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Cat Age Calculator

This free calculator will let you convert cat age into human age and vice versa.

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The Cat age calculator compares and converts human years to the cat's years and vice versa. Our calculation is based on seven factors which are basically the same for cats and dogs. We need to understand that cats mature quickly as compared to humans, and it only takes 2 years to become a mature mate.

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How to convert cat years to human years?

When we are converting the cat’s age to the human age, the accepted method is to compare the first 7 years of human life with the first year of the cat's life. Then we need to add 6 years in the human life when comparing cat’s age with the human age.The same goes for the third year of cat's age, this can be a bit confusing how to convert cat years to human years. For this purpose, we are presenting cat years to human years to make the whole concept a bit elaborative, and clear for the readers.

We are representing the Cat to human years chart and their comparative age in human life.This would make it clear to us the comparative ages of cats and humans.

Cat’s years Human years
1 7
2 13
3 20
4 26
5 33
6 40
7 44
8 48
9 52
10 56
11 60
12 64
13 68
14 72
15 76
16 80
17 84
18 88
19 92
20 96
21 100


The cat years to human years explain clearly how we are measuring the cat's age equivalent to the human age. You may have noticed there is uneven addition in the human age, when we are comparing it with the cat's age. It can be simple to know exactly what is the actual age of you, when inserting the cat's age into the cat age calculator. You can check all the values in the table by the cat years calculator. It is essential to find the cat's age exactly as there are different stages in the cat's life. They are going to behave differently at different ages and we need to know their age exactly.We are also able to find the comparative ages of human years to cat years by the cat age calculator.

Lifespan of cat species?

Different cat species may be classified differently when we are comparing cat years to human years. This difference comes due to their lifespan, and their species. It may be possible that one species is growing much faster as compared to other. Due to this, we are going to follow the most common criteria. The life span of various species of the cats species is presented as follows:

Breed Average Lifespan (Years)
Abyssinian 9-15
American Bobtail 13-15
American Curl 15+
American Shorthair 15-20
American Wirehair 7-12
Australian Mist 14-19
Balinese 18-22
Bengal 12-16
Birman 12-16
Blue Chartreux 12-15
Bombay 15-20
British Shorthair 12+
Burmese 16-18
Burmilla 10-15
California Spangled 9-16
Ceylon ~15
Chantilly-Tiffany 14-16
Colorpoint Shorthair 12-16
Cornish Rex 11-15
Cymric 8-14
Devon Rex 9-15
Domestic 12-14
Egyptian Mau 13-16
European Shorthair 15-22
Exotic Shorthair 12-14
German Rex 9-14
Havana Brown 12-15
Himalayan 15+
Japanese Bobtail 15-18
Javanese 10-15
Korat 15+
LaPerm 10-15
Maine Coon 12-15
Manx 8-14
Munchkin 12-14
Nebelung 15-18
Norwegian Forest 14-16
Ocicat 10-15
Oriental 10-15
Persian 15+
Pixiebob ~12
Ragdoll 12-17
Russian Blue 15-20
Scottish Fold ~15
Selkirk Rex 10-15
Siamese 15-20
Siberian 11-15
Singapura 9-15
Snowshoe 12-15
Sokoke 9-15
Somali 10-12
Sphynx 13-15
Tonkinese 10-16
Turkish Angora 12-18
Turkish Van 12-17

The cat age chart according to various species is showing the expected ages of cats.

Indicators of cat age!

The criteria for finding the age of a cat is indifferent for various experts, but some of the indicators are common in most of the species of the cats. For example, when you are looking for the cat’s age of the stray cat, it is difficult to find how old is my cat in human years?

The common indicators of the cats age are as follows:

Cats teeth:

Cats teeth is one of the common indicators used to represent the age of a cat. The first thing is a set of teeth when they're actually 4 months old. The cat's teeth would be crystal white, it would be yellowish when the cat is 2 to 3 years of age. So the tartar collected on the cats’ teeth is an indication of older cats. The same goes for the missing teeth, indicating, how old is a cat in human years? Human years to cat years calculator reflecting the comparative ages of humans’ and cats’.

Cat’s eyes:

When you are talking about the cats eyes, there is a clear induction of younger cats. The bright and sparkling eyes indicate the cat’s age. I can calculate how old my cat is in human years, as dull eyes indicate your cat is already 10 years to a bit older than it. With the passage of time, the eyes appear a bit rough. The cat age calculator is one of the most efficient programs to find the cat's age in comparison to their master's age.

Cat’s coat:

When you take a kitten, its fur coat would be soft and fine. You need a kitten age calculator to find exactly what your kitten age is and convert cat years to human years to find the final age of cat.You can find how old is my kitten by the cat age calculator.

Working of Cat age calculator:

Cat years to human years calculator is readily able to represent the equivalent age of cats age to humans age and vice versa.


  • Select the desired conversion form drop down menu
  • Add cats age in the designated field, and relative age of human
  • Hit the calculate button.


  • It is best to know your cat's physical state,the cat years calculator makes it clear what we need to do in a certain age of cats.
  • Representing the cat's age to the corresponding human age and vice versa.


What are the 6 stages of a cat's life?

The six stages are as follows:

  1. Kitten(0-6) months
  2. Junior (7months to 2 years)
  3. Prime (3-6years)
  4. Mature (7-10)
  5. Senior (11-15)
  6. Super senior (over 15)

The cats usually show different behaviors and show how old my cat is. The cat to human years calculator provides us the equivalent age of cats.

At what age cats get sexually mature?

Cats get sexaully mature at the age of 4 months, but the doctors do recommend avoiding early pregnancy to keep your cat healthy. Convert cat years to human years for finding the age of a cat’s age.

How old is a 20 year-old cat in human years?

The 20 year old cat in human years is around 96 years in particular. The cat age calculator provides both the cats to human years and vice versa.

Why we need better breeds of cats’:

The cross breed cats usually have better lifespan and examples of American Domestic live longer than the purebred. The main reason for their longer life span is due to cross breed.

How many cat years is one human year?

The cat is grown equally in one year as the human baby grows in 7 years time.


The cat age is essential to know to react accordingly to the behavior of the cats. The cats react indifferently at different ages, if we have no information about the cat’s age.Then have no clues why the cats are reacting in a certain way, the cat age calculator simply represents the comparative age of humans and cats and vice versa.


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