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Bra Size Calculator

Bra Size Calculator

Enter your bust and band size to estimate the bra size that best fits you through this calculator.


Bust Size:


Band Size:



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An online bra size calculator is used for measuring bra size that best fits your breast without causing any inconvenience. Now you could get an exact idea about the standard bra size measurements for United States, Belgium, European Union, New Zealand, France, Spain, Australia by using bra calculator.

Well, here are many things that you need to consider before we calculate bra size.

What is Bra Size?

“Bra size corresponds to the size characteristics of your breasts.”

So, what about the brazier size measurements! Quit worrying as we have particular calculation within a few simple steps. But, before that you should beware of parameters that are being considered for measurements. Let’s find right now!

What is Bust Size?

“The measurement over the fullest part of the breasts around the torso is known as the bust.”

What is Band Size?

“A measurement of your rib cage just beneath the breasts is called band size.”

What is Cup Size?

“The difference between the bust and the band size for your breasts is known as cup size.”

How to Measure Bra Size?

Did you know:

“You must take your bra size measurements every six months.”

Measuring for a bra will require the use of a smooth measuring tape with the help of which you can easily take proper dimensions for your band, bust and even cup size. So, let us have step by step measurements to better understand how to calculate bra size?

How to Measure Bust Size?

It’s not a tricky task at all to measure your bust. Wear a non-padded bra and measure the size of the bust with the help of the measuring tape just after you exhale air from your lungs. Also, when you enter your bust size to our free bust to bra size converter, you will get your standard size chart for various countries.

how to measure bust


How to Measure Band Size?

Stand in front of the mirror holding a measuring tape in your hand. Slightly wrap around where your breasts ends to have a proper measure of your chest.


measure band size



How to Measure Cup Size?

After you measure your bust and band size respectively, just subtract your band size from that of the bust size to get your cup size that is indeed your best buddy. Also by fetching correct cup size measurements to the bra cup size calculator will calculate your bra size upto an optimized approximation.

For example:

How to measure bra cup size when you measured your bust size to be 36 and band size as 32?


Given that:

Bust size = 36

Band size = 32

Cup size measurements = bust size – band size

= 36 – 32

= 32

What a Good Fit Feels Like?

  • The cups properly covers all of your breasts with a capacity to slide one finger.
  • The straps dont dig into your shoulders and it feels good and comfortable.
  • The band does not goes in upward direction.

What a Wrong Fit Feels Like?

  • If the bra is too much tightened, the straps digs into your shoulders and leaves painful marks.
  • You feels your band to be too tight or loose and your breasts start overflowing from the cups.
  • The band continuously moves upward.

Incorrect Bra Fit:

According to a survey that has been taken around the globe, it is noted that 75 – 80% of the women population wear incorrectly fitted bras. This information may differ from country to country but, no doubt, it is a significant problem. One of the major facts that has been optimized during the studies is that most of the women buy a bra with a very large back band and a small cup size. The major cause of this snag is the lack of size standardization. However, measuring bra size can reduce complications and help you select a bra that acts as your best friend.

Bra sizes may vary from company to company.

For example:

A 32C bra that is manufactured by two different companies may not best fit the same person because of the lack of knowledge of bra measurements.

Problems Due to Incorrect Bra Size:

Selecting a bra with the wrong combination of the band and cup size creates a lot of bother for you. You must be aware of the difficulties arising from this deficit of practice that includes:

  • Back Pain:

There can be different causes for back pain, but wearing a wrong bra size causes a lot of inconvenience in this regard. Usually women with large breasts face this problem due to their small bra size that is unable to provide enough support to their large breasts and exerts a pressure on the rib cage. No doubt, it causes shortness of breath as well.

back pain

  • Shoulder and Neck Pain:

Women with larger cup size feel a heavy pain in the neck and shoulders because of their wrong choice for bra size. Usually bras for large breasts are fixed with thick straps so that the overall weight gets distributed uniformly. Also, you should use a free online bra size calculator to estimate a size that best fits your breasts

neck pain

  • Breast Pain:

If you choose a bra with small cups, your breasts will spill out of the cup and squeeze the armpits giving a rise to the breast pain. Wearing a brea that best fits your size can help you lessen the pain. You can get a proper idea by entering the dimensions of your best in free online bra sizing calculator.

breast pain


  • Skin Rashes:

Wearing a wrong sized bra can make your breasts saggy and produce marks on your skin that lasts for lifetime. With a proper treatment for rashes and choosing a best size for you will end this problem for the rest of your life. However, if you are not capable of of measuring the size manually, subject to our free online bra size calculator for measuring bra size.

skin rashes


  • Bad Posture:

A bad choice for your bra can make your back a little bit curved that not only makes your posture ugly but also stretches your jaw muscles. You may feel improper breath flow in and out of the lungs due to the lack of air inhaled and exhaled.

bad posture


  • Nipple Pain:

You should always use an online bra size calculator before you buy a new bra because if you wear a bra that is too loose or fit will constantly rub your nipples. It causes a lot of discomfort and pain that is unable to tolerate always.

nipple pain

  • Breasts Cancer:

One of the problems caused due to an ill-fitted bra is breast cancer. The reason is that a tight bra will block the blood flow to your breasts. In the international journal of cancer, Hrvard Researchers have revealed that a woman wearing a bra cup size of D or larger had nearly twice the risk of cancer as a woman with a bra cup size of A or smaller.

breast cancer

Breast Size Chart:

Every country has its own parameters defined for bra measurements that vary all around the globe. With the help of a bra cup size chart, you can get an overview of your bra size for different regions.

