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Maintenance Calorie Calculator

Maintenance Calorie Calculator




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This free maintenance calorie calculator instantly estimates the calories you need to consume for body weight maintenance. Whether you exercise on a daily basis or not, the tool will let you know the optimal caloric intake to keep your current body weight balanced.

How To Calculate Maintenance Calories?

If you are thinking that what is my maintenance calories, then using our maintenance calories calculator is the best option so far. It uses multiple equations to calculate the number of macros. On the other hand, if your goal comes up with the manual calculations, then you have to determine your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and then multiply it by physical activity level to get your calories.

Among the most used BMR equations include:

Mifflin-St Jeor Equation:

This is the most advanced BMR formula that accurately calculates yor weight maintenance calorie needs:

For Men:

BMR = 10W + 6.25H – 5A + 5

For Women:

BMR = 10W + 6.25H – 5A – 161

Revised Harris-Benedict Equation:

The very first equation that was introduced to calculate BMR and is as follows:

For Men:

BMR = 13.397 * Weight + 4.799 * Height – 5.677 * Age + 88.362

For Women:

BMR = 9.247 * W + 3.098 * H – 4.330 * A + 447.593

Katch-McArdle Formula:

The BMR calculated through this formula considers your lean body mass to calculate resting daily energy expenditure calories.

BMR = 370 + 21.6 (1 – Body Fat) * Weight

Physical Activity Level:

The extent of the physical activity a person performs on a daily basis is known as the physical activity level (PAL).

On average, the PAL value ranges between 1.20 – 2.40 for an adult person.

The number of calories you calculate from the above-mentioned equations gives you the calorie intake at rest. It means if you want to know how to find maintenance calories, you have to multiply your activity level by the BMR calories. The equation also yields your total daily energy expenditure you may also calculate through another TDEE calculator.

Physical Activity Chart:

PAL Description
1.2 Little or no exercise
1.4 Light exercise 1-2 times a week
1.6 Moderate exercise 2-3 times/week
1.75 Hard exercise 3-5 times/week
2 Physical job or hard exercise 6-7 times/week
2.4 Professional athlete

Macronutrient Distribution:

If you want to ingest a healthy diet, then make sure you keep the following caloric ratios balanced:

Macronutrient Percent Ratio
Protein 10-35%
Carbohydrates 45-65%
Fats 20-35%

However, our calories maintenance calculator also suggests different macros proportions depending on the diet structure.

Working of Maintenance Calorie Calculator:

Our calorie maintenance calculator is quite easy to use and calculate calories to maintain weight quickly. Let’s find out how!


  • Choose your gender and make a choice about the unit system (Metric or Imperial)
  • Now enter your age, height, and weight in their respective positions
  • Choose your PAL (Physical Activity Level)
  • Tap Calculate


  • Weight Maintenance Calories
  • BMR
  • BMI
  • RMR
  • IBW
  • Macro ratio


What Are My Maintenance Calories?

To instantly estimate the number of calories to maintain weight, you may better use this maintenance calorie calculator. It gives you an idea of daily caloric intake that is enough to maintain your current weight.

Is BMR The Same As Calorie Maintenance?

No! As you see the following maintenance calories formula:

Maintenance Calories = BMR + Calories Burnt During Any Physical Activity

BMR can never be equal to maintenance calories if you are performing any kind of exercise. But if you are simply lying on the bed, it means you are certainly doing nothing. In this case, your maintenance calories will be equal to your BMR calories. You can also calculate these calories through the maintenance calories calculator.

Do Your Maintenance Calories Change?

Your maintenance calories are those which only correspond to your body weight balancing phase. They are not subjected to increase or decrease your weight. But if you change your BMR and activity level or any one of these two, your caloric maintenance will also change you can also calculate through these calories to maintain weight calculator in seconds.

Common Food Supplements Energy Range:

Food Components kJ per gram Calorie (kcal) per gram kJ per ounce Calorie (kcal) per ounce
Fat 33 8.8 1049 269
Proteins 17 4.1 482 116
Carbohydrates 17 4.1 482 116
Fiber 8 1.9 227 54
Ethanol (Drinking Alcohol) 29 6.9 822 196
Organic acids 13 3.1 369 88
Polyols (Sugar Alcohols, Sweeteners) 10 2.4 283 68

However, you may let this maintenance calorie calculator gives you an instant idea about energy present in certain foods absolutely for free.


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