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Wallpaper Calculator

Wallpaper Calculator

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This wallpaper calculator square feet will estimate the number of wallpaper rolls you need to apply on a wall. So if you are thinking of installing a new wallpaper to your house walls, you are actually in need of going through this read.

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How much wallpaper do I Need?

Whenever you decide to decorate your room with paper-like material, the first question that comes to your mind is how many rolls of wallpapers do i need. Well, measuring for wallpapers will let you estimate the wallpaper you need. And to measure for wallpaper, this free wallpaper estimator would help you a lot in doing instant and accurate computations.
What we care for is to get the right dimension so as to avoid any negligence while making a paper purchase.

However, you need to remember the following wallpaper measurement factors while measuring wallpaper:

How to measure a wall for wallpaper?

This is the first and most important step of all. You need to calculate your room area in square footage. If you want to do it manually,simply measure the length and height of the room walls and multiply them to get the measurement. For swift outputs, you may also employ another square footage calculator to calculate the overall wall area.

Sq ft = Width × Height

Now what to do in such a situation in which the room dimensions are not defined i.e; not a square or rectangular room? Do not worry as we will guide you what to do. Just split the complex area into smaller rectangular square areas and calculate their square footage. Once you are done with each and every portion, add all of them to get the desired output.

Wallpaper Coverage Area:

This is the next step you need to follow up while about to install a wallpaper. When you drop a certain pattern of a wallpaper that may differ for different paper designs, there would be extra square footage of the sheet that you actually need to calculate. This is because it lets you make a perfect purchase that saves you a lot of money. In the United States, the standard rolls’ drop patterns and their coverage area is given in the table below:

Drop Pattern

Wallpaper Coverage
no drop pattern

29 – 36 sq ft

0″ – 6″ drop pattern

25 sq ft
7″ – 12″ inch drop pattern

22 sq ft

13″ – 18″ inch drop pattern

20 sq ft
19″ – 23″ inch drop pattern

15 sq ft


How many rolls of wallpaper do I need?

The next question that comes to mind is how to measure for wallpaper? Measuring wallpaper rolls is the final step to calculate wallpaper needed. And this can be readily done by a couple of methods. One is the wallpaper calculator with repeat (the best way) and the other is given as follows:

Rolls = Wall sq. ft. ÷ Usable sq. ft.

How Is Wallpaper Packaged and Sold?

Despite often being packed and sold in twin rolls, the majority of wallpaper is priced per roll. Buy a little more wallpaper than you think you’ll need so that you don’t run out. Keep in mind that since patterned papers must match at the seams, you could need up to 25% more wallpaper than you thought to have a decent appearance and straight lines. What is the size of a wallpaper roll in yards? Each roll of wallpaper has five yards. There are 27 square feet in each roll, which is how broad each roll is at 27 inches. No need to stress; our wallcoverings calculator will handle all the calculations.

When purchasing wallpaper or wallcoverings, check the label or roll for run numbers, lot numbers, or run codings. On each roll, these numbers need to be the same. The colours of wallcoverings might differ slightly yet clearly across batches since they are printed in huge quantities. This gives you a compelling argument for purchasing all of your wallpaper at once.

Adjusted Height of Wallpaper:

This is the real amount of wallpaper you should use for each stripe to take the pattern repeat into consideration.

Room Area Adjustments:

It considers openings as well as the recurrence of the pattern.

Overall Cost:

That is the entire cost of the wallpaper you must purchase.

Number of Rolls:

These are the total number of the rolls you are in need of purchase.

How Wallpaper Calculator Works?

Let us see how you could actually use this wallpaper estimator by providing the following inputs!


  • From the first drop-down list, select whether you want to do calculations of r single wall or a room
  • After you make your selection, input required values against each measurement parameter and select units
  • Also, enter cost and pattern repetition for the wallpaper (if you want to know these too)
  • At last, tap the calculate button


The free wallpaper measurement calculator calculates the following:

  • Wall surface area
  • Total doors area
  • Total windows area
  • Adjusted wall area
  • Adjusted height
  • Number of rolls


How accurate is the result of this wallpaper calculator for one wall?

