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Perimeter Calculator

Perimeter Calculator

Select your desired geometrical figure and enter parameters required to determine its parimeter through this perimeter calculator.




Perimeter Calculator

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Our perimeter calculator helps you to determine the perimeter for several geometrical shapes with different parameters. Well, how to find perimeter of different shapes is no more complex with our free perimeter to area calculator.

What is Perimeter?

In mathematics, the perimeter of a shape is defined as the total distance around the shape. Basically, it is the length of any shape, as long as it is expanded linearly. The range of various shapes can be the same in length according to their size.

How to Find the Perimeter?

Usually, the simplest and most straightforward method is to sum all sides of the shape. However, sometimes there are no edges (such as ellipses, circles, etc.) or one or more edges are unknown. Below are some perimeter equations used with the perimeter calculator to determine the perimeter.

Perimeter Types:

  • Regular Polygon:
  • Ellipse:
  • Trapezoid:
  • Parallelogram:
  • Rhombus:
  • Kite:
  • Annulus:
  • Sector:
  • Square:
  • Rectangular:
  • Triangle:
  • Circle:

How Our Perimeter Calculator Works?

An online perimeter to area calculator finds the perimeter of a particular shape by following these steps:


  • First, select the geometric shape from the drop-down list.
  • Now, the calculator displays the shape of the selected body.
  • Then, substitute the values in the relevant fields.
  • Hit the calculate button to see the results.


  • The perimeter solver provides the perimeters for square, rectangle, triangle, circle, semicircle, ellipse, circle sector, trapezoid, parallelogram, rhombus, kite, annulus, and regular polygon instantly.


What is the difference between area and perimeter?

The area is the region that is surrounding by a figure or shape, and the perimeter is the distance covered by the outer edge of the shape.

The area unit is expressed in a square, and the perimeter unit is the same as the measurement unit.

What is the perimeter and area of the circle?

The circle circumference is equal to the length of its outer boundary. It means that the circumference of a circle is equal to its perimeter.

A circle is a curved shape, and its area and circumference are defined by a radius.

  • The area of the circle is πr2
  • The circumference of the circle is 2πr.