Ovulation Calculator

NOTE! (28 is an average, in case you're not sure of your cycle length and want to guess.)

Ovulation is the process which occurs in female bodies every month. In this process, an egg is released from the ovary. Every month hormonal changes occurring during menstrual cycle causes one egg to mature and release from the follicle/ovary. During the time of ovulation, your body produces increased amount of hormone called estrogen which triggers further the release of another hormone called luteinising hormone. This luteinizing hormone is the cause of release of an egg from the ovary the release of the egg takes place 24 to 36 hours after the luteinizing hormone level reaches peak point. That is why fertility is best predicted by luteinizing hormone level around the time of ovulation.

Every month egg is released from one of the ovaries make its way to the uterus through the fallopian tube. It is the time when an egg can be fertilized by the sperm. But this egg can survive only for 12-24 hours while a sperm can live in the female body for up to 5 days. This time is of importance to those couples who want a baby. The fertility windows range from 6-8 days including days of ovulation. Ovulation occurs on 14th day of your menstrual cycle if you have regular cycles of 28 days. If your cycles are not regular and less than or greater than 28 days, then you might have to consult with the doctor. As there are many conditions which are not normal and will affect your fertility and ovulation

There are physical signs which you might notice and estimate the time of your ovulation. These symptoms are:

  • OVULATION PAIN: some women might experience sudden constant lower abdominal pain.
  • DECREASED BASAL BODY TEMPERATURE: your basal body temperature drops during ovulation. For this, you need to have a record of your daily body temperature at the same time of the day.
  • CERVICAL MUCUS: which change to clear and stretchy discharge during ovulation
  • SPOTTING: some females have mid cycle spotting, and this is due to ovulation

These symptoms can’t be noticed by every female. However, some can notice and track their ovulation time. Which is helpful to know the fertility window and it can tell you when to try to conceive.

You cannot predict your ovulation time only by symptom as mentioned above. It is important to have a tool which can tell you your egg release date. Many couples are trying to conceive, but because of little knowledge about ovulation and fertility, they are not able to get the exciting news of expecting. We have good news for you people. We designed an Ovulation calculator which can tell you the date of your ovulation and you can try to get pregnant around these dates. By calculating your ovulation time, you can have a range of days in which you are fertile, and your partner can try to make you pregnant. These days will be 2-4 days before and after ovulation.

Using Ovulation Calculator

Using fertility calculator is the most reliable way of knowing your ovulation date. Many couples keep trying to get pregnant but they don’t know about fertility window. They try it again on wrong days and then become hopeless. For you, we have designed this ovulation calculator to tell you the dates of which there are high chances of getting pregnant. It can be helpful as in advancing medical technology most ordinary people can’t understand complicated terms and explanations regarding fertility and ovulation.

We have made this ovulation calculator simple so that every girl can use it without being worried about her little knowledge about fertility. Anyone even your partner can enter the figures and get his wife ovulation date. Then they can try to have the maximum effort of getting benefit from the fertility period. The couple can have sex 4-5 days before the ovulation and 2-3 days after ovulation date to get the best of the ovulatory period. And you cannot correctly calculate your ovulation time manually by using pen and paper. Try our fertility calculator, and you’ll get exact ovulatory dates.

Our Ovulation calculator can also help those couples who intend to have contraception without using medical devices, pill or procedures. As it can tell you the exact date of ovulation, you can keep yourself restraint from having unprotected sex. In this way, you can have natural contraception without using medical technology. But staying away from sex is recommended for the days of the whole fertile period that is 4-5 days before ovulation and 2-3 days after ovulation date. It can give you a record of your monthly fertile period and then you can plan for contraception accordingly. But we recommend you not to use only this ovulation calculator for contraception purpose as it is highly risky as only one day during fertility window can lead you to the pregnancy.

Benefit Of Using Ovulation Calculator

We at calculator-online are providing you the best, simple, accurate and free of cost fertility calculator. You can use it to become pregnant as it can tell you the exact dates on which there is a higher chance of getting pregnant. You can avail that time and give the exciting news of expecting to your home members. There are no complicated values to enter in this ovulation calculator. All you have to enter is the month and date of your menstruation or periods and your cycle length which every female knows about her menstrual cycle and then hit the calculate button. Within few seconds you’ll get the resulting ovulation date. Just remember our site which is calculator-online.net and use it whenever you want to know your dates of being highly fertile. Use this ovulation calculator when you are trying to get pregnant or use it when you are practicing contraception without using medical procedures. It is a miracle tool once you use it you’ll have an idea how accurate is its results if exact dates of periods entered and you have regular cycles. Hope you are going to use this when you have planned for a baby, and you want to get pregnant.