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Age in years calculator is common but useful calculator because age is the period from the birth till present means the time length that an individual has lived. Telling the right age is important in almost every department of life statin from kindergarten to the office. Whatever comes in between the life of a person age is the fundamental requirement to achieve anything. Age plays a vital role in every goal of your life as every department has set the age limits. Starting from birth going to preschool, school, college, the university at each level specific age limits have been set for entry or admission. Age limits are set because at specific ages persons mind and body can do that particular jobs or can learn the course which is appropriate for that age. Such as pre-schoolers are 2.5 years or above below this age child is not able to learn or go to school. He/ she have other activities below this 2.5 years of age.

Age CalculatorTalking about preschool admissions, you won’t be able to get your child admitted if you don’t know his or her exact age. Most preschools recommend the children of 2.5 years to 3 years for admission in preschool. If you can’t calculate the age of your child, you might end up in passing the entrance age limit, and then your child has to go through some tests to get admission in the higher grade. Similarly, during admission in a college, or university there is again age limit, and if you are above or below that age limit, you are not eligible for admission. Knowing the exact age is very important, we know that new generation knows their age but most of the parents who can’t remember well always forget their children ages.

For people with poor memory, we designed the calculator named as Exact age calculator. You can calculate your age at any time when you get confused about your exact age. This tool is handy as many people get confused at the moment someone asks them, what is your age? Now you don’t need to calculate your age on fingers; we are providing you free birth age calculator. You can use it anytime anywhere if you have internet access. Many old people know their year of birth, but they are unable to calculate their age as they don’t know simple calculation too. They need a tool that can quickly tell them how old are they in present time. Determining the right age is important as your whole life is based on that documented age.

You’ll get your national identity once you reach at the age of 18. If you go for getting national identity at 17 years old, you are not eligible for it. Therefore, you must know how old are you to avail all the facilities at a specified age. Before getting your national identity, it is not permissible for you to drive a car or bike because they know before 18 years, a person is not mature enough to do these tasks efficiently. In today's world, it is a trend to celebrate birthdays so many people know how old are they. Calculators are not required, but it is for the purpose when you get confused. It can also be used for calculating other people age. Like those old people, you grandparents who don’t know their exact age but for traveling or passport making age is the requirement. You have to fill in their application form, and you are feeling difficulty in calculating their age. Just go to and open the page of our online age calculator. Enter their year, month and date of birth which they remember well and hit the calculate button. It’ll give you their age in no time, and you can complete their forms.

Similarly, when you are seeking admission in an institute, university or college, you have to fill their entry form. It also requires your age and you on the moment of filling forget your exact age. Rather than calculating from the birth year which will take your time you can use our sites free of cost actual age calculator to know how old are you quickly in a matter of few seconds. You can complete your form quickly now. online Age calculator can help you from getting embarrassed when one asks you your age, and you are like oh I forgot my age let me calculate. Don’t get panic age calculator is here for your help in letting you know your exact age simply by entering your date, month and year of birth.

Age is also of crucial importance in medical as many diseases are common at the particular age and many are common in childhood. Many people forget their age while sitting in front of the doctor and tell them their wrong age. But doctor knows well who is not telling their right age. As many diseases, which are common after 40 years old including many cardiovascular conditions as heart attack which is rare in young age below 30 years so calculating and telling the exact age to the doctor is important medically too. Many medicines are to be used at particular age because of their effects and side effects. The importance of exact age can't be underestimated.

While getting a job, you have to be in their age limit set by the company. Your age is documented in your all public records you can’t write or tell you wrong age to get a job. If you tell them wrong age, you might not get that job, or you may also have to pay the penalty for lying about your age. Calculate your age using a simple tool if you can’t count on fingers this will tell you your exact age from the date when you were born. This tool will be useful for many people while filling forms while talking to someone when others ask a question about age. You can use this handy tool of actual age calculator online whenever you want.