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kinetic energy Calculator

Kinetic Energy Calculator

Select your desired parameter and fetch the values. The tool will readily calculate the kinetic energy (linear or rotational) due to the motion of a certain mass and other related values.

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Kinetic Energy


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Kinetic Energy


Moment of Inertia


Angular Velocity


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The kinetic energy calculator with solution calculates the kinetic energy that is possessed due to the motion or movement of any object. 

Kinetic Energy (KE):

“The change in kinetic energy is possessed due to the motion or movement of any object.”

Therefore, it can be defined as the work required to move a body of a given mass from rest to its stated velocity.

Kinetic Energy Formula:

The kinetic energy formula describes the association between the mass of an object and its velocity. 

The kinetic energy equation is:

$$KE = \dfrac{1}{2}mv^2$$


  • m is repressing the mass of any object
  • v represents the velocity of the object.

The maximum Kinetic Energy Calculator utilizes the formula KE = (1/2)mv2, the KE equals one-half of the mass (m) times velocity squared (v2). 

Find M, Given KE and V:

  • Calculate “m” given Kinetic energy and “v”
  • Mass m equals 2 times kinetic energy divided by velocity squared v2
  • The kinetic and potential energy are interconvertible to each other 

$$m = \dfrac{2KE}{v^2}$$

Find V, Given KE and m:

  • Calculate “v” given Kinetic energy and “m”
  • Velocity v equals the square root of KE divided by one-half of the “m”
  • Initial and final Kinetic energy are different due to the position and velocity of an object
    $$v = \sqrt{\dfrac{KE}{\frac{1}{2}m}}$$

How to Calculate Rotational Kinetic Energy?

The formula for the rotational KE is as follows:


Enter the Moment of “Inertia” and “Angular Velocity” in the rotational kinetic energy calculator to calculate the KE of rational objects.


Find the KE of the mass of 23 kg and velocity of 23 meters per second. Then what is the Kinetic energy of the object?


Mass = 23 kg
velocity = 23 meters per second
Kinetic energy =?

K.E = 1/2*m*v2
K.E= 1/2*23*23^2
K.E= 6083.5 joule


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