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Least to Greatest Calculator

Least to Greatest Calculator

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The least to greatest calculator is exclusively programmed to organize an unsorted list of numbers, decimals, percentages, and fractions in either ascending or descending order.

Ordering of Data:

In mathematical context, it is a handy practice to arrange the given data in a sorted way before you apply various operations to obtain the results.

You must know the following terms to compile the information that is not uniformly distributed.

Ascending Order:

“A practice of ordering numbers from least to greatest is called ascending order.”

Standard Form:

The generic structure of ascending order is as follows:


For example:


Descending Order:

“The arrangement of numbers from greatest to least is known as descending order.”

Standard Form:

The general form of descending order is as follows:


For example:


How To Order Numbers?

Sorting the numbers in order from least to greatest is an easy process if understood properly. Let us work on the following problems below:


Arrange the following decimals least to greatest:

2.2356 , 2.2455


First, start from the most left and compare the first single digit in both numbers which is 2 as shown below:

2.2356 and 2.2455

Now move to the next one which is same in both numbers and is 2.

2.2356 and 2.2455

Move to the third one digit in both numbers which is:

2.2356 and 2.2455

As we see that 4 > 3, so the second number is the greatest one.

2.2356 < 2.2455

How Least To Greatest Calculator Works?


  • Write down the numbers either in the form of integers, fractions or percentages in the menu box.
  • Select either “least to greatest” or greatest to least” from the next tab.
  • Click ‘calculate’


  • Convert all the numbers into an easy format
  • Make a proper list according to the choice you selected


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