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Working Days Calculator

Working Days Calculator

Quickly calculate the working days by just providing the start and end date to this simple working day calculator.

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Working Days

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Determine how many working days between two dates including or excluding the holidays by using this free working days calculator. 

Understanding Working Days:

As we know there are a total of seven days in a week but the working days are the days in which the banks, institutes, and other offices are operational and the employees have to work. 

Why It’s Important To Calculate Working Days?

In professional life, you may often have to line up the meetings and schedule everything efficiently, submit project proposals timely, etc, all of this requires knowing the number of working days between two dates in which you have to complete the work. By knowing that you will be able to plan and schedule all the tasks correctly and efficiently. 

Working Days Formula:

Let’s take a look at the following formula:

Excluded Weekends and Holidays:

Work days = total days – weekend days – holidays

Included Weekends and Holidays:

Work days = Working days + weekend days + holidays

How To Calculate The Number of Days Between Two Dates?

Go through the following steps to calculate the work days:

  • First of all, determine the start and end date of the work
  • Now count the total days from the start date to the end date
  • Determine the weekend days and holidays between these two dates
  • Now according to the formula subtract the weekend and holiday days from the total days
  • If you have to include weekends and holidays, then add the weekend days and holidays to the total days. 

If it seems a time-consuming task, then get the help of work days calculator as it will let you perform the whole calculation in a matter of seconds. This way, you will be able to manage the time duration efficiently and will complete the whole work timely.


Let’s suppose you have a start date of 10/09/2023 and an end date of 18/09/2023. Now how many working days between two dates, excluding the weekends?

Total Number of days = 8

Working Days = total days – weekend days – holidays

Working Days = 8 – 2 = 6 

Working of Working Days Calculator:

Instead of looking at the calendar, get the assistance of our free workday calculator and calculate the working days by just entering a couple of simple inputs. Let’s see how it works!


  • First of all, enter the “start date” and “end date” in the specified fields
  • Choose to include or exclude “weekends” and select include or exclude the “end date” 
  • Tap on the “calculate” button 


  • The total number of days 

Using working days calculator will save time and effort in performing the calculations. Meanwhile, it’s beneficial to get the assistance of an online tool. 


What Is The Difference Between a Workday And a Business Day?

Basically, business days are the days that are days in which the business such as stores, workshops, and offices, are operational. On the other hand, the working days are the days in which someone has to perform some planned tasks so that the whole work can be completed timely. For employees, the working days are from Monday to Friday.

What Are Calendar Days And Working Days?

Calendar days are the total days on the calendar that are 365 (366 if it is a leap year). In contrast, the working days are the days with or without the holidays on which you have to do some work. 

How Many Working Days in 4 Weeks?

Considering the five working days in each week, there will be 20 working days in the four weeks. You can easily know how many workdays between two dates with the help of a work day calculator. It will let you perform the calculation instantly and precisely. 


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