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gravel Calculator

Gravel Calculator

Select the area, parameter, and input the required values to calculate the amount and cost of gravel needed for the earthwork project through this tool.

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Our gravel calculator will let you know how much gravel in volume and weight you need to complete your earthwork project. Moreover, you can easily calculate the total cost needed for your project completion.

How Does This Gravel Calculator Tons Work?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to use this online gravel estimator:


  • First of all, choose the area that you need to fill with gravel material, it can either be rectangular or circular.
  • Now, you just have to put the values into the designated field of this online gravel calculator.
  • Hit the “Calculate” button


This gravel fill calculator estimates:

  • The volume needed for gravel.
  • The weight needed for gravel.

What is the Definition and Types of Gravel?

Gravel refers to small rounded stones mixed up with sand. These small rounded stones that are called gravel are used in earthwork projects. There are many types of gravel and all are listed down.

  • Bank Gravel
  • Bench Gravel
  • River Rock (Creek Rock)
  • Crushed Stone
  • Fine Gravel
  • Stone Dust
  • Lag Gravel
  • Pay Dirt
  • Pea Gravel
  • Piedmont Gravel
  • Plateau Gravel

How to Calculate the Volume of Gravel?

To calculate the volume needed, use the gravel cost calculator or follow the given steps:

  •  Measure the length & width of the area for which you are going for the construction.
  •  Find out the area of the surface from length & width. (A = L X W)
  •  Determine the depth of the surface.
  •  Find out the volume by multiplying the area and depth.
  •  The volume obtained is the volume needed for the gravel to complete the project.


A surface has \(18 ft\) long and \(21 ft\) wide with a depth of \(10 ft\). Then how much gravel do I need?


\(L = 18 ft\)
\(W = 21 ft\)
\(D = 10 ft\)
So, find the area by,
\(A = L \times W\)
\(A = 18 \times 21\)
\(A = 378 ft^2\)

Calculate the volume by using the formula:

\(V = A \times D\)
\(V = 378 \times 10\)
\(V = 3780 ft^3\)

How to Measure Gravel Weight Without Using a Rock Calculator?

To calculate the weight needed, using the formula:

\(Density = \frac {mass}{volume}
\(mass = Density \times volume\)


If the volume needed is \(3780 ft^3\) and the density is \(104.88 lb/ft^3\), then find the weight needed?



\(Density = 104.88 lb/ft^3\)
\(Volume = 3780 ft^3\)

\(mass = Density \times volume\)
\(mass = 104.88 \times 3780\)
\(mass = 396446.4 lbs (198.223 tons)\)


How Much Rock Do I Need?

Calculating rock needs:

Material Suggested Depth Coverage Area per 1 ton
3”-8” rock 3”-8” 60 square feet
1”-3” rock 1”-3” 80 square feet
3/4”-1” screened gravel 2” 100 square feet
5/8”-1/2” screened gravel 2” 120 square feet
1/4-3/8” screened gravel 2” 140 square feet

How Much is a Ton of Gravel?

The cost of gravel ranges from:

  • $10 to $50 per ton
  • $15 to $75 per yard
  • $1 to $3 per square foot
  • $1,350 per truck-load that depends on the type of material , volume, and travel distance


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