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What is ppi?

PPI pixels per inch is the term used to define the resolution of screens such as mobile displays, computer monitor, television screen. It is used as a density measurement unit of displays which describes to the sharpness of the screen. In easy words, it pixels per inch is the number of pixels in a square inch surface. The higher the value of PPI the more detail of the image you can see. But human eye is made to see these details till a particular value after which the higher number doesn’t matter. While buying a television or mobile phone, it is important to know the pixel density as low pixels per inch will end up in a bad image quality on display screens.

Importance of PPI

In today’s world of advanced technology, everyone likes to get new smartphone and gadgets. All of these have display screens. People prefer to have a device or phone with the bigger screen as they thing bigger screen will allow them to have a clear display content which is a wrong concept. The clarity and sharpness of the image on screens depend on pixel density or pixels per inch.


Smart phones, tablets and other gadgets which are made to use closer to the eye have different pixel density for clarity than televisions which are used at a far distance from eyes. Television screens show clear content at lower pixels per inch than smart phones. Television screens are designed to be viewed at a certain distance say it be 7 to 8 feet.  Whenever you go to buy a new television or smartphone pixel density is the key element for getting a good one with excellent image quality and sharpness. While buying you must not consider the screen size for good picture quality you must calculate pixel density for getting superior image quality device.


Calculating pixel density or pixels per inch is not much simple that can be computed in mind standing in shop quickly. It requires a proper tool for calculating pixel density for you. Pixels per inch is the ratio of display size and screen resolution. We at our site providing you free PPI calculator which you can use to calculate the pixels per inch of any display screen. When you go to buy a television, the shop keeper may tell you different brands and their pixels per inch, but it is better to calculate pixel density using our pixels per inch calculator by yourself so that you can’t be cheated. As many brand ambassadors can tell you wrong pixel density to sell their products, but if you have pixel density calculator, they are unable to make you believe in their mentioned pixel density.

Using PPi Calculator

Calculating pixel density is not an easy calculation as it involves diagonal display screen size, horizontal pixels, and vertical pixels. You can’t calculate ppi it manually you’ll need the help of our screen ppi calculator to get the idea of the best image quality product between many products. Similarly, when you are going to buy a smart phone you want to have bigger screen size but what is more important is its pixel density which will show you better and clearer images. The Larger size does not necessarily mean better pixel density. However, most top brands as Samsung and apple are using higher pixels per inch to give their users the best image quality.


So, next time whenever you go to buy a mobile phone, television, laptop, computer monitor or camera remember our site which is calculator-online.net and open our PPI calculator put in the required figures and calculate the pixel density before buying. Do compare multiple products and their pixel densities and the come to the final decision of buying the best one. Don’t only go for big screen size as many companies are making larger display size but they are not using more pixels per inch which will give the bad quality of the image. Such companies are taking advantage of ordinary people of not having knowledge about pixels per inch. As many individuals, don’t know what pixel density is and what does it means having a higher or lower pixel density device. But you can use our site for having enough knowledge about pixel density, and we are also providing you the facility to use our free online screen ppi calculator.


If you calculate the pixel density, you can buy the device which will give you sharp and crisp image quality. You’ll enjoy using your device. In the same way, if you purchase a television or LED with the better pixel density you’ll enjoy watching it, and you’ll never regret about spending your money on the wrong thing. For all this enjoyment, you’ll need a handy tool which can help you in judging the best device to buy depending on pixel density.


We know most of you still don’t know much about pixels and their role in displays. But to get the best thing you should keep in mind that higher the pixels per inch better will be the image quality, sharper will be the display of the device, and you can view clear images means better picture quality. If you don’t use our sites PPI calculator, you can end up in buying device with low pixel density. It will show you poor quality images which are not clear, and you’ll regret spending your money on such a low-end device. Therefore, to keep yourself satisfied and your eyes relax use PPI calculator while buying any equipment involving pixels so that you end up in buying the best thing which won’t stress your eyes. If you think you can do this pixel calculation manually, then you again purchase the device with lower pixel density. Remember our site calculator-online.net and use it as a guide for letting you spend your money on the best thing.