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Joules Calculator

Add the mass and velocity and calculate the kinetic energy in joules through this calculator.

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Our Joules calculator enables users to calculate the kinetic energy of an object instantly in joules. This calculator requires the user to just add the value of the mass and velocity to perform the rest calculation and provides the users with the correct output instantly. 

What is Joule?

Joule is the standard SI unit of energy and is most commonly used for Kinetic energy. Joule is represented by the “J” symbol. 

Kinetic Energy:

This is the type of energy that an object possesses when it moves from one place to the other. Meanwhile, it is defined as the work that is done to move a body of specific mass from its rest state to the defined velocity. 

Joule Formula:

The below-mentioned equation for joules is used to calculate the kinetic energy in joules that a moving object possesses: K = 1/2mv^2

  • Here K represents the kinetic energy in joules.
  • The symbol “M” is the mass of the object in Kg.
  • Symbol “V” shows the velocity(m/s).

How to Calculate Joules?

Let's see the flowing easy and simple steps:

  • Measure the mass of the object in Kg.
  • Now find out the velocity of the object.
  • As the above-listed joules formula shows, multiply the square of the velocity by the mass of the object and divide it by two or multiply it by 0.5 to calculate the joules. 

But if you don't like to perform manual calculations, then you can simply get the help of an online joules calculator for calculating kinetic energy in joules precisely. 


Suppose that an object P has a mass of 15 Kg and moves with a velocity of 10. Now how to find joules?  


Given that:

M = 10 kg

V = 10 m/s

K = (1 / 2)mv^2

K = 12(15)(10)^2

K= 12 (1500) = 750

Joules Rather than dragging yourself in this calculation, you can access a free energy calculator joules to perform the calculation in a couple of clicks. It will make your work easier. 

Working of Joules Calculator?

Our online calculator provides a truly straight forward-way to calculate joules swiftly. Let's see how:


  • Enter the value of the “Mass” and “Velocity” in the designated fields of the joule calculator. 
  • Choose the correct “units”.
  • Tap on the “calculate” button. 


  • Energy in joules. 
  • Step-by-step whole calculation. 


What is a Joule Used to Measure?

Joule is the unit of energy that scientists used to calculate the work done by the force of one Newton for moving an object one meter away in the direction of the force. 

How many Joules is a Gunshot?

It depends upon the weight, caliber and muzzle velocity. However, it can be anywhere between 105 to 20,000 joules. 

How Much Work is 1 Joule?

This is basically the amount of work done that a force of one Newton has performed to move a body one meter in the direction of the applied force. Work = W = Fxd = Fx1 = F.


From the source of Joules of Kinetic Energy. How to calculate Joules? From the source of Wikipedia: Joule Definition, Practical Examples, Conversions.   

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