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Date Calculator

The tool will add or subtract years, months, weeks, and days to the given date.

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The date calculator helps you to add or subtract time from a date entered. Whether you want to add or subtract days, weeks, months, or years to an initial date, this date adder can certainly assist you with immediate results and greater ease of use.

Working of Calendar Date Calculator:

Our date to date calculator is loaded with simple user interface that allows you to enter the following inputs and get days from date with incredible ease:


Enter the start date or choose it from date calendar

  • Select if you want to add or subtract days
  • Enter years, months, weeks, or days to be added or subtracted
  • You may also add additional duration as time (hours, minutes, and seconds)
  • Once done, Tap Calculate


Our date counter provides the following results:

  • Addition or subtraction of days from date
  • Date after adding or subtracting days

Date Formats:

Our calendar calculator supports the following date formats:

United States:

  • mm/dd/yyyy


  • dd/mm/yyyy


  • yyyy-mm-dd

How To Add or Subtract Days From a Given Date?

If you want to know the date after N number of days and time or what was the exact date before certain days or time, then using our time and date calculator is the best choice to go by.

Example (Addition To Date):

Suppose you have a court hearing after 50 days but you do not know the exact date of hearing except only the number of days. To cope the situation, you may add 50 days from date (current) and get to know the exact date of hearing. Likewise, the date and time calculator also add days to dates for 50 days and calculate date of hearing. Both processes are same but using our tool saves you a lot of time with its instant outcomes.

Example (Date Subtraction From Given Date):

Let’s consider that you joined a company and after a tenure of about one month, you forgot the exact date of joining. Our date subtractor will readily figure it out. It tells you the exact time between dates and the date you stepped into the company.


When To Use Date Counter?

You may use the date time calculator for:

  • A medical examination or operation dates
  • To analyze shipping time frames
  • Official agreements


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