Here, we have breasts cup size chart for different countries below:

USA UK Europe France/Spain Japan


The bra size conversion chart for band is as follows:


USA UK Europe France/Spain Japan Australia
28 28 60 75 60 6
30 30 65 80 65 8
32 32 70 85 70 10
34 34 75 90 75 12
36 36 80 95 80 14
38 38 85 100 85 16
40 40 90 105 90 18
42 42 95 110 95 20
44 44 100 115 100 22
46 46 105 120 105 24
48 48 110 125 110 26


However, the standard breast sizes chart for US and UK along with cup diameter is as follows:

Underwire Size Bra Size (US System) Bra Size (UK System) Cup Diameter
30 32A 30B 28C 32A 30B 28C 9.7 cm (3+56 in)
32 34A 32B 30C 28D 34A 32B 30C 28D 10.6 cm (4+16 in)
34 36A 34B 32C 30D 28E 36A 34B 32C 30D 28DD 11.4 cm (4+12 in)
36 38A 36B 34C 32D 30E 28F 38A 36B 34C 32D 30DD 28E 12.3 cm (4+56 in)
38 40A 38B 36C 34D 32E 30F 28G 40A 38B 36C 34D 32DD 30E 28F 13.1 cm (5+16 in)
40 42A 40B 38C 36D 34E 32F 30G 28H 42A 40B 38C 36D 34DD 32E 30F 28FF 14.0 cm (5+12 in)
42 44A 42B 40C 38D 36E 34F 32G 30H 28I 44A 42B 40C 38D 36DD 34E 32F 30FF 28G 14.8 cm (5+56 in)
44 44B 42C 40D 38E 36F 34G 32H 30I 28J 44B 42C 40D 38DD 36E 34F 32FF 30G 28GG 15.7 cm (6+16 in)
46 44C 42D 40E 38F 36G 34H 32I 30J 28K 44C 42D 40DD 38E 36F 34FF 32G 30GG 28H 16.5 cm (6+12 in)
48 44D 42E 40F 38G 36H 34I 32J 30K 28L 44D 42DD 40E 38F 36FF 34G 32GG 30H 28HH 17.4 cm (6+56 in)
50 44E 42F 40G 38H 36I 34J 32K 30L 28M 44DD 42E 40F 38FF 36G 34GG 32H 30HH 28J 18.2 cm (7+16 in)
52 44F 42G 40H 38I 36J 34K 32L 30M 28N 44E 42F 40FF 38G 36GG 34H 32HH 30J 28JJ 19.0 cm (7+12 in)
54 44G 42H 40I 38J 36K 34L 32M 30N 28O 44F 42FF 40G 38GG 36H 34HH 32J 30JJ 28K 19.9 cm (7+56 in)
56 44H 42I 40J 38K 36L 34M 32N 30O 28P 44FF 42G 40GG 38H 36HH 34J 32JJ 30K 28KK 20.7 cm (8+16 in)
58 44I 42J 40K 38L 36M 34N 32O 30P 44G 42GG 40H 38HH 36J 34JJ 32K 30KK 21.6 cm (8+12 in)
60 44J 42K 40L 38M 36N 34O 32P 44GG 42H 40HH 38J 36JJ 34K 32KK 22.4 cm (8+56 in)


With the help of us bra size chart, you can have an idea about your bra size valid for different countries.

How Bra Size Calculator Works?

Our true bra size calculator is very simple to use and helps you to calculate bra size accurately.

For a proper use, give it a read!


  • Enter your bust size in the bust size menu
  • Enter your band size the same way
  • Click ‘calculate’


The bra sizes calculator calculates:

  • Your accurate bra size
  • A bra measuring chart for different countries that best suites your taste.


Is bust greater than the band?

Yes of course! Being a big measurement, bust size is always greater than that of the band size.

How to measure your bra size without a measuring tape?

If you don’t have any measuring instrument, just use a thread to get an estimated length of your bust, cup and band sizes, respectively and use your debit card length wise which is exactly 2.5 inches. This is how to measure for bra size easily at home.

What bra size am i?

If you dont know your bra size, simply use bust and band size as mentioned above and feed the values to bra measurement calculator to get your absolute size.

What happens if you do not wear a bra?

When you stop wearing a bra due to inconvenience caused, your breasts tissues will stretch and become saggy. You must keep in mind that once breasts become saggy, they stay as it is for the rest of your life.


A poor choice of bra size can cause numberless problems for you. That is why an online bra calculator is widely used to estimate the correct size before you buy a bra. By doing so, you will never face any such difficulties arising due to illness fitting.


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