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Mulch Calculator

Mulch Calculator

Select the area, calculation variable, and input the parameters required. The calculator will instantly calculate the mulch amount needed to cover a certain depth of area. Also, you can estimate how much mulch will cost you through this tool.


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An online mulch calculator will estimate how much mulch you need for a given area at a specified depth. A perfect amount of landscaping and garden mulch is important for your earthwork project. Also, the mulch cost calculator will estimate how much does mulch cost for the completion of your project. Now, you can be able to do mulch calculations for different areas with the help of this mulch estimator.

Well, stay here to find the crucial information regarding mulching that might work best for your garden and landscaping project.

Also, you can use our online gravel calculator that helps you to calculate the weight & volume of gravel required to complete your construction project.

But, first of all ahead to the basics.

Read on!

What Is Mulch?

The mulch is referred to as a layer of material that applied to the surface of the soil. The reasons behind applying mulch include:

  • Conservation of soil moisture
  • Reducing the growth of weed
  • Enhancing the visual appeal of the surface
  • Improving the fertility as well as the health of the soil

Also, you should give a try to this sand calculator through which you can readily get estimations of the sand amount and its cost to complete your civil construction project.

What are the Types of Mulch?

The online mulch calculator helps you to figure out different types of mulch calculations. According to their different size & shapes, they are classified into the following types:

Wood Bark Mulch:

This type performs well in the garden, its advantage is its natural colour and appearance. Cedar, pine, spruce, and hemlock are different types of wood bark mulch. The smaller the size of chips, the faster they will decompose.

Wood Chip Mulch:

This type is produced when the branches of the tree are chipped. Mainly Cedar & cypress mulch are included in this type. This type is organic and will slowly breakdown and release the nutrients into the soil.

Straw Mulch:

This type is mainly used for the protection of plants (vegetables) from cold. It is made up of many natural substances like pine needles, dry grasses, dry leaves, etc. As straw mulch is very cheap and can be available in different colors, you can make different compositions with it.

Saw Dust Mulch:

This type of mulching is best for acid-loving plants like rhododendron & blueberries. For decompositions, you need to add the correct ratio of the nitrogen in it, otherwise, it will also remove the nitrogen from plants.

Rubber Mulch:

It is mainly made from recycled tyres used in landscaping for gardens. It will stay warmer for a longer time. The nuggets of rubber are usually the size of 10mm to 32mm. It will be the best choice for landscaping the playground because it is elastic and when your child falls on the ground while playing it will protect your child.

Plastic Mulch:

It is an inorganic type of mulch and used in commercial berry & vegetable production. Every plant has its own hole in the plastic cover through which it grows.

For easiness, try an online mulch calculator that allows you to determine the quantity & cost of the specific mulch of your desire.

How Much Mulch Do I Need (Step-by-Step)?

This online mulch estimator determines the volume and the number of bags of mulch needed for the completion of a project. And, here we are going to show you examples for mulch calculations, let’s take a look!

To calculate the volume needed, follow the given steps:

  • Measure the length & width of the area for which you are going for the construction.
  • Find out the area of the surface from length & width. \((A = L \times W)\).
  • Determine the depth of the surface.
  • Find out the volume by multiplying the area and depth.
  • The volume obtained is the volume needed for the mulch to complete the project.

Let’s have an example:


The surface is \(12 ft\) long, 8ft wide with the depth of \(6 ft\). Then find how much mulch do I need for landscaping?


\(L = 12 ft\)

\(W = 8 ft\)

\(D = 6 ft\)

So, find the area by,

\(A = L \times W\)

\(A = 12 \times 8\)

\(A = 96 ft^2\)


Calculate the volume by using the formula:

\(V = A \times D\)

\(V = 96 \times 6\)

\(V = 576 ft^3\)

However, our mulch estimator is the best way to deal with mulch calculations within a fraction of seconds.

And, if your concern is how many bags of mulch are in a yard, then no need to worry more! Rather than manual calculations, you could try our bag mulch calculator as it estimates how many bags or bales you needed in a yard.

