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Square Footage Calculator

Square Footage Calculator

Select the room/s and its shape. The calculator will calculate the square footage present in it.


One or Multiple Rooms:

Polygon Calculator







Inner Length


Inner Width


Border Width


Side (a) Length


Side (b) Length


Side (c) Length


Height h=












Angle °:

Inner Diameter:


Outer Diameter:


No of sides:

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An online square footage calculator is specifically designed to calculate square feet of any land area (property) accurately. Not only this, but you can also estimate the total cost of the property depending upon the price of each square foot by using this square foot calculator.

Let us first understand what this term actually defines and then how sq ft calculator helps you to calculate it exactly.

Let’s go through it!

What Is A Square Foot?

“A square foot is basically a standard area unit that is used to represent the area occupied by a certain boundary”

This unit is mainly used for area measurement in the United States and partially in all other countries of the world.

square footage

Important Conversions:

1 Square Foot Conversion To Other Units of Area:

Below are some important conversions that are co-related to the square footage and can be calculated by using a free square feet calculator. These include:

$$ 1 \text{Square Foot} = 0.000022956341 acres \left(ac\right) $$

$$ 1 \text{Square Foot} = 0.000009290304 hectare \left(ha\right) $$

$$ 1 \text{Square Foot} = 0.09290304 square meters \left(m^{2}\right) $$

$$ 1 \text{Square Foot} = 144.0000002229 square inches \left(in^{2}\right) $$

$$ 1 \text{Square Foot} = 0.111111106982 square yards \left(yd^{2}\right) $$

$$ 1 \text{Square Foot} = 929.0304014422 square centimeters \left(cm^{2}\right) $$

$$ 1 \text{Square Foot} = 9.290304 square decimeters \left(dm^{2}\right) $$

$$ 1 \text{Square Foot} = 0.00000009290304 square kilometers \left(km^{2}\right) $$

$$ 1 \text{Square Foot} = 144003673094580 square microinches \left(µin^{2}\right) $$

$$ 1 \text{Square Foot} = 92903040000 square micrometers \left(μm^{2}\right) $$

$$ 1 \text{Square Foot} = 0.0000000358701 square miles \left(mi^{2}\right) $$

$$ 1 \text{Square Foot} = 92903.04 square millimeters \left(mm^{2}\right) $$

Well, these conversions may seem a horrible task. That is why use our free square foot calculator to perform these calculations swiftly and accurately.

Convert All Measurements To Feet:

While measuring the property area, you should keep one thing in mind that all measurements should be converted to square foot. In case you find it difficult to do that, try using a free online sqft calculator. But also, keep in mind that:

  • If you measure the land area in inches or feet, simply divide the inches by 12 and add the answer to the number of feet to convert inches to square feet.
  • If you measure land area in yards, multiply the answer by the number 3 and that is your final calculation
  • In case you are using centimeters as unit of your calculation, convert into square foot calculation by multiplying with 0.03281
  • If you do measurements with a meter tape, you can convert your results to square foot by getting product of answer and 3.281

Also, you can make use of our free conversion calculator if you want to do conversions before you actually measure the property area.

Conversions Among Various Area Units:

It is very important for a real-state agent to have a proper knowledge of property area calculations. Not only this, but it is essential too to know related area units conversions. For instance, let us define some of them for you:

Square Feet To Square Yards:

Multiply \(ft^{2}\) by 0.11111 to obtain \(yd^{2}\)

Square Feet To Square Meters:

Multiply \(ft^{2}\) by 0.092903 to obtain \(m^{2}\)

Square Yards To Square Feet:

Multiply \(yd^{2}\) by 9 to obtain \(ft^{2}\)

Square Yards To Square Meters:

Multiply \(yd^{2}\) by 0.836127 to obtain \(m^{2}\)

Square Meters To Square Feet:

Multiply \(m^{2}\) by 10.7639 to obtain \(ft^{2}\)

Square Meters To Square Yards:

Multiply \(m^{2}\) by 1.19599 to obtain \(yd^{2}\)

The free square footage calculator does these conversions automatically for you in a fragment of seconds to reduce time of calculations.

