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Tv Size Calculator

Tv Size Calculator

Enter the screen resolution and screen size in the calculator and the tool will calculate the viewing distance and TV size

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The TV size calculator calculates the TV size you need to purchase relative to your room size. Get optimal and minimal distances from your sitting position. Choosing TV dimensions according to the size of the viewing area will make it possible to enjoy the TV display at its best.

Why Calculate the TV Size For the Room?

Have you ever been curious about what TV size for the room is best for your vision and viewing sensation? Be patient, you are not the only one that needs to adjust the TV size by distance. The main reason for measuring the viewing distance for TV is to provide the best view of the TV.

The other thing you can adjust is the TV viewing distance and size of the TV for your room. Use our simple TV viewing distance calculator to find the perfect size of TV and how far it is best to sit.

How to Measure TV Size to Room?

There are three factors that you need to consider while choosing the TV dimensions by the size of your room.

  • Optimal TV distance
  • Width of the screen
  • Screen resolution
  • Viewing angle

There is a simple way to calculate the TV size to distance from our vision. You need to multiply the seating distance by 0.6 to find the TV size for the room. The viewing angle in this case would be around 30 degrees. 

If you are multiplying the seating distance by 0.84 then the best viewing angle would be around 40 degrees. Don’t forget to check out our tv size calculator as you can find the TV size by the distance and screen resolution of your TV by using it.

The Formula for Measuring TV Size For Distance:

The formula for estimating the viewing distance from TV is given by:

TVD = 0.5 × W / tan ( θ/2)


  • TVD = Optimal TV distance;
  • W  = Width of the screen
  • θ = Viewing angle 

The human eye can distinguish two things if these are separated by an angular distance of 1/60. The room tv size calculator is programmed by keeping in view this minimal distance for eye recognition.

Table for Various Sizes of TV:

Size Width Height Area
How wide is 32 Inch TV 27.9″ 15.7″ 438 in2
70.9 cm 39.9 cm 0.283 m2
How wide is 40 Inch TV 34.9″ 19.6″ 684 in2
88.6 cm 49.8 cm 0.441 m2
How wide is 43 Inch TV 37.5″ 21.1″ 791 in2
95.3 cm 53.6 cm 0.511 m2
How wide is 50 Inch TV 43.6″ 24.5″ 1068 in2
110.7 cm 62.2 cm 0.689 m2
How wide is 55 Inch TV 47.9″ 27.0″ 1293 in2
121.7 cm 68.6 cm 0.835 m2
How wide is 69 Inch TV 52.3″ 29.4″ 1538 in2
132.8 cm 74.7 cm 0.992 m2
How wide is 65 Inch TV 56.7″ 31.9″ 1809 in2
144.0 cm 81.0 cm 1.166 m2
How wide is 70 Inch TV 61.0″ 34.3″ 2092 in2
154.9 cm 87.1 cm 1.349 m2
How wide is 75 Inch TV 65.4″ 36.8″ 2407 in2
166.1 cm 93.5 cm 1.553 m2
How wide is 80 Inch TV 69.7″ 39.2″ 2732 in2
177.0 cm 99.6 cm 1.763 m2
How wide is 85 Inch TV 74.1″ 41.7″ 3090 in2
188.2 cm 105.9 cm 1.993 m2

Working of TV Size Calculator:

The easy functioning of the TV distance calculator is as follows:


  • Choose the option 
  • Enter the screen resolution and screen size 
  • Enter the viewing angle
  • Tap calculate


  • Screen Size
  • Screen Width & Height
  • Optimal & Minimal Distance


What is the PPI of 4k?

The dimensions of a 50-Inch TV with 4K resolution contain about 80.11 PPI.

How Far Away from an 80-Inch TV?

The distance should be between 10 and 16.5 feet away from the TV.


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