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Metal Roof Cost Calculator

Metal Roof Cost Calculator

Select the type of roof and enter the roof measurements in the input field and the tool will calculate the roof cost.

Can you access your roof and measure it precisely?

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The metal roof cost calculator helps you to find the roofing cost relative to the panel and material cost used for roof installation. You can also calculate the cost of a metal roof with our metal roofing cost calculator whether the roof is accessible or not. 

How to Find an Accessible Metal Roof Cost?

Let’s consider the roof length and width are 100 and 120 feet respectively. The panel measurements are 16 by 16 feet and the cost of one panel is $30. Find the total cost of the roof.


Roof Length = 100 ft

Roof Width = 120 ft

Panel Length= 16 ft

Panel Width= 16 ft


Roof Area.

Roof Area = Roof Length* Roof Width

Roof Area = 100*120

Roof Area = 12000 ft^2

Panel Area:

Panel Area =Panel Lengt* Panel Width

Panel Area = 16 *16

Panel Area = 256 ft^2

The Number of Panels:

No. Panels = Roof Area / Panel Area

No. Panels = 12000/ 256

No. Panels = $ 47

The Expense:

Expense = Cost of one Panel* No. Panels

Expense = 30* 47

Expense = $ 1410

The total expense of the construction of the accessible metal roof is $1410. The metal roof estimates are quite helpful to calculate the total cost of construction relative to its panel size.

How to Find Non-Accessible Metal Roof Costs?

Let’s suppose the roof is non-accessible and the roof length and width are 20 by 30 feet respectively. The panel measurements are 2 by 2 feet and the cost of one panel is $ 3. The roof pitch is 9:12  Then what is the estimate for a metal roof?


Roof Length  = 20 ft

Roof Width  = 30ft

Roof pitch  = 9:12 , Proportional value =1.250

Panel Length = 2ft

Panel Width = 2ft

Cost of one Panel = 3 


Roof Area:

Roof Area = Roof Lengt * Roof Width

Roof Area = 20*30

Roof Area = 750 ft^2

Panel Area:

Panel Area = Panel Length* Panel Width

The Panel Length and width can be changed and altered by the metal roof calculator.

Panel Area = 2*2

Panel Area = 4 ft^2

The Number of Panels:

Panel Area  =  Panel Length*Panel Width

Panel Area = 2 *2

Panel Area  = 4 ft^2

No. Panels  =  Roof Area/Panel Area

No. Panels = 750/4

No. Panels = 188

Total Expense:

Expense = Cost of one Panel*No. Panels

Expense= 3 * 188

Expense = $ 564

The estimate for a metal roof is different from the inaccessible roof as you need to add the roof pitch in the measurement. The metal roofing cost estimator makes it possible to find the cost of the roofing. The standing seam metal roof cost calculator indicates and calculates the average roofing of standing seam.

Factors Impacting Metal Roofing Costs:

There are many reasons to consider metal roofing, but some factors do affect the cost of roofing the most. These include:

  • Versatility 
  • Material 
  • Thickness
  • Repairing

These factors affect the cost of the roofing tremendously when you are using the metal roof pricing calculator.

What are Different Metal Roofing Estimation?

The three metal roof cost estimates are:

  • Average Roofing Cost
  • Highest Roofing Cost
  • lowest Roofing Cost
Metal Roof Cost Sum of Money
Average Cost $13,200
Highest Cost $68,000
Lowest Cost $8,500

Roofing Cost of Various Materials:

Changing the types of material used for the roofing also changes the cost and estimate for the metal roof.

Roofing Material Price Range (Roofing + Labor)
Steel $500 – $1,700
Stainless steel $800 – $1,800
Tin $1,000 – $2,300
Aluminum $800 – $1,800
Copper $2,000 – $4,000
Zinc $1,600 – $2,500

Working of Metal Roof Cost Calculator:

Let’s learn how to use the metal roofing cost calculator!


  • Choose whether the roof is accessible or not 
  • Enter roof and panel measurements 
  • Enter the cost of one panel
  • Tap Calculate 


  • Number of panels 
  • Total expense


Is Metal Roofing Hot?

While metal roofing itself will heat up in the sun, it will not heat up the inside of your home. In fact, metal roofing is so good at reflecting heat, that it will more likely keep your home cooler than other roofing materials.

What Are the Drawbacks of Metal Roofing?

Compared to other popular roofing materials, such as when it’s put head to head with asphalt shingles, metal roofing has its drawbacks. Metal roofs are also heavier than asphalt or wood shingles, so it’s important to know the load-bearing capacity of the building.


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