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Privacy Policy is a product of EclixTech, a digital marketing company providing the best possible solution to businesses all around the world.

On this page, we have enlisted all policies that ensure if you visit the site, the use of it totally depends on your needs. But remember that you always have to abide by the rules and regulations posted herein. With that, your presence on also validates the fact that you disclose your personal data on your behalf.

Data Collection From Calculators Input Fields

We never disclose your input data to anyone. Every time you refresh to use the calculator again, you have to input all the values again yourself.

Meaning of Terms

Before using this website, let it be clear that you know what different terms mentioned on the website actually mean.

In case of any query about the terms, you are invited to chat with us at [email protected]

How You Can Control Access To Your Information?

We never use your data for any marketing and sharing purposes until or unless you allow us to do that. We care for your information encryption.

Concerning the “Personal Data Rights” as defined by the Government of California, you can or can not allow us to use your private data for our profit concerns. Without your permission, we will never sell your data to anyone, promise!

Your Rights While Using The Website Services

Right To Withhold Information:

Yes, you can control your usage of the website every time you visit it. Where you can directly access certain areas of the site, you have to provide some data to use other additional facilities.

Examples include our calculators that will only function if you provide them with a certain input or a set of inputs. We make our best efforts to develop tools that give you accurate results but we also do not guarantee any results.

Complain Rights:

We do not compromise on leaking your data. Rather, we make high authority arrangements to process information. In case of any suspicious activity you note, you are welcome to contact us immediately at [email protected]. Our team will take immediate action to satisfy you anyway.

Data Protection Rights:

We abide by the Data Protection Law to save your data. If in case you feel your information is not secured, you can use the Law to claim your right.

Access Rights:

You have complete rights to contact us and ask for your own personal information.

Links to Other Sites:

While visiting our website, you might find links to other informative resources. If you click on those links, you will be redirected to that particular page. But we make no guarantee that your data is leaked on these sites as we are not operating them. This is why we encourage you to go through the Privacy Policy page of such websites before you start using them.

Accessing Your Data:

We can not keep any history of your identity and we can never access any lost identity as it is against the rules of the State.


Your information security is our main concern and duty. We always value your trust in us while providing us with delicate information. To protect your data, we use different online means to do it. But, let us make sure as well that no method of data encryption on the internet is 100% reliable. So, we also do not guarantee 100% data protection all the time.

Cookies Policy:

Cookies are the small text files that your internet server downloads on your device. The uniqueness of cookies depends on the type of browser or device you are using (Computer or Mobile, etc).

Necessary Cookies:

We use the necessary cookies on our website to ensure that our users respect and use the website legally. Any illegal activity will instantly be notified with these cookies to avoid any turbulence of data over networks. We regularly look after these cookies to ensure the normal functioning of the website.

Why Do We Use Essential Cookies?

Using essential cookies helps us confirm that every user visiting has carefully read the Privacy Policy and uses the Site accordingly.

Let it be clear that essential cookies never target or access your personal data!

Analytical Cookies:

These cookies help us observe the organic traffic on our website and let us improve our services as suggested by our dear traffic. These cookies allow us to know how our user interacts with the website by ensuring certain acts that include:

Data Collected by Analytical Cookies:

Advertising Cookies:

Our advertising partners use these specific cookies to send you relevant informative data that encourage you to use our website and like our services. But no one of them can reach your personal information. However, they identify the nature of the user’s browsing history and send them relevant ads to increase our visibility on social media platforms.

Cookies Used On Our Website:

You can also update or change your cookies preferences from the Settings Menu.


To better understand our users’ needs, we use Hotjar to navigate their activity. Hotjar is an activity that we perform to check the maximum or minimum stay of the user on different pages of the website. This makes us capable of improving and optimizing our web pages and ensuring a high-profile service always.

Cookies are used by Hotjar to collect different types of information about our users’ activity. Neither Hotjar nor us will be able to access and use our user’s information for certain illegal activities. To get more content about it, Tap Hotjar to go through their policies.


Slickstream is another platform that we use to judge the stay of our use on the website. Slickstream is an online platform that assists us in analyzing the user activity on the platform and suggests different engaging content to be shared with the public.

Slickstream utilizes either direct or some passive means to gather your information. This includes but is not limited to:

Payment Methods:

If any user wants to use pro services on the website, they have to pay a subscription fee to continue. For payments, users are guided to pay a subscription fee via Stripe. (To know more, visit pro plan)

Changes To The Privacy Policy:

We have the complete right to make changes to the Privacy Policy mentioned on this page as per the Law of the State. We follow the Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR Nice Points.

Any change introduced in the Policy will instantly be notified here on this page.