is very lenient for the couple. So if you are concerned with the age difference rule, you keep in mind that it may not be correct. Well, simply try the above age difference calculator to find the age gap between you and your partner.

Calculator-online provided you with a free day and date calculator that helps you to compute the date difference (number of days) or also business days between any two given dates.

Age Comparison Between Two Celebrities:

It would be interesting to know the age gap between the two celebrities. You can now easily figure out the difference of age between any two celebrities of cricket, hockey, basketball, tennis or any other sports players, billionaires, politicians, dancer, model, all you need to have an idea about their date of birth and then, simply add the values into the age gap calculator to obtain the exact comparison between two celebrities of your choice.

For example:

The age difference between the famous soccer player Lionel Messi and his wife Antonella Roccuzzo is 8 Months and 2 days.

Compare Your Age With Celebrity:

If you love a celebrity, you can easily compare your age with your favorite celebrity by using a year difference calculator.

How to Calculate The Age Difference With Age Gap Calculator:

Our age difference calculator performed calculations accurately and this tool is 100% free and efficient. Now, just follow the given steps to get precise measurments.

Read on!


  • First of all, you have to enter the birthday of the first person in the designated field
  • Then, add the birth date of the second person into the designated field
  • Finally, hit the calculate button to get the difference of age between two things


The age gap calculator will show you:

  • The age difference between the two persons in days months and years.
  • Tells which person in older and how much older than the other.
  • Also, calculate the exact age’s of both persons in years, months, and days

How to Figure Out Age Difference Manually (step by step):

These are the steps that help you to calculate age differences:

  • Firstly, write both dates below each other in (dd,mm,yyyy) format.
  • Then, subtract date from date.
  • Now, minus month from month.
  • Finally, do the same for the years.

Note: If the number which is to be subtracted is greater, then you have to borrow from others. You borrowed from month to days it gives 30 days. And if you borrowed from years to months then borrow 12 months to month.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ’S):

What is an acceptable age gap?

The gap we get from age divided by 2 plus 7 rule is a socially acceptable age gap. This totally depends on this rule to have a gap that is accepted socially.

Is a 11 years age difference is too much?

The age gap of more than 10 years in couples often has some problems.

Is age difference a big deal?

It is very common to have a relationship with one who is a few years elder or younger. But sometimes the age gap is not a big deal as sometimes maturity level matches when ages don’t.

What is a good age difference in relationship?

Scientists revealed that the perfect age gap for the couple is 1 year (probably an age gap of 1 to 3 years and the same age is also in this group). Breaking up the chance of this group is 3%. So, use our age difference calculator to find out the exact difference between age in your relationship.

How do I calculate age difference in excel?

  • First, opens the excel.
  • Next, you have to enter the birthday date of one person in a cell in mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • Then plug-in the birth date of second person in other cell.
  • Then write the formula =DATEDIF(XX,YY,difference).
  • XX part of this formula is the cell containing first birth date and YY containing second birthday date.
  • Hit the calculate the button.

Wrapping it Up:

Thankfully, you come to know about how to calculate the difference between age of two persons or aything and even the rule that depicts the acceptable age gap. Simply, account this free online age difference calculator to find the exact age gap between two individuals or anything else. The age difference finder will perform calculations within a fraction of seconds and provides you the precise outcomes!


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