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Lawn Mowing Cost Calculator

Lawn Mowing Cost Calculator

Enter the per unit area price of mowing cost and the area of lawn in the lawn mowing cost calculator and the tool will find the mowing cost.


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Hours of Work

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The lawn mowing cost calculator computes the total cost of mowing the garden on the basis of the given rate. You can also be able to estimate the mower efficiency and mowing time with the lawn care pricing calculator.

How to Calculate the Mowing Price?

On average, the home honors pay around $40 and $60 per month for regular maintenance on their lawns. Normally a typical property, usually requires two to three hours per week of cutting time and 6 hours per week for leaf blowing time.


Find the Mowing price for a ground of 10 Km^2, if the mowing price is $100 per Km^2. 


\(text{ Mowing price } = 100 \text{ km²}\)

\(text{ Area to mow } = 10 \text{ km²}\)


The lawn mowing pricing formula is:

\(text{Total costs } = \text{ Mowing price } \times \text{Area to mow}\)

Enter the values in lawn mowing estimated values.

\(text{Total costs } = 100 \times 10\)

The total cost of lawn mowing

Total costs = $1000

By using the lawn mowing cost calculator, you can calculate the cost of shaping your garden or lawn.

How to Find Mower’s Efficiency and Time?

The mower speed and the efficiency of the mower equipment do matter when you are calculating the mowing cost. The lawn mowing estimate of cost can be determined by the landscaping cost calculator and make your estimation more realistic.


The mower speed is 1Km^2 per hour, Mower width is 6 cm. Suppose the Mower efficiency is 100%. The find the mower efficiency and mowing time?


\(text{Mower speed = 1 km/h}\)

\(text{Mower width = 6.0E-5 km }\)

\(text{Error margin = 100 % }\)

\(text{Area to mow = 1000000 km² }\)


The Efficiency of the Mower:

\(text{ Hours} =  \text{Mower speed} \times \text{ Mower width } \times \text{ Error margin }\)

\(text{ Hours = } 1 \times 6.0E-5 \times  \dfrac{100}{100}\)

\(text{ Hours = } 6.0E-5 \times 1\)

\(text{ Hours  } = 6.0E-5 \text{ km² per hour}\)

The free lawn care estimate calculator assists to find the appropriate size and time of mower.

The Time of the Mower:

\(text{ Mowing time   } = \dfrac{\text{ Area to mow}} { \text{ mowing efficiency }}\)

\(text{ Mowing time  = } \dfrac{\text{ 1000000}} { \text{ 6.0E-5 }}\)

\(text{ Mowing time  } = 16666666666 \text{ Hours } : 39 \text{ Minutes}\)

Suggest and quote the rate of lawn after estimating the average mowing by the lawn mowing quote calculator

The Time of Mower in Other Units:

The lawn care estimate for the other units is given below:

Hours (Square Meters) 60 m²
Hours (Square Feet) 645.8346 ft²
Hours (Square Meter) 60 m²
Hours (Square Yard) 71.7594 yd²
Hours (Ares) 60 m²
Hours (Square Meters) 0.6 a
Hours (Hectares) 0.006 ha
Hours (Acres) 0.014826 ac

Working of Lawn Mowing Cost Calculator:

Let’s use the lawn mowing quote calculator by following the steps given below:


  • Select the cost or efficiency of a lawn mower 
  • Enter the mower service price and area to mow
  • Tap the calculate button


  • The total cost of a lawn mower
  • Efficiency and time of lawn mower

Average Lawn Care Costs in 2023:

The average lawn care cost usually increases around the world due to exponential inflation in 2023. To find the average mower cost in your specific country just use the mower calculator.

Service Average Cost Typical range Extreme high end Extreme low end
Mowing $120 $50 – $190 $800 $45
Leaf Removal $280 $155 – $460 $740 $60
Aeration $145 $75 – $225 $420 $40
Dethatching $190 $160 – $225 $1,570 $105
Seeding $1,245 $675 – $1,815 $2,960 $195
Hydroseeding $1,000 $515 – $1,910 $1,910 $330
Fertilization $335 $120 to $480 $1,330 $80
Weed control $110 $65 – $170 $350 $35
Lawn pest control $100 $55 – $170 $200 $50

The average lawn mowing estimate is different due to varying prices of electricity and gas.


How Often Should the Lawn Be Mowed?

The simple and general rule of thumb is to mow the lawn once a week. It may vary depending on the types of grass and the time of year. 

What Time of Day Is Best to Mow Lawns?

Experts believe the best time to mow lawns is in the early morning or late evening as Sun is not as strong. 


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