Tax Calculation


Every month the departmental stores and brands send you their product catalogues and the promotional offers. The prices you see often inspire you and you go for shopping but when you pay at the counter, they charge you the higher prices than they mentioned in the catalogues. When you inquire about this matter then they show you something amazing i.e. an asterisk mark with each price in the catalogue. The explanation of the asterisk tells that the prices are exclusive of taxes. Here you feel embarrassing that why you not paid any attention to this small symbol.

To avoid such feelings and embarrassment you must know how to calculate the tax and the price inclusive of tax. If you are not good in math then this calculation can be a tricky one for you. First of all you must be aware of the tax rate and then you should know the exact formula then you will be able to calculate the accurate amount of tax that you have to pay on the price of any product you buy.

Feel lucky today as you found this Tax calculator. Now forget the need to remember any formula and forget any calculation. Just enter the price and the tax rate, you will get the amount of tax you are going to pay or the tax you have paid while buying any product. This Tax Calculator can be very helpful in your routine life. You daily buy something so you may calculate and track how much tax you paid today. If you are a regular tax payer then this calculator is good as it may help you while filing tax return at the end of year and you may ask for tax refund as well if applicable. Start Calculating Tax using this Tax Calculator to know how much you have given to your country.