Our free calculator provides estimations that may alter a little bit. That is why we recommend you purchasing 5-10% extra paper so as to avoid any shortfall. And also, you must consult a professional decorator if the room shape is very complex.

How to detach wallpaper?

There are basically four types of wallpapers that you can detach from wall by following the guides below:

Peel and stick:

You can peel it off as a whole sheet at once


It is also easily removable as a full sheet

Traditional Wallpaper:

Unlike other wallpaper sheets, it is quite harder to remove and that is why you can remove it in smaller pieces

Wallpaper with a removal Top Layer:

Here the top layer means that you can only remove it while the paperback is left behind

How much area does a roll of wallpaper cover?

As per the American standards, a typical wallpaper does cover a wall of about 35 sqft in area. But as you know some of the stuff is wasted as well while adjusting it and cutting, so about 27 sqft of it remains at the end that is usable. Moreover, every room or wall has its own dimensions, so you can provide any value to our wallpaper calculator with repeat to better estimate the paper amount you are looking for.

How many strips of wallpaper are in a roll?

Whether you are going to apply wallpaper on a wall of about 81”, you actually need a wallpaper roll that provides three stripes every 27” inches. In this way, you actually need a less roll length and it costs you less as well that you could also determine by using this free wallpaper calculator repeat.

Is it cheaper to paint or wallpaper?

It’s a wallpaper that will cost you so much rather than paint to install. This is because the paint can be applied anyway. Even a teenager can apply for it without any assistance. But when it comes to applying wallpaper, you actually need proper calculations of the wall area that you could do by utilising this free wallpaper calculator one wall. And besides applying the single roll, you actually need to apply the double roll of wallpaper for better finishing and thus it is going to be very pricey for you.

How big is a double roll of wallpaper?

If we talk about the standard double wallpaper, it is 20 inches wide and about 33 inches long.

What are the disadvantages of wallpaper?

Applying wallpaper may lead to many difficulties like:

  • Wallpapers are available in fewer combinations, contrasts, and combinations as compared to paints. With paints, you can design your wall any way that creates a 3D look
  • Wallpapers are too costly to apply rather than paints that are comparatively less expensive
  • Wallpapers are not easy to install and takes a very long time with accuracy in calculations to get fit in the area
  • Wallpapers do not fit at every place while on the other hand, you can paint any wall or area without doing any particular computations

Does wallpaper make a room warmer?

Yes,of course! Wallpapers do increase the warmth of the room up to 65% that is not a good factor to consider.

Do wallpapers ruin walls?

As you know that the wallpapers are applied using adhesives that may range depending upon the quality. The lower the quality is, the faster it will detach from the wall and ruin the paper. And once the water and glue waste accumulates behind the wallpaper, it ruins the wall itself completely.

What is a roll of wallpaper called?

An American single roll of wallpaper is called a wallpaper without a doubt. And then there comes the bolt that is nothing but a double roll of single pack of wallpaper sheet.

Where should you not use wallpaper?

As a general practice, you must avoid using the wallpaper in rooms with wet walls. It is always recommended to utilise wallpapers in steamy conditions where the chances of humidity are quite less. And among such places are the kitchen and bathroom.

What are the 3 types of wallpaper?

Various types of wallpapers liked by most of the public around the globe include:

  • Liner wallpapers
  • Vinyl wallpapers
  • Printed wallpapers
  • Foil wallpapers
  • Flock wallpapers
  • Mylar wallpapers
  • Bamboo wallpapers

Whatever the type you like to install in your room, you can use this wallpaper calculator to estimate the cost of installation for every kind.

How long do wallpapers last?

Wallpapers do last for about a span of 15 years.

Does wallpaper decrease home value?

Yes in fact! You would not believe but applying wallpapers to your whole house will decrease the buyer interest and thus decrease the home cost.


Wallpapers are so durable and can withstand for almost years more than paint that needs to be renewed every couple of years. And also, you can use wallpapers to cover imperfections if there are any. Keeping in view such usefulness, we have proposed this wallpaper calculator so that you could measure how much of it you actually need and then make its purchase.


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