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Volts To Joules Calculator

Enter the volts and Coulombs in the tool and the calculator will find the volts to joules conversion

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Enter the number of volts and total charge in coulombs in the volts to joules calculator to find the number of joules. The online calculator will also convert the other variable of the voltage and charge.

Volts to Joules Conversion:

Volts are the measure of the voltage while coulombs are the measure of the electric charge. On the other hand, the joule is the unit of energy in a system. You can convert volts to joules by multiplying the number of volts with the charge in the circuit. 

The Formula for Voltage to Joules Conversion:

The formula for volts to joules conversion is:

Joules=Volts ∗ Coulombs

Now if volts are missing the volts to joules conversion equation. Then 

Volts=  Joules/Coulombs

The value of Coulombs is equal to:

Coulombs = Joules/Volts

You can convert volts to joules, and joules to volts precisely with the volts to joules calculator. 

The Volts to Joules Conversion Table:

The volts vs. joules conversion is given: 

Joules Volts
1 0.2
75 15
100 20
150 30
200 40
225 45
300 60
360 72
375 75
450 90
525 105
600 120
675 135
750 150
825 165

Working of Volts to Joules Calculator:

The volts to joules conversion is not difficult while using the online tool. Let’s see how!


  • Choose the option and enter the relative values
  • Tap calculate 


  • Volts, Joules or Coulombs


How Many Volts Are in a Joule?

The one joule is equal to  1 J = 6.242×1018 V

How Many Joules in a Volt?

The one volt is equal to:  1eV = 1.602×10-19 J


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