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percentage Calculator

Percentage Calculator

What is p% of x?


x is what percent of y?

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x is p% of what?



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what is x increased/decreased by p%?


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Life is a game where you can find different numbers, data and statistics! Thus, people often ask how to find percentage of something! So, for the ease, we are providing an efficient tool known as percentage calculator, this handy tool helps you to unfold the question of how to calculate percentages change!

Well, let’s ahead to “Percent vs Percentage.”

Percent vs Percentage:

Typically, the word percent is utilized with a number (e:g 50 percent), and when it comes to a percentage, it is not utilized with a number (example: what percentage of the bottles are blue?). And, an exception is said to be as the percentage points (example: 6 percentage points)

Well, at this platform of calculator-online, you will get percent change calculator through which you can readily calculate both percent and percentage!

What Is The Percentage?

The percentage is a ratio of any number per hundred, means the numerator is variable, and the denominator is fixed which is 100. The word percentage comes from a Latin language phrase “Per centum” whose meaning is per hundred. The percentage describes that how many parts of a particular thing are there out of hundred parts of that thing. The symbol “%’’ is used to represent a percentage. For example, in a group of 100 people if we say 75% are present and 25% are absent it means that 75 people out of 100 are present and 25 people out of 100 are absent.

Importance Of Percentage Calculator In Everyday Life

The use of percentage is essential in everyday life. It is used widely by shopkeepers to tell customers the discount such as they post banners of 25% off or 50% off. Many companies write their profit or loss in percentage as it is easy to understand as compared to fractions. The percentage is also important in student life as the result of their exams is written in percentage, which is the ratio of achieved number to the total number. Mathematics including percentage is frequently used in our daily routine tasks. We cannot underestimate the importance of percentage. Our mobile phones which are like fuel for the young generation is programmed to tell the battery consumption or remaining battery in percentage. Daily use food items also have the percentage of minerals or calories contained written on them. Ultimately, our percent of calculator helps you to unfold the term of how to find a percentage.

Percent Calculator By Calculator-Online:

Our percent calculator uses a simple percent formula to figure percent of a number. You just have to mention two values that you can see in the above percent calculator. Once you mentioned these two values, hit calculate button to get the percent of a number.

How to Calculate Percentage Change?

Yes, how to find percentage change becomes easy with the ease of our percentage change calculator. Percentage change is a simple and reliable mathematical concept that indicates the degree of change over time. Keep in mind; this concept often utilizes for different purposes in finance; thus, we are providing an efficient percentage change calculator that even helps you to calculate percent change!

How To Find Percent or Percentage Change – Step By Step Guide:

How To Calculate Percent Increase:

Our advanced percent increase calculator is an efficient tool that helps to calculate percentage increase or percent increase within a second. If you want to know how to figure out percentage increase manually, then first you ought to work out the difference (increase) between the two values/numbers you are comparing:

So, Increase = New Number – Original Number

Very next, you ought to divide by the original number and multiply the answer by 100

Means, % increase = Increase ÷ Original Number × 100.

If the answer that you’ll get is a negative number, then it means the percentage change is a decrease.

Additionally, you can utilize the above percentage increase calculator to calculate the percent increase.

How to Do Percentages Decrease:

Quit worrying; you just have to utilize the above simple percentage decrease calculator to finding percentages decrease. And, if you want to know how to figure percentage decrease manually, then first you have to work out the difference (decrease) between the two values/numbers you are comparing:

Decrease = Original Number – New Number

Right after, you have to divide the decrease by the original number and multiply the answer by 100.

So, % Decrease = Decrease ÷ Original Number × 100

If the answer that you’ll get is a positive number, then it means the percentage change is increasing. Additionally, there is no need to remember the above equation; you can get the percent change with the ease of our percent decrease calculator.

Thankfully, you come to know how to find the percentage of a number according to changes. If you want to calculate the percentage increase or decrease in several numbers, then our percentage increasing decreasing calculator is your best companion.

Using Percentage Calculator

To calculate the percentage of a number from the total numbers you require to spend a lot of time in the calculation as it is not that much simple as you are thinking. You have to take paper and pen then do multiple steps to come to the final percentage finally and to calculate manually you must also remember the formula to calculate percentage between two numbers. To give you ease of calculating percentage we have designed a tool which is called as the percentage calculator. Why giving yourself a difficult time in doing the calculation. Just sit back and go to enter into the percentage calculator and fill in the required field which are total numbers and the number whose percentage is required.


Many of you people have to pay the taxes, and their rates are too in percentage. Taxes are often calculated and paid but for an individual who does not know much about percentages or the rate can’t figure and come to the amount that he has to pay. You can take the help of our percentage calculator which can help you in knowing the right amount to be given as a tax. And not only one, but you’ll also have to pay the variety of taxes in your daily life, so you need a tool for calculating many times.


A percentage calculator is a handy tool which means you don’t need to carry a hand-held calculator with you when you are required to know the percentage. No doubt, how to figure percentages becomes easy with the ease of the above percent calculator. You can use it on the devices which are in your daily use as mobile, laptop or computers. If you have an internet access, you can use it anytime and anywhere to get the percentage. It is also of use to students whose end of year assessments marks are given, and they have to calculate percentage if they want admission in college or university. Because both of these have set their minimum percentage limit and if the student knows his or her percentage only then they know for which college or university they are eligible to apply for the chosen college or the university.


When you go for shopping during sale season, you’ll see the billboards written the percentage of the sale as 20%, 30% or 50%. But when you go inside the shop original prices are mentioned, and you have to calculate the sale percentage from the original price. You cannot subtract the specified percentage of the said price quickly while standing in a shop; you wanted to have a tool which can calculate it for you, and we have that special tool which is percentage calculator. You can use it to get the sale price of any item or either way you have to disturb the shopkeeper, again and again, to tell you the sale price of articles.


Even students have sums in their mathematics subject to calculate percentages. You can use our calculator for your help which allows you to do your homework in a short time. Students can also use this calculator for re checking the purpose of their solved sums or problems. Once they have reached the answer by solving sums manually, they can check their answers if they are right or wrong by calculating the figures in our percentage calculator. Percentages are used even at the university level where students are allowed to solve immense sums involving percentages. Some students are not good enough in calculations, and they are unable to find the solution of complex problems manually they have to use the calculator for solving the sums. Using calculator can also save their time, and they can easily get the solution of the variety of problems in short time.


Words By Calculator-Online:

For using our sites calculator, you don’t need to be an expert or good in mathematics or calculations. It is designed to be simple, keeping in mind that it is also to be used by an ordinary person or layman who does not have much knowledge about calculating percentages. In this way, every person can use it to calculate the percentage of any number. It is a time-saving tool, and you can use it as many times as you want. We are providing you this calculator free of cost. We know many sites are providing online percentage calculators, but most of them which are accurate are not available for free usage or have to use for a limited number of entries. We on do not cost even a penny, and you can use it for unlimited times to calculate the percentage.


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