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Use this online flooring calculator that will let you calculate laminate, vinyl, hardwood flooring quantity, cost material, and waste factors in percentage by entering your room dimensions. Prior to using this hardwood flooring cost calculator, it is crucial to measure the width and length of the room to lay a new floor in. You can calculate of flooring area for a building, home, garden, or construction project in various units by using our handy laminate flooring cost calculator. These are:
  • Square footage
  • Square yardage
  • Square yardage
  • Square meters

How Much Flooring Do I Need?

Before you set down a new floor in the room, it is necessary to determine how much material you actually need. You can estimate it with the help of the following ways:
  • First of all, you should measure the room that you’re going to make the floor in. You must measure the room in length and width and round them into inches. To ensure that it is always considered the widest point of the room, whether the walls are not perfectly straight. To perform calculations regarding feet and inches properly, you can use the feet and inches calculator.
  • Once you estimate the width and length, then multiply the width by the length of the room to get the square footage. Also, an online square footage calculator will help you to determine the square feet of any land area (property) accurately.
  • When you calculate the area of the room, then you can go to buy the square footage of flooring materials.


Let’s discuss the formulas related to the floor areas that will help to laminate flooring calculations!

Formula to calculate the room area:

Based on the length and width values, the flooring calculator calculates the area of the room in square footage. The formula is given as: Room Area = Length * Width Once you know the room area (in square footage) you are allowed to buy the material. However, in case you want an expected cost, you will need a flooring cost estimator. Besides, if you want to make calculations of any random geometrical area, you can use the free area calculator.

Formula to calculate the total cost of the flooring materials:

Whether you want to know the cost per unit area according to your chosen material, you can use the laminate flooring costs calculator to determine the total cost used in the flooring material. Cost = Room Area * price per unit area It must be considered that the given cost does not factor in other expenses such as installation, equipment, and breakage. You can use our laminate flooring installation cost calculator to perform calculations swiftly.

Formula to calculate the multiple areas:

It’s likely that your multiple rooms are made up of multiple rectangles. Let’s apply the formula that is given as: Total Flooring Area = Length1 * width1 + Length2 * width2 + …. Since all you need to do is show the total area in a rectangular form, calculate the area of each and then finally add these up to find the total area. Besides, our online flooring estimator has an option for “add area”. If you have multiple areas or rooms, you can simply use this option to determine the total floor area by simply entering the correct values of each length and width.

Hardwood, Vinyl, and Laminate Flooring:

It is a difficult decision to choose the type of floor furnish. Although, there are multiple options available for you that will create difficulty. Luckily, we will discuss the most popular types of flooring to highlight their advantages. These are:

Hardwood flooring:

This type of floor is the most luxurious, exceptionally durable, and lavish-looking, but it is the most expensive of all flooring types. You can measure the parameter of the hardwood panels with the assistance of a hardwood floor calculator.

Vinyl flooring:

It is typically sold in sheets and rolls form and provides you extreme ease when you install it into the floor area. Vinyl flooring is much lighter compared to the other types of flooring. You can use it in every area of the house, including wet areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. Besides, an online vinyl flooring cost calculator will help you to measure the floor regarding vinyl floor swiftly.

Laminate flooring:

Laminate flooring is the most popular type since it’s both aesthetic and affordable. It generally looks like wood, tiles, or stone flooring, it’s much cheaper and easy to use. Whether you want to know the exact cost that you spent on the laminate flooring, you need an online cost of the laminate flooring calculator. Moreover, you can use an online concrete calculator to estimate how much concrete you need for the flooring construction project.

Solved Example:

Let’s discuss an example to clarify your concept related to the flooring area. Example: A 5% - 25% extra is recommended to account for flooring waste. This means that you will need to raise your original floor area by 5% to 25%. Also, round up to the nearest whole value. How much waste do you calculate for flooring? Solution: Let's suppose we’ll to cover a floor of 10’ × 15’: The square footage for these measurements is: 150 ft² We’ll assume an extra 5% for waste: 150 ft² x 5% = 157,5 ft² After rounding up, the value given as: 158 ft²

How to use a flooring calculator?

Our online flooring cost estimator is quick and easy to use. Just enter a couple of details into the relevant boxes of the laminate floor calculator and it will tell you exactly the flooring you need. These include:


  • At first, enter the values of length and width in various units
  • Enter the material cost
  • Enter the waste percentage value
  • You can also add more areas for flooring calculations as per your requirement
  • Click on the “calculate” button to see the results


This vinyl flooring cost calculator determines the following results.
  • Room area in various units
  • Total material require to lay down the floor
  • The total cost of usage


How do I calculate how much flooring I need?

Our online flooring calculator is the simple and best way to determine the room's length and width. Simply need to know the parameters of length and width in either feet or meters of the room and perform calculations by using this flooring estimate calculator.

How do you work out m^2 of room?

If you want to calculate the measurement of a room in m^2, simply multiply the length in meters by the width in meters. But if your maths subject is not strong, it is the easiest way to use our flooring calculator.

How do you calculate the price per sq foot?

Simply use this flooring price calculator to make the calculations of area per square foot. You need to measure the length and width of the area and enter it into the designated box of the calculator.

What is the cheapest way to do a floor?

Peel-and-Stick Vinyl tile flooring can be installed quickly and easily. These are:
  • Carpet Tile Flooring
  • Floating Vinyl Sheet Flooring
  • Laminate Plank Flooring
  • Engineered Wood Flooring
  • Painted Wood Flooring
  • Stained Concrete Flooring


Generally, flooring is an important part of an interior as well as exterior design and can make or break your area easily. For the design style that you have chosen, it is necessary to select a complementary option for flooring. As one of the most used surfaces in homes and industries, flooring is expected to resist constant use while preserving its high quality. You can use our flooring calculator to estimate the area and how much the total cost is used in materials swiftly.


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