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What is tax?

Tax is a type of compulsory payment that has to be made by the taxpayer, means that the money which people have to pay to the government if they come under the category of taxpayer. This amount collectively gathered by taking tax is said to be used by the government for the people who work for the government. As it can be used to pay for the army and police personnel, or it is in the development of the country as in the building roads, bridges, etc. in other words it is the money that is demanded by the government to provide facilities to the people.

Types of Taxes

There are many types of taxes which people have to pay.

  • Corporate Taxes

Company based tax depending on how much a company earns.

  • Income Tax

Depending on how much money a person makes.

  • Sales Tax

It is the tax to be paid while buying anything. It is added to the total cost of the product you are buying. It is used as a mean to add in government’s revenue.

  • Property Tax

It is the tax to be paid by the person who owns a property like house or car.

  • Stamp Duty

This tax is to be paid when an individual official document gets approved.

  • Estate Tax

It is the tax which is to pay when one dies, and his/her property is transferred. In an easy word the tax imposed when the ownership of assets is changed after the death of the owner.

  • Excise tax

It is the quantity based tax; it means that it is imposed on the amount of something and not on its price. For example, the government imposes the excise tax of 100 rupees on every gallon of gas purchased.

Taxes are Grouped into:

Taxes are also broadly categorized into three groups, which are:

  • Flat Taxes

These are the taxes whose rate is same. Everybody has to pay the tax on the same rate.

  • Progressive Taxes

It is the tax depending on the income of someone like if one is making more money he has to pay more percentage of his income as tax. Person revenue and tax rate are directly proportional.

  • Regressive Taxes

In this, the income of the individual and the tax rate is inversely proportional. Like if a person is making less money, but he has to pay more tax rate or percentage of their income as tax as in sales tax for poor people.

Importance of Tax Payment

It is every individual moral and legal responsibility to pay government taxes. It is of your benefit as the government is using all this amount for your betterment. If everyone who is destined to pay tax pays the right amount of tax, then the poor people will also have some facilities which rich people enjoy. They can have an education when more schools built; they’ll have clean water to drink when money is being spent on sewerage system. Therefore, paying tax is very important for country’s development.

Using Tax Calculator

As paying taxes is every individual social and moral responsibility. The amount of tax is utilized in your country’s development. When you pay the tax you’ll have better-living facilities; you’ll have better schools, better roads, and much better salaries. There is a strong need to have a tool for calculation of estimated tax amount that is to be paid. So we have designed a tool best suited to your tax calculation requirements. Everyone wants to know the price he has to pay as tax, so use our tax calculator to get an estimate of the amount before time.

Not everyone is good in mathematics and calculations. No need to worry about your tax calculation. We tried to make your life easy and straightforward by taking you out of complex calculations. Just use our tax payment calculator to know the exact amount of tax you have to pay. Whether it is income tax, property tax or any other type of tax our tax calculator has no limitations of certain kinds. You can use it for any tax. It is simple to use that even a layperson can use it and calculate their payable tax amount.

It is better to know the tax amount you have to pay so that you can arrange that amount before time and at the date of payment you don’t have to arrange money from here and there. And this is only possible if you use our tax calculator. Otherwise, you’ll be unable to pay the specified tax and have to pay the penalty to the government. It is the governments right to get the tax from an individual. So better to calculate yourself the tax amount and pay the taxes on time.

No need to be an expert in mathematics and calculations. It doesn’t matter if you are not good in these subjects our tax calculator is for you people as you cannot have much time to spend in calculations. This tax calculator is specifically designed to save your time and allow you to do quick calculations of your tax payment. Every person having an internet access can calculate their tax amount whenever they want. This fantastic tool doesn’t require any multiple entries to calculate tax amount. Just enter the total amount, tax rate and our miracle tool will calculate tax for you.


We know you’ll come across a number on online tax payment calculators, but most of them which are useful and accurate are often paid ones. We guarantee you that you’ll never regret after using our tax calculator, it’ll never give you wrong figures if you have entered right amount and tax rate. You’ll be relaxed as you don’t have to make lengthy calculations. Your all calculation tasks related to taxes is done by our best free online tax calculator. So, relaxing in your home just go to and enter into tax calculator. Put in the required figures and you’ll get the resulting tax payable by you.