Square Feet Formulas: (Using Measurements In Square Foot)


square area

$$ Area\left(ft^{2}\right) = \text{Side Length} * \text{Side Length} $$


rectangle area

$$ Area\left(ft^{2}\right) = Length * Width $$

Rectangular Border:

rectangle border area

$$ \text{Inner Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = Length * Width $$

$$ \text{Total Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = \left(Length + \left(2 * \text{Border Width}\right)\right) $$

$$ Area\left(ft^{2}\right) = \text{Total Area} – \text{Inner Area} $$


trapezoidal area
$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \left(\frac{\left(a + b\right)}{2}\right) * h $$


parallelogram square area
$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = Base * Height $$


triangle square area
$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \left(\frac{1}{4}\right) * \sqrt{\left(a + b + c\right) * \left(b + c – a\right) * \left(c + a – b\right) * \left(a + b – c\right)} $$

Or even:

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \frac{1}{2} * b * h $$ (When base and height of the triangular area is involved)


circle square area

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \left(\frac{Diameter}{2}\right) ^ {2} $$


ellipse square area

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \text{Major Axis} * \text{Minor Axis} $$


sector square area

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \text{Area Of Sector} = \frac{\alpha * r^{2}}{2} $$


hexagon square area

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \frac{3\sqrt{3}}{2} * a^{2} $$


octagon square area

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = 2 * \left(1 + \sqrt{2}\right) * a^{2} $$


annulus square area
$$ \text{Outer Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \left(\frac{\text{Outer Diameter}}{2}\right) ^ {2} $$

$$ \text{Inner Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \left(\frac{\text{Inner Diameter}}{2}\right) ^ {2} $$

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \text{Outer Area} – \text{Inner Area} $$

Circle Border:

circle border square area
$$ \text{Outer Diameter} = \text{Inner Diameter} + \left(2 * \left(\text{Border Width}\right) $$

$$ \text{Outer Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \left(\frac{\text{Outer Diameter}}{2}\right) ^ {2} $$

$$ \text{Inner Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \left(\frac{\text{Inner Diameter}}{2}\right) ^ {2} $$

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \text{Outer Area} – \text{Inner Area} $$

Square Footage Pricing:

Determining the price of the area is very useful if you are interested in purchasing a particular piece of land. Follow the equation below to estimate the price of per square foot:

$$ \text{Price Per Square Foot} = \frac{\text{Total Price of House}}{\text{Total Area In Square Feet}} $$

But if you are dealing with a property having difficult dimensions, allow our square foot calculator to do these calculations for you.

How To Calculate Square Feet?

One of the efficient methods to measure square feet is using a free square footage calculator. But you must also know how to figure out square footage by hand. Let us find how!

Example # 01:

How to measure square feet of a room having dimensions of 12 * 4?



$$ Length = 12ft \hspace{0.25in} and \hspace{0.25in} Width = 4ft $$

Calculating square footage by using formula below:

$$ Area\left(ft^{2}\right) = Length * Width $$

$$ Area\left(ft^{2}\right) = 12ft * 4ft $$

$$ Area\left(ft^{2}\right) = 48ft^{2} $$

Example # 02:

How to calculate square footage of a triangular shop having measurements as 4yd * 3yd * 2yd?


Here we have:

$$ \text{Side A} = 4yd; \hspace{0.25in} \text{Side B} = 3yd; \hspace{0.25in} \text{Side C} = 2yd $$

As all these measurements are in yards, we need to convert them to square feet by following the equation below:

$$ \text{Side A} = 4yd * 9; \hspace{0.25in} \text{Side B} = 3yd * 9; \hspace{0.25in} \text{Side C} = 2yd * 9 $$

$$ \text{Side A} = 36ft; \hspace{0.25in} \text{Side B} = 27ft; \hspace{0.25in} \text{Side C} = 18ft $$

Now to sqft calculate, you can simply fetch the above values in sq foot calculator to get swift outputs. But let us do the manual steps for a better understanding:

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \left(\frac{1}{4}\right) * \sqrt{\left(a + b + c\right) * \left(b + c – a\right) * \left(c + a – b\right) * \left(a + b – c\right)} $$

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \left(\frac{1}{4}\right) * \sqrt{\left(36 + 27 + 18\right) * \left(27 + 18 – 36\right) * \left(18 + 36 – 27\right) * \left(36 + 27 – 18\right)} $$

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \left(\frac{1}{4}\right) * \sqrt{81 * 9 * 27 * 45} $$

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \left(\frac{1}{4}\right) * \sqrt{885735} $$

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \frac{941.134}{4} $$

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = 235.284 ft^{2} $$

Which is our required answer.

