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About Fraction Calculator

A fraction is a number that tells us how many parts of a whole we have means it is a number which represents a whole number which is divided into equal parts. Fraction is written the by a slash in between two numbers. The upper number is called as numerator it represents the part of a whole number while the lower number is called as the denominator and it represents the whole number of which parts are made. Getting into little more detail fractions are further classified as:

  • Proper Fractions

    These fractions are those in which numerator which is the upper digit is smaller than the denominator the lower digit for example 4/9, 6/9 2/6 in all of these fractions numerator is smaller than the denominator.

  • Improper Fractions

    These fractions are those in which numerator is greater than denominator for example 6/3, 9/5, 7/2 in all these numerators is greater than the denominator.

  • Like Fractions

    These are fractions which are same for example 2/4, 1/2 these are like fractions because 2/4 if simplified, will be ½. One more example to make you understand 2/3 and 6/9 are also same fractions because if we simplify 6/9 with the same number, it comes out to be 2/3

  • Unlike fractions

    These are fractions which are not same or are not simplified to be same for example 2/3, and 6/9 are unlike fractions.

Fractions are used in your daily life in many tasks. You can take help of fractions in managing time for different tasks or if you have to cook or bake you again divide total time by fractions thereby giving appropriate time to every task. Fractions are also widely used for cooking purpose in which different ingredients are being told by fractions like a 1/4th cup of milk, ½ cup sugar and likewise. Similarly, scientists and chemists use fraction for their experiments.

Fractions are one of the biggest nightmares in mathematics for most of the people. These are one of the complicated problems to solve it involves a lot of brain storming and mental exercise. For this purpose, we have made fraction calculator for you people making your work easy and quick. We give options whether you want to add, subtract multiply or divide two fractions. Before this fractional calculator, it had been a lengthy and complicated procedure to solve sums relating to fractions. People spent a lot of their useful time in solving these fractional problems and their mind get tired of such complex calculations. Therefore, keeping in mind your difficulties of solving fractions we designed this fraction calculator to provide help to you.

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