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Price Per Square Foot Calculator

Price Per Square Foot Calculator

Make your selection and input parameters accordingly to calculate price per square footage of a property through this calculator.

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This average price per square foot calculator will help you calculate the square footage price of the property you’re going to buy. You can also calculate the price of more than one property at once.

How Does the Price Per Square Foot Calculator Work?

Here’s how you can use this cost per square foot calculator.


  • From the first drop-down list, select whether you wish to calculate “price per square foot on purchase”, “price per square foot on rent”, or “lease price”
  • After you are done with your selection, go for entering all the necessary parameters in their respective boxes
  • At last, hit the calculate button


This free per square foot price calculator does the following calculations:

  • Calculate square footage price
  • Estimates the monthly and yearly lease amounts of the property

How Much is a Square Foot?

Basically, a square foot is the area of a square whose each side consists of length equal to 12 inches (1ft).

Square Footage Pricing:

While going to buy or rent any house, square footage cost is the elementary parameter to think about. Most of the real estate agents predict the price of the house by only working on this metric entity. It will make it quite easy for you to compare your property value with that of others.

Home Addition Costs By Square Footage:

Square feet added

Typical cost














If you make free use of the online square footage price calculator, you would no longer be in danger of paying more than enough for any house.

Home Addition Costs By Room Size:

When a room is added to the map of the house, you must think of plumbing and electricity costs along with construction. But with the assistance of this price per square foot calculator, we are successful in predicting the price range that you will have to bear while adding a room to your property. These include:

Room size

Typical cost










Room Addition Costs:


Typical cost
Master suite





Living/family room

Mother-in-law suite







How to Calculate Price Per Square Foot?

You can calculate the price with the help of a price per sq ft calculator or by using the below-mentioned formula:

For Purchasing Property:

Price Per Square Foot = Price / Floor Space (ft^2)

For Renting Property:

Rent Per Square Foot = Monthly Rent / Floor Space (ft^2)

The following formulas are also used by the online sqft price calculator to calculate the area of the land you are going to buy or rent.

Practical Example:

Reshael bought a house worth $500,000. If the square footage of the house is about 2340ft^2, how to calculate dollars per square foot?


Here we are going to calculate square feet price as follows:

Price Per Square Foot = Price / Floor Space (ft^2)

Price Per Square Foot = $500,000/ 2340 (ft^2)

Price Per Square Foot = $213.67

You can also verify the results by putting in the values in our price per foot calculator.


How Much Does it Cost to Add 1000 Square Feet to a House?

It will cost you approximately $80,000 to $200,000 if you plan to add a 1000 square feet room to your house. A better estimation could be obtained if you give a chance to our sq ft price calculator.

Do Larger Houses Cost Less Per Square Foot?

Yes of course! And if you are in a look of a greater land area to buy or rent, we suggest you better use this square foot price calculator. It will further assist you to estimate the price accordingly.


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