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Acreage Calculator

Acreage Calculator

Enter the length and width of the land area and the calculator will calculate its acreage.

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Let this free acreage calculator calculate acreage by entering the width and length of the land area. Not only this, but you can also measure the area of a land piece in various other units with the help of this acre calculator. So if you are going to start a construction, then this read is going to be beneficial for you.

Read on!

What Is Acreage?

“The area of land in terms of acres is known as its acreage”

As we are discussing acreage, let us first define what exactly acre is.


An acre is defined as the unit (label) of area. It is used in the Imperial Measurement System (US).

What Are The Dimensions of An Acre?

Formerly, an acre was considered the land piece that the farmers could easily plough in one day. They defined acre computation as:

One Chain * One Furlong


One Chain = 66 feet

One Furlong = 660 feet

Now you must be thinking how much is one acre in feet. One of the fastest and most optimised ways of determining the size of an acre is our best acreage calculator. But here we will throw a light on the actual measurements involved in acre calculations.

The most important factor to remember here is that one acre contains about 43,560 square feet. Moreover, if you are interested in determining the square feet within your area of land, you can also use our free square footage calculator to do so.

Acre Measurement In Various Units:

Let us have a look of the table that shows the value of an acre in different other measurement units:

Unit of Measure

Dimension Equal to 1 Acre

0.4047 hectares


4,047 m²

0.0015625 miles² (640 acres = 1 mile²)


4,840 yds²
Square Feet

43,560 ft²

Square Inches

6,272,640 in²

160 perches (1 perch = 1 rod)


160 rod² (1 rod = 16 ½ feet)

These conversions may confuse you as they are done directly and put into the queue. That is why you can use our free lot size calculator to know how much area your lot comprises actually in different units of measurements.

Acreage Formula:

You can determine the area of the land in acres with the assistance of the following equation:

Acreage = ( Length × Width ) / u


u = No. of Square Feet In One Acre

u = 43,560 square feet

The free acreage calculator also makes use of the same formula for estimating your lot’s acreage.

How To Calculate Acreage?

Let us determine the acreage of some land areas to clarify your map of concept. Stay with us!

Example # 01:
What is the acreage of the land area with following dimensions:

Length = 456 ft
Width = 334 ft

Here we have acre dimensions in feet. Measuring acres:

Acreage = ( Length × Width ) / u

Acreage = ( 456 ft × 334 ft ) / 43,560

Acreage = ( 152,304 ) / 43,560

Acreage = 3.496 acres

Which is our required land area.

Example # 02:
How big is an acre in feet?


If we talk about a square area, then one acre has exact dimensions of length and width as 208.71 feet by 208.71 feet, respectively.

1 Acre = 208.71 feet * 208.71 feet

1 Acre = 43,559.8641 square feet

How Acreage Calculator Works?

This free acre calculator displays acres present in your land property in no time. Let’s find how!


  • From the first drop-down menu, select whether you want to calculate width, length, or area
  • After that, go for entering all the parameters against the selected input in their designate fields and select their units
  • Enter the price w.r.t the unit selected (This field is optional)
  • Tap the calculate button


The free lot size to acres calculator estimates:

  • Width of the land area
  • Length of the land area
  • Area of the land in terms of acreage
  • Perimeter of the land area


What is 1 2 acre lot size in feet?

Here 1 2 means ½, which is about 0.5. As there are 43,560 square feet in an acre, half of the acre will comprise about 21,780 square feet.

Is a mile bigger than an acre?

As we know that one acre consists of about 43,560 square feet. But if we talk about one square mile, then it is equal to 640 acres.

How much is one acre of land in yards?

In yards, one acre is approximately equal to 4840 square yards.

How many feet is 5 acres square are?

There exist 217800 square feet present in 5 square acres that could be double checked by subjecting to our free acreage calculator.

How many city blocks are in one acre?

Usually, six city blocks expand on an area of about one kilometre. The city block is approximately equal to 546.80665 feet. So the area occupied by one whole square city block will be four square acres.

How many plots are in a single acre?

Basically, an acre comprises six individual plots, each of size 120 ft, respectively.

How much is one acre of land that is exactly equal to a square kilometre?

One acre is equal to 0.00404686 sq km.

How big is a 50 by 100 lot?

Multiplying 50 by 100 will result in 5000 square feet. When you divide it by 43,560 square feet, you will get an acreage of 0.115 acres that you could also verify by using an online acreage calculator.

How many decimals make an acre?

One decimal is about 435.6 sq ft. From this, we can easily calculate that 100 decimals will exactly make one single acre.

100 decimals * 435.6 sq ft = 43,560 square feet

Which is bigger, Bigha or Acre?

One single bigha is equal to 27,000 square feet. Therefore, there are exactly 1.6 bigha in a single acre.


In this contextual, we covered the basics of estimating the acreage of your land project. Sometimes, it gets difficult to measure the acreage when you have irregular land shape. In this condition, you can divide the land pieces into various small portions. After that, use our free acreage calculator to determine how many acres are present in each portion and sum up at the end to estimate total acres.


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