Except for these time consuming calculations, we refer to our free online room square footage calculator.

Example # 03:

How to find square feet of a house having a circular area with diameter of measure 4ft?


As we know that:

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \left(\frac{Diameter}{2}\right) ^ {2} $$

Calculating square feet by fetching values in the above formula:

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = 3.14 * \left(\frac{4}{2}\right) ^ {2} $$

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = 3.14 * 2 ^ {2} $$

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = 3.14 * 4 $$

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = 12.56 ft^{2} $$

Our square footage calculator takes a couple of seconds to calculate these results. Is it not a good thing for you? Yes, it is!

Example # 04:

Suppose you are interested in buying a property that is similar in area to that of an annulus. How to figure square feet if you measure the length of the diameter as 42ft and 31ft, respectively.


Here we have:

$$ \text{Outer Diameter} = 42ft $$

$$ \text{Inner Diameter} = 31ft $$

Before we move on, let us make it clear that if you put these values to our free square footage calculator, it will automatically do calculations and display answers on your device screen. For those who are interested in manual calculations, this one’s for you.

$$ \text{Outer Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \left(\frac{\text{Outer Diameter}}{2}\right) ^ {2} $$

$$ \text{Outer Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = 3.14 * \left(\frac{42}{2}\right) ^ {2} $$

$$ \text{Outer Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = 3.14 * \left(21\right) ^ {2} $$

$$ \text{Outer Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = 3.14 * 441 $$

$$ \text{Outer Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = 1384.74ft^{2} $$

Now we have:

$$ \text{Inner Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \left(\frac{\text{Inner Diameter}}{2}\right) ^ {2} $$

$$ \text{Inner Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = 3.14 * \left(\frac{31}{2}\right) ^ {2} $$

$$ \text{Inner Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = 3.14 * \left(15.5\right) ^ {2} $$

$$ \text{Inner Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = 3.14 * 240.25 $$

$$ \text{Inner Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = 753.385ft^{2} $$

Finally, the answer to how many square feet are there is as below:

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \text{Outer Area} – \text{Inner Area} $$

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = 1384.74ft^{2} – 753.385ft^{2} $$

$$ Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = 631.355ft^{2} $$

How Square Footage Calculator Works?

This free square ft calculator takes a couple of clicks to calculate square feet of any property under consideration. Let us find how it actually works!


  • You can either calculate square footage area of either “single room/area” or “multiple rooms/area”
  • After you make a selection, write down the parameters corresponding to the selected area
  • Tap the calculate button


The free online square foot calculator determines:

  • Measurement of the property in terms of square yards
  • Measurement of the property in terms of square meters
  • Measurement of the property in terms of square feet
  • Measurement of the property in terms of square meters
  • Measurement of the property in terms of Acres
  • Cost per square foot in USD($)


How many square feet is a 12 * 12 room?

Here 12 * 12 indicates the dimensions of the room. And the total area of the room in square feet is about \(144ft^{2}\) that could also be determined using a free square footage calculator.

What is the difference when it comes to feet to square feet?

A foot is a unit of length that specifies one direction only and measures the length of anything. Whereas, a square feet is a unit of area measurement in two dimensions and represents the area of a given region or land area. The free online square footage calculator helps you to estimate how to get square feet of any property instantly and precisely.

What is the exact meaning of 1 square feet?

1 square foot shows the area of a squared room that has length and width of 1 foot in measure.

How long is a square foot?

Basically, a square foot comprises the square of the side that is about 12 inches (30.5cm).

How big is a 450 square foot apartment?

It is a medium-sized apartment, having a space vacant for a garage holding capacity to park two cars. It is not big enough, but enough for a small family. In case you are looking for a bigger apartment, try using a free square foot calculator for a better measure of the apartment area before you make a purchase.


Knowing the square foot of any property gives you an idea of what is the best property to purchase within your budget. Also, it must be kept in mind that the house with finest finishes has a more accurate measure of the square foot. That is why whenever you think of purchasing a land, make use of the free square footage calculator to get know how big the house is and what would be the expected payment to buy it.


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