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Square Footage Calculator

Square Footage Calculator

Select the room/s and its shape. The calculator will calculate the square footage present in it.

One room/area
Multiple rooms/area







Inner Length


Inner Width


Border Width


Side (a) Length


Side (b) Length


Side (c) Length


Height h=












Angle °

Inner Diameter


Outer Diameter


No of sides

Unit Price (optional)


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The square footage calculator helps to find the square footage of a property. Get land are in other related units like square yardage, square inches, and acres. Not only this, but you can also estimate the total cost of the property depending upon the price of each square foot by using this square foot calculator.

Square Feet Formulas:


\(Area\left(ft^{2}\right) = \text{Side Length} * \text{Side Length}\)


\(Area\left(ft^{2}\right) = Length * Width\)

Rectangular Border:

\(\text{Inner Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = Length * Width\)

\(\text{Total Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = \left(Length + \left(2 * \text{Border Width}\right)\right)\)

\(Area\left(ft^{2}\right) = \text{Total Area} – \text{Inner Area}\)


\(Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \left(\frac{\left(a + b\right)}{2}\right) * h\)


\(Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = Base * Height\)


\(Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \left(\frac{1}{4}\right) * \sqrt{\left(a + b + c\right) * \left(b + c – a\right) * \left(c + a – b\right) * \left(a + b – c\right)}\)

Or even:

\(Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \frac{1}{2} * b * h \((When base and height of the triangular area is involved)


\(Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \left(\frac{Diameter}{2}\right) ^ {2}\)


\(Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \text{Major Axis} * \text{Minor Axis}\)


\(Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \text{Area Of Sector} = \frac{\alpha * r^{2}}{2}\)


\(Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \frac{3\sqrt{3}}{2} * a^{2}\)


\(Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = 2 * \left(1 + \sqrt{2}\right) * a^{2}\)


\(\text{Outer Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \left(\frac{\text{Outer Diameter}}{2}\right) ^ {2}\)

\(\text{Inner Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \left(\frac{\text{Inner Diameter}}{2}\right) ^ {2}\)

\(Area \left(ft^{2}\right) = \text{Outer Area} – \text{Inner Area}\)

Circle Border:

\(\text{Outer Diameter} = \text{Inner Diameter} + \left(2 * \left(\text{Border Width}\right)\)

\(\text{Outer Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \left(\frac{\text{Outer Diameter}}{2}\right) ^ {2}\)

\(\text{Inner Area} \left(ft^{2}\right) = \pi * \left(\frac{\text{Inner Diameter}}{2}\right) ^ {2}\)

\(Area \left(ft^{2}\right)= \text{Outer Area} – \text{Inner Area}\)

How To Calculate Square Feet?

One of the efficient methods to measure square feet is using a free square footage calculator. But you must also know how to figure out square footage by hand. Let us find how!

Example # 01:

How to measure square feet of a room having dimensions of 12 * 4?



\(Length = 12ft \hspace{0.25in} and \hspace{0.25in} Width = 4ft\)

Calculating square footage by using formula below:

\(Area\left(ft^{2}\right) = Length * Width\)

\(Area\left(ft^{2}\right) = 12ft * 4ft\)

\(Area\left(ft^{2}\right) = 48ft^{2}\)

Square Footage Pricing:

Determining the price of the area is very useful if you are interested in purchasing a particular piece of land or constructing a roof. Follow the equation below to estimate the price of per square foot:
\(\text{Price Per Square Foot} = \frac{\text{Total Price of House}}{\text{Total Area In Square Feet}}\)

Working of Square Footage Calculator:

This free square ft calculator takes a couple of clicks to calculate square feet of any property under consideration. Let us find how it actually works!


  • You can either calculate square footage area of either “single room/area” or “multiple rooms/area”
  • After you make a selection, write down the parameters corresponding to the selected area
  • Tap Calculate


  • Measurement of the property in terms of square yards, square meters, square feet, square inches, and acres
  • Cost per square foot


How Many Square Feet Is a 12 * 12 Room?

Here 12 * 12 indicates the dimensions of the room. And the total area of the room in square feet is about \(144ft^{2}\) that could also be determined using a free square footage calculator.

Conversions Among Various Area Units:

Square Feet To Square Yards Multiply ft^2 by 0.11111 to obtain yd^2
Square Feet To Square Meters Multiply ft^2 by 0.092903 to obtain m^2
Square Yards To Square Feet Multiply yd^2 by 9 to obtain ft^2
Square Yards To Square Meters Multiply yd^2 by 0.836127 to obtain m^2
Square Meters To Square Feet Multiply m^2 by 10.7639 to obtain ft^2
Square Meters To Square Yards Multiply m^2 by 1.19599 to obtain yd^2

The free square footage calculator does these conversions automatically for you in a fragment of seconds to reduce time of calculations.

Square Footage Conversions:

Square Footage Other Unit Conversion
1 square foot (ft²) 0.000022956341 acres (ac)
1 square foot (ft²) 0.000009290304 hectare (ha)
1 square foot (ft²) 0.09290304 square meters (m²)
1 square foot (ft²) 144.0000002229 square inches (in²)
1 square foot (ft²) 0.111111106982 square yards (yd²)
1 square foot (ft²) 929.0304014422 square centimeters (cm²)
1 square foot (ft²) 9.290304 square decimeters (dm²)
1 square foot (ft²) 0.00000009290304 square kilometers (km²)
1 square foot (ft²) 144003673094580 square microinches (µin²)
1 square foot (ft²) 92903040000 square micrometers (μm²)
1 square foot (ft²) 0.0000000358701 square miles (mi²)
1 square foot (ft²) 92903.04 square millimeters (mm²)(ac)

Well, these conversions may seem a difficult task. That is why use our free square foot calculator to perform these calculations swiftly and accurately.


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