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Age Calculator

Enter DOB and calculate your current age and how old you are at a specific date.

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Age Calculator

Use this age calculator to find how old you are based on your birthday and a reference date. Along with chronological age calculations, it displays some interesting facts about your age.

Let’s find out how you can use the calculator!

  • Input your birthdate in a format supported by the tool (i.e.; DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Click Calculate & get your age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds

Also, there are some features offered by our calculator for age comparisons:

  • Simple UI
  • Retirement age calculations
  • Upcoming birthday
  • Age comparisons
  • Various life-related facts

How Age Can Be Calculated?

The calculations for age vary among different age systems. For example, if a person is 20 years old according to the international aging system, he might be 1 or 2 years older when compared to Chinese or Korean culture.

According to the international age system, the age can be calculated in two ways. When calculating age in years, you need to consider each year equal (365 days). For example, if you are 15 years old, you will not say that you are 10 regular + 5 leap years old.

But when it comes to age in days, you need to consider the number of months having 30, 31, 28, or 29 days. Our age calculator follows the same algorithm that automatically considers the varying lengths of regular (365 days) and leap years (366 days) to calculate age in days.

For example, if you were born on January 05, 2000, and today is May 01, 2024, the calculator will determine accurate days between these dates by considering the following formula:

Age in days = Number of years with 365 days + Number of years with 366 days + Days remaining in the current year

Applications of Age Calculator:

Our calculator can be used for the following cases:

  • Simple Age Verification: You can use the tool to know your age before signing up to different age-restricted websites or confirming other eligibility requirements
  • Educational Purposes: Students can use the calculator to enter different dates and check how age varies with time
  • Planning and Milestones: You can plan certain milestones by using your age calculations. This includes planning for upcoming birthday, etc
  • Legal Verifications: Businesses or organizations that have age restrictions for their services or products can use calculations internally to verify a user's eligibility based on their birthdate
  • Medical Applications (Limited): Using an age calculator helps doctors to better look after and prescribe appropriate treatment to the patient as per their age

How Old Am I Today?

It is based on your date of birth. So, add your actual DOB into our age calculation to know how old you are now.


  • Our tool gives age calculations for both regular and leap years, but results in both cases might differe based on your date of birth
  • The results generated by the calculator totally depend upon the date of birth you provide. So make sure you enter your DOB in correct format to avoid any wrong calculations


  • Our tool is designed to provide approximate chronological age calculation. In case there is any leap year involved, the age may differ by up to one day
  • The results depend on the international (western) age system

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