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Distance Calculator

Distance Calculator

Enter the latitude and longitude angles of two locations and the calculator will calculate the driving distance between them.


Point 1

Latitude 1:

Longitude 1:

Point 2

Latitude 2:

Longitude 2:

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An online distance calculator is exclusively programmed to calculate the distance between two places with the help of longitudinal and latitude angles, respectively. But before that, you need to know various terms related to distance.

Read on!

What Is Distance?

In the context or geography:

“The length, space or numeric description between any two points, lines or in easy words range that tells us how far two objects, points or lines are from each other is called distance.”


Units of Distance:

The SI unit of distance is meter(m). You can calculate distance in different units which are as follows:

  • Centimeters which is 1/100 of a meter.
  • Thou or mil unit which is 1/1000 of an inch.
  • Line unit which is 1/12 of an inch.
  • Inch unit which is equal to 2.45 cm.
  • Foot unit which is equal to 12 inches.
  • Mile unit which is equal to 5280 feet.
  • League unit which is equal to 3 miles.

Haversine Formula:

Now, you do not need to be worried about a particular destination that how far is it from here. There is an equation known as Haversine Formula that is used to calculate distances between places on a great sphere most accurately.

$$ a = (sin(\frac{dlat}{2}))^2 + cos(lat1) * cos(lat2) * (sin(\frac{dlon}{2}))^2 $$

Now, you need to determine the value of c as follows:

$$ c = 2 * tan2(\sqrt(a), \sqrt{\left(1 – a\right)}) $$

After doing so, you can calculate distance with the help of following equation below:

$$ d = R * c $$


R = Radius of the Earth

R = 6,371km
R = 3960.62miles

Our free online distance finder also uses the same formula to calculate the distance between places upto most accuracy.

How To Calculate Distance?

Let us guide you properly how you can find distances between places that are far from each other.

Step # 01:

Convert the longitudinal and latitude angles in radians as follows:

$$ Radians = Degrees * \frac{π}{180} $$

Step # 02:

Calculate the difference between longitudinal and latitude angles with the help of the following equations:

$$ dlon = lon2 – lon1 $$

$$ dlat = lat2 – lat1 $$

Step # 03:

After doing so, input all values in the haversine formula as follows:

$$ a = (sin(\frac{dlat}{2}))^2 + cos(lat1) * cos(lat2) * (sin(\frac{dlon}{2}))^2 $$

Step # 04:

Determine the value of c below:

$$ c = 2 * tan2(\sqrt(a), \sqrt{\left(1 – a\right)}) $$

Step # 05:

Finally, calculate the distance by using following formula:

$$ d = R * c $$

This is how you can calculate distance between places. Also, you can use our free online driving distance calculator to determine accurate results.

How Distance Calculator Works?

Our road distance calculator is user-friendly; you don’t have to spend much of your time for converting values from one unit to another. Let us guide you what to do!


First of all, select any one of the following set of parameters you wish to calculate distance with:

(1) Decimal
(2) Degree-Minute-Second

If you select Decimal:

  • Write down latitude and longitudinal angles for first point
  • Repeat the same process for second point.
  • Hit the ’calculate’ button.

If you select Degree-Minute-Second:

  • Write down the degrees, minutes, and seconds latitude angle of first point along with its direction.
  • After this, select the direction of longitudinal angle of the first point and write down its degree, minute, and seconds as well.
  • Repeat the same process for latitude and longitudinal angles of the second point.
  • Click ‘calculate’.


The free distance travel calculator calculates:

  • Accurate distances between places in the units of miles and kilometers.
  • If you selected the second option, our calculator also shows degrees, minutes, and seconds against the median as well.


What do you mean by displacement?

The shortest path between two points is termed displacement.

What are some standard units of measurement?

In System International(SI), there are seven basic units which are as follows:

Unit Symbol
Meter  m
Kilogram kg
second s
Kelvin K
Ampere  A
Mole  mol
Candela  cd


What is air distance?

The distance measured through the mass of air through which an aircraft passes is called air distance. You can use a free online air distance calculator to find this distance as it is the increase in the height above the earth’s surface.

How can I calculate distance from my location?

If you want to adopt manual calculations, you may be subject to the use of haversine formula. But the most accurate and instant method is to use an online distance checker for free.


The distance can be considered as the most crucial term in the field of geography. An online distance calculator is very beneficial for students and for those who are working in a field where there is a need of unit’s conversions. Also, during the navigation process, air traffic controllers make a broad use of flight distance calculator to estimate the distance upto destination.


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