How Much Does Mulch Cost?

Once you determine the weight and volume of the mulch, you can use our mulch cost calculator that helps you to find how much you have to pay to purchase the mulch. Mostly, depending on the quality and density of mulch the price of one bag is between the \(2$\) to \(6$\).


If the price of one bag is \(5$\), then how much amount of mulch do you require for the \(21.33\) cubic yard?



\(1\) cubic yard = \(14\) bags


\(21.33\) cubic yard = \(14 \times 21.33\)

\(21.33\) cubic yard = \(298.62\) bags.


Price of \(1\) bag = \(5$\)

Price of \(298.62\) bags = \(5 \times 298.62\)

Price of \(298.62\) bags = \(1493.1$\)

Also, you can use this online mulch calculator to verify all these calculations about mulch.

How to Use the Mulch Calculator:

You can use this mulch estimator to purchase the exact amount of mulch for your garden or landscaping each & every time; it also calculates the cost of mulch. This mulching calculator helps you to perform calculations on the following mulch type or soil:

  • Cedar
  • Cypress
  • Eucalyptus
  • Hardwood
  • Hemlock
  • Pine
  • Pine Needles
  • Pine Nuggets
  • Rubber
  • Rubber Nuggets
  • Wheat Straw
  • Soil

The following steps help you to know how much mulch you required!


  • First, you need to choose the area that you need to fill with mulch, the area either be in Square/Rectangle, Circle, or Triangle
  • Very next, you ought to select the option whether you need to do mulch calculations with respect to length and width, square root or acreage of the area
  • Now, you have to enter the exact values of the given fields
  • Then, you need to choose the type of much or soil
  • Now, enter the size of much bag or price per bag to get the mulch cost estimations with the mulch cost calculator


The calculator for mulch provides you with estimations:

  • how much mulch do you need in a cubic yard \((cu yd)\), cubic feet \((cu ft)\), cubic meters \((m^3)\), and liters
  • Area of the given surface or garden size
  • Number of mulch bags or bales needed
  • Total costs of mulch

The calculator-online provided you an online roof pitch calculator that helps you to measure the pitch and length of rafters for which you going for construction.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s):

How much is a yard of mulch?

Remember that \(1\) cubic yard of mulch (typically known as “a yard”) is \(27\) cubic feet \((cu ft)\). However, most bags of mulch holds \(2\) cubic feet \((cu ft)\). So, there you get \(13-1/2\) bags of mulch in a yard. Also, our online mulch calculator helps you to figure out how many bags of mulch in a cubic yard required for your earthwork.

What is mulch made of?

Different organic residues used as a mulch like grass clippings, leaves hay, kitchen scraps comfrey, straw, wool animal manure etc.

What is a good mulch?

Shredded bark is one of the least expensive and most common type of mulch which is used for the common landscaping of the surface.

How much does mulch by the yard cost?

Normally, mulch prices range from \($15\) to \($65\) per yard, along with spending about \($18\) per yard for bulk delivery. When it comes to economy mulch, it costs \($15\) to \($30\) per yard. Colored or hardwood mulch runs from \($30\) to \($40\) per yard. Typically, a yard of mulch covers \(110-160\) square feet based on a depth of \(2-3\)”.

Is it cheaper to buy mulch in bulk or bags?

The bag of mulch is more expensive but it can be easy to handle, especially if you have no place for bulk. Bulk mulch can be ordered from garden centers or landscape supply companies.

What does 1 yard of mulch weigh?

The weight of mulch varies due to the moisture content. Typically, the 1 yard of mulch has \(400-800\) lbs.


As mulching reduces the weed growth, loss of water from soil surface and keeps the soil moisture, so you should have to mulch your surface to increase the beauty of the land. Before mulching, you should have to know the right amount as it saves you from making another trip to the garden center. So, simply give a try to this online mulch calculator that determines the amount of product you require for the completion of your gardening and landscaping project. Typically, gardeners use an online free mulch cost calculator to get an estimated cost of mulch required for mulching the flower beds or vegetable gardens.


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