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discount Calculator

Discount Calculator

The calculator determine the exact discounted price after a certain discount has been implemented on a specific product.

Please enter any 2 values to find others.

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The discount calculator calculates the product’s sales price and the discount percentage to evaluate the product’s final price and the savings amount. It means a reduction in the sales price of a product or a service.

Discount Formula

The formula is as follows, look at this

Discount = L – S / L * 100


  • D = Discount Percentage
  • L = List Price
  • S = Sale Price

How Do I Calculate Discount Percentage?

The discount calculator is designed to find both the percent off, and a fixed amount off. The calculator determines the sales price by considering the both original and discount price. To calculate discount percentage:

  • Get the difference between the original price and the discounted price.
  • Divide the difference by the original price.
  • Now, multiply the number by 100.
  • The resulting number is the discount percentage.

Using this method, you can find out the percentage increase or decrease between two numbers.

Example # 1:

Let’s suppose the list price of an item is  $150 and the sale price is $1000 what is the discount in terms of percentage:


Discount = L – S / L * 100

= 150 – 100 / 150 * 100

= 50 / 150 * 100

= 0.3333 * 100

 = 33.33%

Amount Saved = $150 – $50 = $50

Example # 2:

A product originally priced at $150 with a 30% discount would have a sale price of:

  • Original Price = $150
  • Discount = 30%


Sale price = Original price – (Discount/100) * Original price

Sale price = $150 – (30/100) * $150

Sale price = $150 – $45

Sale price = $105

Amount saved = $150 – $105 = 45

Additional Queries:

What is a Flat Discount?

A flat discount referred to as the final discount is provided by a seller on grand total, typically for the basic purpose of rounding off. In ERPNext (Enterprise Resource Planning), a flat discount is applied on both products along with the sales taxes.

What Are the Types of Discounts?

There are different types of discounts that the sales, marketing, and customer service offices typically use.

  • Trade Discount
  • Quantity Discount
  • Cash Discount
  • Seasonal discount
  • Buy 1, Get 1 Free or (2 for 1)

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