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Acreage Calculator

Enter the length and width to calculate the area of a piece of land in acres.

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Acreage Calculator:

This acreage calculator is very helpful with the following tasks:

  • Calculate the Land Area and Perimeter: Find the area of land in acres and the perimeter
  • Find Missing Dimensions: If you know the area and one of the given dimensions (length or width), the calculator finds the missing value for you
  • Estimate Material Cost (Optional): Estimate the material price per acre (e.g., fence, mulch) needed for your landscaping or construction project by entering a unit price
  • Unit Conversion: Easily converts your acre measurements between different units ( hectares to acres, acres to square meters, acres to square miles, etc)

What Is Acreage?

Acre is the unit of measurement for the land area, traditionally used in the United States and Commonwealth Countries. Historically, "acre" was defined as the amount of land a farmer with oxen could plow in a day. This definition was not standardized and varied based on factors like tools and soil conditions. In the 18th century, the acre was standardized to a specific area equal to 4,840 square yards.

How To Calculate Acreage?

Follow these steps:

Step #1: Determine The Length And Width of The Land:

Measure the length and width of the land with the help of measuring tape, ruler, or surveying tool.

Step #2: Convert Measurements In The Same Unit:

Keep both length and width in the same unit before calculating the area.

Step #3: Use the Acreage Formula:

Add the values of length and width in the given formula:

Acreage =\(\frac{( Length\ \times\ Width )}{u}\)

  • u is number of square feet(43,560 sq ft) in one acre

Remember that:

  • Square Feet to Acres: Divide the area in square feet by 43,560
  • Square Yards to Acres: Divide the area in square yards by 4,840
  • Square Meters to Hectares: Divide the area in square meters by 10,000
  • Hectares to Acres: Multiply the area in hectares by 2.471

Solved Example (Acre):

Imagine you have a rectangular plot of land. You measured the length to be 160 feet and the width to be 80 feet. You are considering covering it with mulch, and the unit price of mulch is $5 per square yard. Now find the area of your land in acres, perimeter, and mulch cost.


Given that:

Length = 160 ft

Width = 80 ft

Price Per Square Yard = $5

By adding values of length and width in the formula:

Acreage = \(\frac{( 160 × 80 )}{43,560}\)

Acreage =\(\frac{( 12,800 )}{43,560}\)

Acreage = 0.29384 acres

Perimeter (P) = 2 (length + width)

Perimeter (P) = 2 (160 + 80) = 480 feet

Perimeter (P) = \(\frac{480}{Conversion factor}\)

Perimeter (P) = \(\frac{480}{3.28084 ft/meter} ≈ 146.30 meters\)

Convert area into yards(multiply the area value by 4840):

Area = \(\ 0.29384\ \times\ 4840 = 1,422.22\ yd^{2}\)

Mulch Cost = Area in yards x Cost Per Square Yard

Cost = 1422.22 x 5 = $ 7,111.11

Our acre calculator can let you solve any example that includes the calculation of the area and perimeter of land in acres.

Perimeter of An Acre:

The perimeter is the total distance around the closed boundary of a two-dimensional shape. It's crucial for tasks like fencing a piece of land. However, it's important to remember that an acre is a unit of area, not shape. While an acre can be any shape, the perimeter depends entirely on the specific shape of your land, not just its dimensions (length and width of an acre). To calculate the perimeter value for a rectangular piece of land, measure all four sides in feet (or any chosen unit) and sum all of them.

Lot Size (Area In Square Feet) And Perimeter In Feet And Meters:

Lot Size Lot Size to Acres Measurement (sq ft) Perimeter (ft) Perimeter (m)
1/4 10,890 209 63.70
1/3 14,520 279 85.05
1/2 21,780 418 127.40
2/3 29,040 558 170.10
3/4 32,670 627 191.16

Alternatively, start using our acreage calculator in order to determine the perimeter value in meters for a rectangular piece of land.

How Big Is An Acre?

The 1 acre measurement is equal to:

  • 43,560 square feet
  • 0.40468564 hectares

Size of One Acre In Various Units:

Unit of Measure Dimension Equal to 1 Acre
Hectares 0.4047 hectares
Meters 4,047 m²
Miles 0.0015625 miles² (640 acres = 1 mile²)
Yards 4,840 yds²
Square Feet 43,560 ft²
Square Inches 6,272,640 in²
Perches 160 perches (1 perch = 1 rod)
Rods 160 rod² (1 rod = 16 ½ feet)


How Many Houses Can Fit In 1 Acre?

An acre as a square is 208.71 feet by 208.71 feet and the median lot size of a single-family home in the US is approximately 0.19 acres. Based on the median lot size, around five houses could fit on an acre. However, the number of houses can vary depending on your location and development plan.

Is a Football Field An Acre?

The area of the regular American Football field is 57,600 square feet which means the football field is larger than one acre. It's closer to 1.3 times the size of an acre.

Is 1 Acre Good For A Farm?

Yes, 1 acre can be good for a farm, but for small-scale production. It's called micro-farming and is suitable for growing high-value crops like vegetables, herbs, or specialty flowers. You can also raise a limited number of small animals like chickens or rabbits. However, large-scale production or grazing large animals will not be sufficient for 1 acre.


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