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Time Duration Calculator

Enter the start time and end time in the calculator and the tool will calculate the difference between the time intervals.

Time Duration
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The time duration calculator calculates the number of hours, minutes, and seconds between two-time intervals. Even you can calculate how much time has passed between the two dates with this time to time calculator.

How to Calculate Time Duration?

The time difference calculator calculates the final time in different zones and lets you know how many minutes and seconds are there in between two times or dates. However, if your goal comes up with the manual calculations, continue reading!

Steps To Calculate Time Difference:

The following are the steps involved to calculate the time difference between two time spans.

Dates Identification:

First, identify the starting and ending dates of various time intervals. The objective is to subtract the starting time interval from the ending time.

Time Format:

It is a little tricky to calculate time between two times. You need to compare and subtract the time relative to their AM or PM status in a 12-hour time format. Finding the time difference in the 24-hour time format is a little easy.

For example,

3:00 PM would be 15:00 in a 24-hour clock.

Look For Number of Minutes:

You should know that the number of minutes is larger at the starting or at the ending time. If the ending time has a larger number of minutes, then subtract the starting time from the ending time.

It is essential to calculate time difference by keeping the hour on the left and minutes on the right side. The minutes between two times intervals are subtracted first, after that you have to subtract the hours.

For example,

15: 30

- 9: 25


   6: 6

The Difference between the two times is 6 hours and 6 minutes. However, this time duration calculator also calculates the same time in 24 hour time format so you may understand different time zones easily.

Time Elapsed Calculations:

The term elapsed time is often used to define a short span of time like the time since the exam started or the time since a football match started. And this is where our time passed calculator instantly calculates the total short time between the starting and ending times.

Working of the Time Duration Calculator:

Our time length calculator requires a few inputs to perform instant time difference calculations. Let’s find out how it actually works!


  • Select the time duration option or the time between the dates
  • Select time format; 12 hours or 24 hours
  • Enter hours, minutes, and seconds in the start time
  • Enter hours, minutes, and seconds in the end time
  • Hit the calculate button


  • Time duration in hours, minutes, and seconds between two times and dates


How Long Will It Take?

If you are willing to know how long it will take to reach a certain destination, then you may enter the start and end ending times in this time duration calculator. It will let you know the hours between two times for a couple of destinations.


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