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Concrete Calculator

Concrete Calculator

Input the required dimensions and get to know the concrete material quantity and cost to purchase.

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The concrete calculator is developed for estimating and planning concrete-related projects including (slabs, walls, columns, footings, stairs, and curbs).

The calculator provides an accurate measurements, considering factors such as length, width, depth, and quantity. Also enter the price to calculate the total volume and cost of materials when you enter the price per cubic foot, price per cubic yard, or price per cubic meter.

What Is Concrete?

“The concrete is the special construction material that is prepared by composing of a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone”

When the water and cement mix, they form a paste that coats the surface of the aggregates and binds them together into a solid, durable mass.

Concrete Volume Formulas:

Let us take you through the formulas of the concrete volume required for constructing various structures.

Square Slab:

square slab

$$ Volume\left(ft^{3}\right) = Height * Length * Width $$

Circular Slab:

circular slab

$$ Area\left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \left(\frac{Diameter}{2}\right)^{2} $$
$$ Volume\left(ft^{3}\right) = Depth * Area $$



$$ Volume\left(ft^{3}\right) = Height * Length * Width $$

Square Column:

square slab

$$ Volume\left(ft^{3}\right) = Height * Length * Width $$

Circular Column:

circular slab

$$ Area\left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \left(\frac{Diameter}{2}\right)^{2} $$
$$ Volume\left(ft^{3}\right) = Height * Area $$



Keep in mind that:

  • From the ground to the top of each section, we calculate the volume of each separate section.
  • Each single section comprises of the platform and the step

$$ \text{Volume Under Platform} \left(ft^{3}\right) = Width * \text{Platform Depth} * \left(\text{Rise Height} * \text{No. Of Steps}\right) $$

Now ignoring the platform, we will only focus on the steps. In the picture above, we have four steps.

Now we have:

$$ \text{Volume Under Each Step}\left(ft^{3}\right) = \text{Run Depth} * Width * \left(\text{Rise Height} * \text{Step Number}\right) $$

$$ \text{Total Volume} \left(ft^{3}\right) = \text{Volume Under Platform} \left(ft^{3}\right) + \text{Volume Under Each Step} $$

Gutters and Curbs:

gutters and curbs

Here we will again determine the volume of the concrete from the bottom step to the top one. We have two sections here that are curb and gutter, respectively.

$$ \text{Volume Under Curb} \left(ft^{3}\right) = \text{Curb Depth} * Length * \left(\text{Curb Height} + \text{Flag Thick\ckness}\right) $$

$$ \text{Volume Under Gutter} \left(ft^{3}\right) = \text{Gutter Width} * Length * \text{Flag Thickness} $$

$$ \text{Total Volume} \left(ft^{3}\right) = \text{Volume Under Curb} \left(ft^{3}\right) + \text{Volume Under Gutter} \left(ft^{3}\right) $$

Types of Concrete:

Let us have a look of the following types of the concrete below along with their densities:

Type Density (kg/m³)
Ordinary 2400
Light Weight <1920
High Density 3000-4000
Reinforced 2500
Precast 2400
Prestressed 2330
Air-Entrained 2535
Glass 2620
Rapid Hardening 2250
Asphalt 1950
Lime 2080
Roller Contracted 2400

How To Calculate Concrete?

What about if we resolve an example here? Yes, we are going to do so that you understand what we are discussing exactly. Let us go!

Practical Example:

A contractor has started a project in which about 5000 concrete circular slabs are needed. The diameter of the slab is about 2ft and expected depth is about 5 inches. How to figure concrete required to make 5000 circular slabs?


$$ Area\left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \left(\frac{Diameter}{2}\right)^{2} $$

$$ Area\left(ft^{2}\right) = 3.14 * \left(\frac{2}{2}\right)^{2} $$

$$ Area\left(ft^{2}\right) = 3.14ft^{2} $$

$$ Volume\left(ft^{3}\right) = Depth * Area $$

$$ Volume\left(ft^{3}\right) = 5 * 3.14 $$

$$ Volume\left(ft^{3}\right) = 15.14ft^{3} $$