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Room Size Calculator

Room Size Calculator

Enter the dimensions of the room in the room size calculator and the tool will calculate the room measurements.

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The room size calculator instantly assists to calculate the area of the room. Enter the dimensions of the room along with the wastage percentage and the tool will take moments to calculate the exact size of your room.

Why Find Room Calculations?

Being an architect, you need to adjust the room size relative to the space available in the plot. The area should be divided into various parts like rooms, drawing rooms, and lawns. For precise adjustment, the room area calculator is a necessary online tool. It assists you to adjust the room size according to the area available. It calculates the size of the room numerically and takes care of the required adjustments without trouble. Find out how big is my bedroom and what should be its appropriate size

How to Calculate Room Size?

The room dimensions can be calculated by the following formula:

Area in sq. ft.= Length (in feet) x Width (in feet) + Add percentage waste area

A standard master bedroom size is 14 feet by 16 feet. A bedroom of this size can accommodate a king-size bed, leaving room for furniture. 

Bedrooms with Full Size (Double) beds should have minimum areas of around 97 ft2 (9 m2) for beds with clearance, between 118-121 ft2 (11-11.2 m2) for bed clearance, and closets. You can calculate the room dimension with the room dimensions calculator relative to your requirements.

Practical Example:

Let’s find the required area of the room with a length of 20 ft and 10”, the width of the room is  15 ft and 10”. Add 5 % of wastage space expected in the construction due to the irregular shape of the room.

Area in sq. ft.=  (20 ft 10”) x +(15 ft 10”) + 5 % waste area

Area in sq. ft. = 329.861 ft² + 16 ft²

Area in sq. ft. = 346.354 ft²

You can calculate the size of a room with the percentage of the expected waste by the room dimension calculator. 

Area of Room in Other Units:

Total Area without Waste Total Area with 5% Waste
47500 in2 49875 in2/s
30.645 m2 32.177 m2

It becomes supportive to find the area in various units with the room calculator. 

Working of Room Size Calculator:

Let’s find out how to calculate room size with the online room area calculator.


  • Choose the units of measurements 
  • Enter the length and width along with the expected wastage
  • Hit the calculate button 


  • Area of room with and without expecting a waste area
  • Result in corresponding units 


Why Is Room Size Important?

To put it simply, a bigger living space allows for more furniture, decor, and other elements to be added. There are far fewer restrictions on the kinds of furniture you want to bring into the rooms and more than adequate wall space to hang your desired decorations. The room size calculator m2 is a way to calculate the room dimensions according to specific requirements.

What Is the Standard Room Size?

The standard dimensions of the room are the large, medium, and small rooms, identify your room size with the online room size calculator.

22 X 28 feet 16 X 20 feet 12 X 18 feet
6.71 X 8.53 meter 4.88 X 6.1 meter 3.66 X 5.49 meter


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