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body surface area Calculator

BSA Calculator

Select your gender, and enter your weight and height. This online BSA calculator will calculate the body surface area that your figure is covering by taking into consideration various formulas.








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If you are wondering how to calculate Body Surface Area because it requires complex calculations and formula, then this Body Surface Area Calculator is here to ease the job for you. The BSA calculator helps to calculate body surface area (BSA) of a human body based on the height, weight, and gender using different estimating BSA formulas.



BSA Calculation Is Important Medical Figure Because It Is Used in Various Other Important Calculations and to Keep You Free from Complex BSA Calculation Process We Have This BSA Calculator for You

The field of science and medicine is responsible for the better health of human beings. Healthcare professionals strive hard to provide the best health to people. Technology plays a keen role in facilitating medical professionals to do so. One of the major contributions of technology for medical professionals in the development of the body surface area calculator!

BSA Calculator:

BSA calculator is a smart tool that helps to determine the total surface area of a human body, which referred to as body surface area (BSA). No doubt, calculating body surface area (manually) is quite difficult, so get the ease of measurements using this smart body surface area calculator, this tool uses the simple bsa equation to perform bsa calculation.

How to Use:

The calculator is fully loaded with a user-friendly interface, to calculate body surface area, you have to stick to the following steps:

  • Simply, you have to choose your gender from the drop-down menu
  • Then, you ought to enter your current weight, it can either in lbs or kg
  • Finally, you have to enter your height in ft/in or cm

Once done, you have to hit the calculate button, the bsa calculator shows body surface area by m², ft², in² according to different bsa equations

What is BSA?

BSA is the abbreviation of the Body Surface Area. This is the medical terminology that indicates the energy that an individual requires for metabolic activities. BSA calculation is utilized for various clinical purposes. It indicates only the muscle mass and excludes the fat mass. In clinical settings, the BSA is used for the determination of the cardiac index. In addition to this, it determines the dosage for chemotherapeutic patients.

Similarly, the calculation of dosage for narrow therapeutic index drugs has become easier due to BSA. The need of the hour is to calculate body surface area immediately. Noting proves to be more useful and swift than the BSA calculator. It is frequently used for dose calculation of different patients as per their muscle mass and hence prevent the toxicity issues.

Well, BSA is a measurement, which used in different medical tasks. Yes, several Body Surface Area Formulas have been developed over the years, originally by by Dr. Du Bois, followed by Gehan and George, Haycock, Boyd, Mosteller, Fujimoto, Takahira, and Schlich. However, these formulas for bsa giving slightly different results.

Our body surface area calculator determines your body surface area (BSA) in square meters, square feet, and square inch.

Du Bois formula:

The formula is depends on the product of the weight of individual raised to the power 0.425 and height raised to the power of 0.725 and 0.007184, i:e:

BSA = 0.007184 × W0.425 × H0.725

Mosteller formula:

BSA is calculated by multiplying the individual’s height in cm with his/her weight in Kg and dividing the value by 3600. Then, you have to take the square root of the resulting value to attain the BSA.

BSA = [(W x H)/ 3600]0.5

The simple version of mosteller formula is given below:

BSA = 0.016667 × W0.5 × H0.5

Haycock formula:

The formula is depends on the product of the weight of the individual raised to the power 0.5378, height raised to the power 0.3964 and 0.024265, that is:

BSA = 0.024265 × W0.5378 × H0.3964

Gehan and George formula:

The Gehan & George formula is based on the product of the weight of the person raised to the power 0.51456, height raised to the power 0.42246 and 0.0235, that is:

BSA = 0.0235 × W0.51456 × H0.42246

Boyd formula:

BSA is calculated as follow:

BSA = 0.03330 × W(0.6157 – 0.0188 × log10(W) × H0.3

Fujimoto formula:

The formula depends on the product of the weight of the individual raised to the power 0.444, height raised to the power 0.663 and 0.008883, that is:

BSA = 0.008883 × W0.444 × H0.663

Takahira formula:

BSA is calculated with this simple formula:

BSA = 0.007241 × W0.425 × H0.725

Schlich formula:

Here, the BSA for men and women use alternative body surface area equation:

Women BSA = 0.000975482 × W0.46 × H1.08

Men BSA = 0.000579479 × W0.38 × H1.24

How to calculate body surface area (BSA)?

Let we elaborate it with the example:

What is the body surface area (BSA) for Mr. Jones, who weighing about 210 pounds with a height of 6 feet, 3 inches?

  • First of all, you have to calculate weight in kg: 210 pounds ÷ 2.2 = 95.45 kg
  • Very next, you have to calculate height in centimeters: 6 feet, 3 inches = 75 inches x 2.54 cm/inch = 190.5 cm
  • Right after, you have to multiply height by weight and divide it by 3600: (190.5 cm x 95.45 kg) ÷ 3600 = 5
  • Once done, then you ought to take the square root of

Calculate height in cm or centimeters: 6 feet, 3 inches = 75 inches x 2.54 cm/inch = 190.5 cm

Multiply height by weight and divide by 3600 5 = 2.24 m

(190.5 cm x 95.45 kg) ÷ 3600 = 5

Take the square root of 5 = 2.24 m²

What are classifications of Body Surface Area?

Height and weight are not the only determinants of body surface area of BSA. Age and gender are the other prime factors that help to determine BSA. Here are the classifications:

For adult men

The average BSA is 1.9 m².

For adult women

It is 1.6 m².

And, when it comes to newborn kids, it is 0.25 m², and for 2 years old, it is 0.5 m²; and for 10 year old kids, it is 1.14 m², and for 12-13 years of age, it is 1.33 m².

Frequently Ask Question’s:

What is a normal BSA?

By body surface area (BSA) definition, generally the normal BSA taken to be 1.7 m². As mentioned-earlier, BSA depends on more than an individual height and weight. Other influential factors include an individual age and gender.

  • An average BSA for adult men is 1.9 m²
  • An average BSA for adult women is 1.6 m²
  • An average BSA for children (9 years) is 1.07 m²
  • An average BSA for children (10 years is 1.14 m²
  • An average BSA for children (12-13 years): 1.33 m²

What is BSA medical term?

According to physiology and medicine term, the BSA is the measured/calculated surface area of a human body. However, there are different clinical purposes for which total BSA or body surface area is a best indicator of metabolic mass than weight as BSA is less affected by abnormal adipose mass.

How is BSA useful in clinical purposes?

Typically, BSA is used in clinical purposes over body weight as it is a more accurate indicator of metabolic mass (the individual body’s need for energy), where metabolic mass can be determined as fat-free mass since body fat is not metabolically active.

Why is chemotherapy based on body surface area?

According to optimistic studies, dosing that based on body surface area (BSA) is typically used in an effort to normalize drug concentrations. This all because it is well recognized, which helps to measures many physiologic parameters that are responsible for drug disposition that includes renal function and energy expenditure that can be normalized by use of BSA.

What Is The Uses of Body Surface Area?

The body surface area (BSA) is used in several measurements in medicine that including the calculation of drug dosages and the amount of fluids to be administered IV.


The calculations that determined by this bsa calculator must be rechecked and even should not be used alone to guide patient care. For further query, you should have to consult to MEDICAL PRO!

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