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Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator

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Get an instant plan for normal weight gain during pregnancy with our online Pregnancy Weight Calculator. Yes, this pregnancy calorie calculator will also let you know how much you should eat on a daily basis to keep you and the fetus healthy in terms of weight gain.

The pregnancy weight calculator assists to formulate a schedule for weight gain during pregnancy guidelines of Gynecologists.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy:

Pregnancy may lead to significant changes in a woman's body, hormones naturally, and ovulation time alters. It is critical to track your ovulation time period and try an ovulation calculator as it can affect your appetite and weight. It would help to manage your weight according to the pregnancy weight gain chart per week. The average weight gain during pregnancy ensures appropriate nutrients for the development of the fetus. Mothers do need nutrients to store in the body for breastfeeding. It is normal for weight gain during pregnancy, research has shown there is a certain range of weight for a specific body mass index (BMI). The average weight gain during pregnancy has a positive effect on the mother and fetus.

Recommended Pregnancy Weight Gain Chart: 

This is essential to follow the recommended pregnancy weight gain chart. We are discussing how much weight should you gain during Pregnancy.

Pre-Pregnancy Weight Category Body Mass Index(BMI) Recommended Range of Weight Weight Gain in Trimester(2-3)
Underweight Less than 18.5 28-40 lbs 1(1-1.3)lbs-wks
Normal Weight 18.5-24.9 28-40 lbs 1(1-1.3)lbs-wks
Overweight 25-29.9 15-25 lbs 0.6(0.5-0.7)lbs-wks
Obese 30 and greater 11-20 lbs 0.5(0.4-0.6)lbs-wks

Pregnancy Weight Gain Distribution:

Enlarged Breasts 1-3 lbs
Enlarged Uterus 2 lbs
Placenta 1.5 lbs
Amniotic fluid 2 lbs
Increased blood volume 3-4 lbs
Increased fluid volume 3-4 lbs
Enlarged breasts 2-3 lbs
Fat stores 6-8 lbs

Stats of Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

Research has shown that 32 % weight gain during pregnancy is within range and 21% of the women gained just a marginal additional weight and the remaining 48 % gained  

Above normal weight gain during pregnancy.

The graphical representation of the result pregnancy weight gain ratio: Stats of Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

Under Weight Gain During Pregnancy:

It is essential to gain the right weight during the pregnancy to protect your health and the health of the fetus. Sometimes women are not able to track their pregnancy and spot just-in-time pregnancy measures HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). Just use the HCG calculator and figure out pregnancy and match the average weight gain during pregnancy.

If a woman is not able to the pregnancy weight gain to a certain range, there can be certain consequences:

  • Premature baby (37 weeks)
  • Dizziness (due to lack of minerals)
  • Complexities in labor
  • Bone and joint weakness
  • Deficiency of blood iron
  • Low baby weight (Baby weight<5 pounds-8 ounces)

Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

If a woman has excessive pregnancy weight gain, then she may face given consequences:
  • Premature babies 
  • Fetal Macrosomia(born weighing more than 8 pounds, 13 ounces)
  • Labor complexity (Heavy bleeding during labor)
  • Vaginal passage (Deformation due to enlarged fetus)
  • Cesarean birth chances increase (Belly and Uterus surgery)
  • Diabetes and high blood pressure (after birth)
How to maintain weight gain during pregnancy? A woman can maintain average weight gain during pregnancy, if 

Importance of Exercise During Pregnancy!

The exercise helps to manage pregnancy weight gain week by week according to the pregnancy weight gain chart.

There are multiple benefits of exercise during pregnancy:

  • Reduce the backaches chances
  • Help to avoid constipation, bloating, and swelling
  • Manage weight, gain during pregnancy
  • Increase muscle strength, and endurance
  • Reduce the risk of gestational diabetes
  • Women cab bears labor pain
  • Reduced risk of C-Section

How to do Exercise During Pregnancy?

Women can manage an average weight gain during pregnancy and can increase their endurance and muscle strength. But gynecologists suggest certain recommendations for pregnant women. These recommendations guide pregnant women, on which exercise and sports are better for women. There are certain reasons to avoid pregnancy, and it is essential to follow the below-written recommendation.

How to use the Pregnancy Weight Calculator?

For measuring accurate weight during pregnancy follow the given instructions:


  • Enter the weight and height 
  • Enter the number of weeks 
  • Nature of pregnancy(twin, single)
  • Hit the calculate button 
  • Women’s BMI
  • The weekly weight chart 


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