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Draw Length Calculator

Draw Length Calculator

Enter the arm span in Inches in the online tool and the calculator will find the draw length

Enter Wingspan In Inches:


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Precisely measure the draw length for shooting a bow with our draw length calculator relative to the arm span.

What is Draw Length?

It is the distance from the nock point of the throat to the grip of the bow +1.75”. 

The draw length is the pull-in inches from the apex of the string to the throat of the grip.  

For accurate estimation relative to wingspan need to use the draw length calculator.

Why Measure Draw Length?

Proper shooting form and good accuracy depend on having a bow that fits. When it comes to finding the right fit, one of the most important measurements is draw length.

There are the following purposes for measuring draw length:

  • Shooting an arrow of the correct draw length helps maximize your potential as an archer because it gives you the best shot at proper form
  • Draw length is an archery term used to measure the number of inches an archer can effectively pull a bow. 
  • Measuring draw length is essential to choose a proper fit for the bow. When choosing the right bow, draw length is one of the most important measurements. 

How to Measure Draw Length for Compound Bow?

Measuring draw length is easy and requires only three steps:

  • Step 1:Measure the Wingspan:
  • Step 2: Calculate Base Draw Length
  • Step 3: Round Down to Nearest Half-Inch

Formula to Measure Draw Length:

The formula for calculating the bow length is:

DL = WS/2.5


DL = Draw length in Inches

WS = Wingspan in Inches

To measure draw length of the bow add + 1.75″

DL for Bow = [WS/2.5]+ 1.75″

Practical Example:

Suppose the Wingspan of the archer is 40 Inches, then how to measure draw length on a compound bow?


WS = 50 Inches

DL =?


The draw length by height formula is:

DL = WS/2.5

DL = 40/2.5

DL = 16 Inches 

DL in centimeter = 40.64 cm

DL of Bow = 16 + 1.75”

DL of Bow = 17.5Inches

DL of Bow in centimeters = 44.45cm

For making your target more precise and accurate the arrow length calculator is a good option to know the draw length.

Bow Draw Length Chart:

The draw length chart for the archers is given by:

Wingspan (inches) Archery Draw Length (inches) Bow Length (inches)
60 24 25.5
65 26 27.5
70 28 29.5
75 30 31.5
80 32 33.5

You can check all the measurements given in the table with our efficient bow size calculator.

Working of Draw Length Calculator:

To measure draw length accurately use our bow size calculator.

Let’s see how!


  • Enter the arm span
  • Tap Calculate


  • Draw length in inches and cm
  • Arrow length in Inches and cm


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