Weight Loss Calculator

If your planning to lose weight then this weight loss planner is for you. Its a free weigh loss calculator which allows you to calculate calories you need to eat per day for a goal weight. Just Enter your age, current weight, height, daily activity level & goal weight to calculate calorie intake for your targeted weight.


About Weight Loss Calculator

Maintaining an optimum weight is essential for a healthy life free of many diseases or illnesses. ideal body weight is not same for every person as everyone has a different body built therefore healthy weight means the value anywhere from the ideal weight range for your height and gender which you can calculate from our free weight loss calculator. Being an ideal weight personality can’t only keep you active and fit, but it also protects you from various diseases starting from diabetes to heart conditions. An overweight person is more susceptible to get a disease at an early age, for example, he may get high blood pressure at a very younger age. Obesity can also make you lazy as you are not able to do physical exercises which are essential for your health and to lose weight. Besides all this, there is an extensive list of diseases which are more common in obesity.

Obesity is not at all a good thing. You must try to keep yourself in an ideal body weight range by daily exercising, walk or doing physical games. Today's young generation is very lazy in this matter; they don’t like to play outdoor games. Instead, they prefer to sit or lay down and use tablets, mobile phones, and play stations. It is also one of the causes of increasing obesity at a young age. If you are overweight and now thinking of losing weight, you’ll first have to know the ideal body weight range for your height and gender. By knowing the ideal weight, you’ll have an idea how much body fat percentage you have to shed from your body.

Your weight is the measure of two things which are:
      The calories or energy one takes in. (food, beverages)
      The calories one uses or burns (physical activity)

how to lose weight ?, You must burn more calories than your calorie intake which means you have to do more physical activity. The fat loss is not an easy thing; it requires determined effort and continuous motivation. Weight loss can be achieved either by using medical procedures or taking on a non-medical way. Medical procedures include bariatric surgery which is recommended in severe obesity cases and drugs or supplements that decrease appetite. There are many non-medical ways to lose weight which includes many physical activities and changes in calorie intake rountine, changes in diet. Weight loss can’t be achieved only by a single thing. If you think that you’ll lose weight only by consuming less food, you are wrong. Eating less can cause weight loss, but it’ll harm you in the long term as it will make you and your body weak. Your all internal organs which require energy from food metabolism are not getting enough power and are unable to do their function well. Thus, by eating less, you’ll get more harm than achieving fat loss, you get tired easily, unable to concentrate on studies or work. So, take the three things side by side in your weight loss plan. Eat healthy including raw fruits and vegetable, engage yourself in more physical activity and the keep track of your calories intake and calories you burn daily. In this way, you stay healthy besides losing weight.

For knowing the exact calorie intake and an amount of fat to lose we have designed a unique calorie calculator for people who want to lose weight. It is weight loss planner which will give you a detailed plan of total time taken to lose the specific amount of weight without disastrous effects on health. You can also calculate your body mass index which will tell you how much pounds you need to shed off from your body. Then you can use our weight loss calculator to get an idea of calorie intake per day. You should combine physical activity with diet restriction. Losing weight with both these is effective than trying an only mean of weight loss. Exercise helps to reverse the progression of disease you already have and also prevents you from getting diseases. For example, exercise contributes to reducing the susceptibility to various diseases like hypertension, increased cholesterol, etc. exercise can help in losing weight and maintaining the healthy body weight. Exercise increases your body metabolism thereby consuming calories so if on any day, you have taken more calories; you can have more exercise to burn extra calories.

Weight loss for overweight people is significant as being at an optimum weight range is essential for the physical, the mental and emotional well-being of an individual. You may question about how to know the healthy weight range for yourself; we will give you this answer you have first to calculate your body mass index using our BMI calculator you’ll get a value which will tell you how much out of range your weight is. Then using our fat loss calculator calculate the calories to be taken daily and level of physical activity to be done daily to achieve the ideal weight. The weight loss calculator is simple to use, and everyone can use it anytime when they want to lose weight.

It is important that once you lose weight, you must maintain as it has many health benefits. It can save you from some diseases which will shorten your life and have many ill effects which can hinder your daily routine tasks. Keeping yourself healthy by maintaining your body weight and fat should be your priority. This practice can make you more active, and you can do hard jobs easily. It’ll also prolong your life as you can see in the past when transportation is not ordinary people mostly walk and their average death age is more than today. Weight loss is not a quick process it is the time taking process, and you’ll have to be very determined for losing weight. It is not a process of some days it can be a process of several months, and sometimes you’ll not notice a little difference in a month, or so it still can take 2-3 months. So, use our free weight loss calculator which will tell you the time to attain the weight you want.