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Deadline Calculator

Get the exact deadline through this filing deadline calculator by just providing a certain number of days and a date.

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Calculate the deadlines in seconds by using this litigation deadline calculator and avoid missing important deadlines.

This tool is solely designed to help lawyers, legal, and paralegals so that they can meet all of their deadlines. Other users are also welcome to use it. Anyone can use it to calculate the deadline, even students can also utilize this handy tool to submit their assignments timely. 

Understanding Deadline:

A deadline is the date and time by which a task is due. It's the most vital factor in legal professions, where it's crucial to meet all the deadlines for serving legal documents, filling motions, and much more. It’s the basic key of professionalism to do all the tasks timely and meet the deadlines of all the assigned tasks. 

Deadline Formula:

Let's take a look at the following formulas to calculate the deadline!

Before deadline = Start date - Days

After deadline = Start date + Days

How Do I Calculate Deadlines in Federal Court?

Let's see the following steps to calculate the deadline manually!

  • First of all, determine the start date (the date of the trigger event of service or the hearing date for a motion).
  • Now count the days forward or backward to get the deadline before which you must take action. 
  • Add these two values in any of the above-mentioned deadline formulas as per your need before or after and perform the calculation. Keep in mind if the deadline is on a non-business day then add one more day to reach the business day. 

If you don't want to drag yourself into the manual calculations, then it's good to get the help of a legal calendar calculator. This will allow you to perform accurate calculations swiftly. 

Working of Legal Deadline Calculator:

Utilize our online court calendar calculator to figure out the deadline with ease by just providing a couple of inputs. Let's see how it works! 


  • Firstly, add the “date”, and period counted in “days”,” weeks”, “months”
  • Likewise, enter the “number of days/weeks/years” in the specified fields and choose “before” or “after”
  • Tap on the “calculate” button


  • Deadline Date 

When it comes to legal matters, there is great pressure upon the professionals for completing the assigned task in the given time duration. Forgetting a deadline can be a tragic loss for them. But with the help of a court deadline calculator legal, they can quickly calculate all the deadlines and mark their deadline calendar accordingly. 


How Do You Calculate Calendar Days For Court?

Go through the following steps to calculate the calendar days:

  • The court days are not the same as the general calendar days.
  • When you get a date of hearing then count backward.
  • The hearing day is considered as day zero. 

If the manual calculation seems difficult, then get the help of a free court calculator deadline to proceed with the flawless calculations. This tool will let you perform the calculations accurately in no time. 

What Are The Two Types of Deadlines?

There are two main types of deadlines:

Hard Deadline:

This type of deadline cannot be modified.

Soft Deadline:

This deadline can be modified. 

Why Is Deadline Important?

A deadline allows you to achieve a goal in a specific time interval and helps you to keep the projects on track. To calculate the deadline accurately, use an online legal date calculator. 

Is Timeline And Deadline The Same?

A timeline represents the set of events that have to happen in a sequence from start to end. On the other hand, a deadline is the set date before which an event should happen. 


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